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Lone Star George Zimmerman!

Explaining to Sanford Police his side of the story. The acquitted shooter of Trayvon Martin has turned up in one of his many "hiding" places. He was pulled over for speeding. I guess Texas law enforcement let him go! He didn't match the profile of an unarmed Black driver. The man carried a firearm in his vehicle upon pull over. 

The spiral of public relations continues for one of the country's most hated figures.

The Huffington Post (Black Voices) covers the acquitted shooter of unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin being pulled over on Texas.

Guess what he's got in the glove compartment?

A loaded firearm.

Okay, here's an example of what's happening here! It begins. The junk food media is looking forward to see this guy in the news for all the wrong reasons.

This fool got away with murder and yet he can't keep his ass out of trouble.

Last week, he allegedly saved a family. He just happens to see a vehicle overturned and he decides to help another group of people rescue the family. The family was going to say "NICE" things about him but decided to cancel the presser being held by the acquitted's attorney Mark O'Mara.

A few jurors go to the junk food media saying that they don't regret their decision. One said that she sympathizes with Sybrina Fulton losing her son, but still went with the jurors who thought this guy didn't do anything wrong other than get out his vehicle.

While celebrating his freedom, he does the typical things that merit a police officer to investigate.

After all speeding in a local jurisdiction is a traffic violation misdemeanor. Texas rural roads are limited to 75 mph in areas during a period. At most speeds are reduced to 55 or 60 in urban areas within the state. Most highway speeds in the state could be 80 or 85, depending on region and capacity of traffic.
The pullover of an acquitted shooter. He was in Texas hiding out!
The officer who pulled him over, saw someone familiar. I guess it must be him because he got away with murder after all!

Forney, Texas law enforcement decline to comment on the matter.

I guess he got off with a warning or something! After all he got away with murder, how lucky could he be?

I mean I bet that Trayvon Martin would have been lucky to have his first vehicle to drive if he were alive today!

O.J. Squeezed!

The troubled celebrity may get some time off for good behavior.

The troubled celebrity is getting a pass. He's granted parole. And of course it's going to be the talk of the nation. The guy who most figured got off with murder is now about to get his walking papers.

O.J. Simpson, the former football star acquitted in the murder of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman has spent over three years in the iron college for armed robbery.

The Juice was a player. He was married twice and has more children than I've thought. Simpson married Marguerite L. Whitley. Together they had three children: Arnelle L. Simpson (born December 4, 1968), Jason L. Simpson (born April 21, 1970), and Aaren Lashone Simpson (born September 24, 1977).

Simpson would divorce Whitley. He would later marry Nicole Brown. They had two children, Sydney Brooke Simpson (born October 17, 1985) and Justin Ryan Simpson (born August 6, 1988).

In 1989, Simpson pleaded no contest to a domestic violence charge and was separated from Nicole Brown, to whom he was paying child support. They divorced in 1992.

Before the George Zimmerman and Casey Anthony trials there was the People vs. Simpson.

The People of the State of California vs. Orenthal James Simpson was a criminal trial held in Los Angeles County, California Superior Court that spanned from the primary jury being sworn in on November 2, 1994 to opening statements on January 24, 1995 to a verdict on October 3, 1995.

The former American football star and actor was tried on two counts of murder following the June 1994 deaths of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Lyle Goldman. The case has been described as the most publicized criminal trial in American history.

Simpson was acquitted after a lengthy trial that lasted over eight months which was presided over by Judge Lance Ito.

Simpson hired a high-profile defense team initially led by Robert Shapiro and subsequently led by Johnnie Cochran and also included: F. Lee Bailey, Alan Dershowitz, Robert Kardashian, Gerald Uelmen (the dean of law at Santa Clara University) and Carl E. Douglas with two more attorneys specializing in DNA evidence: Barry Scheck and Peter Neufeld. Los Angeles County believed it had a solid prosecution case, but Cochran was able to persuade the jurors that there was reasonable doubt about the DNA evidence (a relatively new form of evidence in trials at the time) – including that the blood-sample evidence had allegedly been mishandled by lab scientists and technicians – and about the circumstances surrounding other exhibits.

Cochran and the defense team also alleged other misconduct by the Los Angeles Police Department. Simpson's celebrity and the lengthy televised trial riveted national attention on the so-called "Trial of the Century". By the end of the criminal trial, national surveys showed dramatic differences in the assessment of Simpson's guilt between most black and white Americans.

Later, both the Brown and Goldman families sued Simpson for damages in a civil trial. On February 6, 1997, a jury unanimously found there was a preponderance of evidence to hold Simpson liable for damages in the wrongful death of Goldman and battery of Brown.

On February 21, 2008, a Los Angeles court upheld a renewal of the civil judgment against him.

Simpson was arrested in Las Vegas, Nevada, and charged with numerous felonies, including armed robbery and kidnapping. In 2008, he was found guilty and sentenced to 33 years' imprisonment, with a minimum of nine years without parole.

He is serving his sentence at the Lovelock Correctional Center in Lovelock, Nevada

I guess the Nevada parole board gave The Juice some ease. They've taken off the most harshest charges that landed him the iron college. The kidnapping and firearm charges were dropped.

Now the robbery will stick for the Juice. He will probably spend at least five years for that one. He may be out as soon as 2015.



At age 66, Simpson looks like he's an old man. The iron college took its toll on him. See for yourself.

How Long Will Bob Fillner Last As San Diego Mayor?

San Diego mayor Bob Fillner is facing an investigation into misconduct while in office. The state of California, the U.S. Justice Department and the numerous lawsuits from women will eventually get him,

Democratic mayor ignores the calls for stepping down after it was revealed that he couldn't keep his paws off the females he happens to meet.

San Diego is the eighth largest city in the United States. Located about 120 miles from Los Angeles and sitting at the border of the U.S.-Mexico crossing, San Diego is pretty much the coastal town that's considered the second largest city of the state of California.

For you see, California has a majority of the nation's largest cities and the most people living there. Hence the term The Golden State.

Bob Fillner won the mayoral race. After years of Republican mayors, the first Democrat to hold office in that region managed to beat back an onslaught of conservative groups. He was once a member of the U.S. House of Representatives .

In his first year as mayor, he began a legacy of scandal. Three of Filner's long-time supporters held a press conference to call for Filner's resignation as mayor, based on numerous unspecified but "credible" allegations that he had sexually harassed women. Later that day Filner issued a video statement apologizing and saying that he was seeking professional help to change his behavior.

KPBS-FM said that it has been investigating reports of sexual harassment of female staff members for several months, and that the complaints included "inappropriate comments, kissing and groping."

Filner admitted in a statement to reporters on that he had treated women poorly and sometimes intimidated them, but insisted that a "fair and independent investigation" would clear him of sexual harassment charges.

Filner's chief of staff, Vince Hall, announced his resignation, effective immediately.

Filner's new chief of staff resigned after only 10 days on the job and was replaced by a woman who had been serving as deputy chief of staff.

The same three former supporters held another press conference, describing detailed but anonymous accounts of women who say they were forcibly kissed, groped, and subjected to sexually suggestive comments by Filner; the alleged victims include a mayoral staffer, a campaign volunteer and a constituent. One of the former supporters, Donna Frye, said Filner was "tragically unsafe for any woman to be around."

Filner repeated that he had done nothing wrong and would not resign. Calls for Filner's resignation have come from Democratic members of Congress Susan Davis and Scott Peters, California State Assembly members Toni Atkins and Lorena Gonzalez, San Diego City Council president Todd Gloria, and several other city council members.

Attorney Gloria Allred announced at a press conference, in which she called for Filner's resignation, that her firm had filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Filner on behalf of the mayor's former communications director, Irene McCormack Jackson. In following days, two more women stepped forward to describe incidents involving then-Congressman Filner, one in 2005 and one in 2009.

More women from San Diego accused Filner of sexual harassment.

DNC chairwoman and U.S Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz called for Filner to resign.

Filner announced that he plans to take a leave of absence. "On August 5, I will be entering a counseling clinic to undergo two weeks of intensive therapy,” Filner said.

He did not say he would resign and said he would return.

On July 29, 2013, Filner asked the city of San Diego to pay his legal fees for a sexual harassment lawsuit regarding his former employee Irene McCormack Jackson. The city council will meet in a special closed session on the evening of July 30 to discuss whether or not to pay the sexual harassment claim.

Filner is divorced from his first wife, Barbara (Christy) Filner, a retired mediation specialist; they have a daughter, Erin Filner, a middle school social studies teacher who lives in Bedford, New York, and a son, Adam Filner, who is married and is the father of two young children. Filner was later married to Jane Merrill. At his first news conference after his election as mayor, Filner introduced his fiancee, Bronwyn Ingram, a disability analyst who works for the Social Security Administration.
San Diego from the harborside.

However, on July 8, 2013, she announced via email to a group of her supporters that the engagement had been called off and the relationship is over.

Now you've notice that the junk food media is obsessing over the sex lives of New York mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner as well.
Recently the former congressman was ahead in the polls. But after it was revealed that he was still sexting women his privates, his lead evaporated quickly.  Democrats are calling for these two to get out before they damage the brand.

While the Republicans are fighting with one another over the policies, the Democrats are fighting over the personal lives of politicians.

I don't care what goes on in their private lives. But in the case of Fillner, he shows lack of leadership especially in the position he's earned after fighting a strong conservative opposition.

I for one hope he would evaluate his options and find comfort in getting out before he does anymore damage to his career.

I am also guessing if there was a possibility, the signs of recall are growing for Fillner.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Ohio State Patrol Officer Involuntarily Allowed Teens Go On Murder Spree!

Devonere Simmonds, left, and Nathaniel Brunner
Devonere Simmonds and Nathaniel Brunner were caught after they carjacked a man pumping his gas. These two were wanted in the murder of three people. They ended up injuring others on their violent spree. These two got a ride from an Ohio State Patrol officer.

A good deed does go punished. An Ohio State Highway Patrol officer was placed on administrative leave after he found out the ride he gave two teenagers led to a crime. That ride to a truck stop outside of Columbus, lead to those two teenagers to carjacking of a man. They were on the run after they committed murder of three individuals.

Before they were helped by the patrol officer, they've murdered three people and were hitchhiking for rides on Interstate 70. The Ohio State Patrol officer didn't do a pat down or an identification check on these two.

So in other words, these two teens killed three people, severely injured two others and practically killed any chances of promotion (and may lead to termination) for the officer who let them go.

Damn these two should get the gas chamber, if not life in the iron college!

They were caught in Dayton, Ohio.

Okay, the Columbus Dispatch covering this controversy.

Surveillance cameras show teens and third accomplice in the shooting of store clerk in Columbus, Ohio.  
Columbus police say the teens, Devonere Simmonds, 17, and Nathaniel Brunner, 18, were arrested by Dayton SWAT officers without incident and are being held by Dayton police.

They were caught at a house where one of Simmonds’ friends lives. Simmonds and his family lived in Dayton for a short time, and only returned to live in Columbus in December, according to family members.

Both Simmonds and Brunner had murder charges filed against them this week for the fatal shooting of a South Side carryout clerk.

Also, the State Highway Patrol has confirmed that a trooper picked up the two teens not long before the this morning’s Madison County shooting and, apparently, had dropped the suspects off at the TA truck stop where the incident occurred.

Video surveillance from inside a store there shows that Simmonds and Brunner had spent about an hour wandering around the store. Madison County Sheriff Jim Sabin said the two did not raise any suspicion while in the store.

But once they left the store at about 4:50 a.m., Sabin said, they approached William Joseph Rudd, who was pumping fuel into his Dodge Magnum.

They apparently wanted Rudd’s car and he resisted, Sabin said.

“A struggle ensued,” the sheriff said. One of the men shot the 39-year-old Rudd, who is from Virginia, in the head. He is in surgery this afternoon at Grant Medical Center and is expected to survive.

I'm wondering if there will be talk from the conservative agitating media about these individuals being another "Trayvon Martin".

Sgt. Jeff Shane of Madison County OSP.
After all any Black teen who is arrested in a crime will assure the WHITE EXTREMIST to resurrect the name of President Barack Obama and the controversial George Zimmerman trial.

The Columbus Dispatch also added that these individuals had help in the matter. For how they've gotten to Dayton, Ohio through all these channels required some help.

I mean they were practically staying in the backyard of a friend. How could that friend not notice they were in a car with Virginia state tags?

According to Columbus Division of Police Chief Kim Jacobs, information about the suspects was entered into the system, making the information available statewide.

“This is a very serious situation and we are investigating it thoroughly,” Ralston said.

Authorities said the two teen suspects, who are from the South Side of Columbus, had been walking along the interstate ramp at Rt. 42 and I-70 near the truck stop, and that’s where the state trooper had contact with them and picked them up.

Jacobs said at a press conference just after noon today that information from the community helped capture Simmonds and Brunner without incident.

“I’m happy to say it’s over — their menacing in our community,” Jacobs said.

Officers are looking for at least two other men who were in the carryout Wednesday night, including one man in grey seen in a surveillance photo. Police said they don’t know what their involvement was, but want to talk to them.

Police said yesterday that the two teenagers could be responsible for the death of three people and the serious injuries of two others.

“There’s very significant violence these two people are involved in,” Jacobs said. “It’s troubling considering their age. We need to find out who they are involved with.”

Simmonds’ mother, Maya Foster, told authorities that he confessed to her that he also was involved in a double shooting last Sunday on Lilley Avenue left one man dead and another critically injured.

And he also is wanted for questioning in connection with the shooting death of an acquaintance, Lamont Frazier, 17, who was shot hours after Ashgar in the same neighborhood.

This afternoon, Foster said she is relieved that her son is alive but was devastated to hear that a trooper dropped him off at the truck stop where the carjacking took place.
The Ohio State Patrol has the Chevrolet Tahoe, Chevrolet Impala, Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptors, Dodge Charger, and Dodge Durango.  The Chargers are equipped vehicles that reads license plates. You can't elude a state patrol officer. It's a felony.
“This violence today, it all could have been avoided,” she said. “I love my son, yes, but I am so sorry that all this violence had to happen. None of these people deserved this.”

Foster said she’d had no contact with her son since his confession earlier this week. She said that at about the time the shooting happened in Madison County, Simmonds’ uncle missed a call from him.

“He is so sorry now he missed that call,” she said. “Maybe that last shooting could have been stopped.”

About the Ohio State Highway Patrol. The Patrol maintains 55 posts, each administered by one of eight districts and responsible for one, two, or three of Ohio's 88 counties or the Ohio Turnpike.

Operational units include the Office of Field Operations, units specializing in Aviation, a Special Response Team, Crash reconstruction, Inspections, Mobile Field Force, and Criminal Patrol; Human Resource Management, includes Labor Relations, Career Development and the Administrative Investigation Unit; Office of Investigative Services, includes statewide investigation of crimes occurring on state owned or leased property, crime lab, polygraph services, executive protection for the governor, criminal intelligence and computer crime unit; License and Commercial Standards, which provide for oversight of driver's license and commercial vehicle regulations throughout the state.

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We're Not the only one who see Bill O'Racist Hate !!!!

La Reyna and Lilvoka presents:  MrSuperboy's video criticism of Bill O'Reilly.
MrSuperboy's criticism of BOR is right on the money. 

Bill O'Reilly is a hypocrite and a bigot!

Tim Allen: I'm Gonna Need Some HOME Improvement!

Wild hogging! Tim Allen uses Martin Lawrence as a reference to how you explain the word NIGGER.

Famed comic is under fire for defending troubled celebrity chef Paula Deen. The comic even utter the racial slur.

From Home Improvement, to The Santa Clause and Toy Story, he's been a fixture of Disney for sometime.

After a rocky second season, ABC decided to renew the Tim Allen sitcom Last Man Standing. Even after the changing of actors and the dreaded Friday spot, the show pulled good ratings. The show features Nancy Travis, Molly Ephraim, Hector Elizondo, Kaitlyn Dever, and Amanda Fuller.

I can admit even in the replacement of actress Alexandra Krosney for Amanda Fuller was kind of rocky but it did bring an improvement to the show.
Tim Allen plays Mike Baxter on the show Last Man Standing. He and Nancy Travis play a married couple who raising three daughters and their grandson in suburban Denver.
Last Man Standing is based on married couple with three daughters and a grandson. Allen is the chief manager of a sporting good store and his wife (played by Travis) is a geologist. They raise three daughters in their home in suburban Denver, Colorado. Each of the character's experience involves Allen giving his fatherly advice to most modern day issues.

Allen's character is a conservative at heart. Some episodes featured conversation about President Barack Obama and perennial loser Mitt Romney. Some of the episodes talk about controversial themes such as "unwed pregnancy", "performance enhancing drugs", "vigilante protests" and "racial stereotypes".

The third season will begin in September.

Allen pissed off Melissa Harris-Perry and Michael Eric Dyson, two featured players on Obama News.

Allen gave an interview to the Tampa Bay Times and he praised his idols Lenny Bruce and Richard Pryor.

He also gave his thoughts on Paula Deen:

"If I have no intent, if I show no intent, if I clearly am not a racist! How can say that NIGGER be bad [when it comes] out my mouth?"

I do (sic) a movie with Martin Lawerence and pretty soon they're referring to me, 'hey my NIGGA's up'. So I'm the NIGGER if I'm around you guys but 7 feet away, if I said NIGGER, it's not right. It's very confusing to the European mind how that works, especially if I've either grown up or evolved or whatever, it litterally was growing up in Colorado, with Hispanics and Anglos, that's all I remember.

That didn't go so well with Michael Eric Dyson. This was discussed on Melissa Harris-Perry's show this weekend.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Cumulus Radio Tired Of Limbaugh And Hannity!

The two most controversial agitators are on the verge of getting dumped from one of the largest radio corporations in the country. Cumulus Radio, Inc. has considered dropping King Hippo and That Guy Who Helped Obama Win (aka That Scumbag On Loserville).

The second largest radio corporation is thinking seriously about their partnership with two of the country's most controversial agitators in talk radio.

Cumulus Radio, Inc. is seriously considering dropping King Hippo and That Guy Who Helped Obama Win (aka That Scumbag On Loserville). The two most listened agitators during the afternoon have managed to hurt the brand of talk radio. The 40 radio markets that Cumulus owns will consider the possibility of dropping these agitators.

President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, Former president Bill Clinton, Sandra Fluke, Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman, Benghazi, Jeremiah Wright, the ongoing sexism towards Democratic women (Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi (D-California), Hillary Clinton, and First Lady Michelle Obama), and racially themed topics are the common issues with these two.

I've listened to these two respectfully for seven years. And throughout those years, I come to realized that these two are the reasons for why right wing extremism is on the rise.

Premiere Radio, Inc a division of Clear Channel Radio kind of admit that their antics have damaged the brand. I mean even liberal talkers are feeling the pinch of the economic downturn.

I mean they'll still be the two most popular and controversial talkers on radio. They have earned that title through years and years of division, hate, and pretending to be ignorant to stroke profit. Hence the title of profit rage.

Cumulus CEO Lew Dickey is looking to find someone else to fit the bill.
Premiere Radio has three reasons to make a profit. Each of these agitators seen a revenue retreat after saying controversial themes on their radio programs.
Dickey admits the talk radio market took a nosedive after the election. He said that without mention their names that profits are down. They don't pull the 50 top advertising agencies. They can only afford Dynobite dog vitamins and Chuck Woolrey "Smart Breath" freshener ads.

King Hippo and That Guy Who Helped Obama Win will say they're not the blame for Cumulus' downfall, and they were "going to leave it" anyways.

Losing 40 stations drops them to 565 and 500 radio markets, respectively.

Seriously, do you think their impact on the radio is helpful or hurtful to the Republican Party?

Don Lemon: O'Reilly Has A Point! You Black Folk Ain't Right!

Spin Cycle!

CNN anchor Don Lemon agrees with Bill-O (Bill O'Reilly)!

The conservative agitator made some controversial statements about the Black community last week. It set off a firestorm of criticism towards him and his network Loserville.

You see that Loserville, Republicans, the conservative agitators on radio and the blogs really care about "us Black folk". They claim they really care about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s speech to the nation. What speech they usually pull out their ass, "judge not by color but by content of character!"

They were there when we were pissed at the verdict handing George Zimmerman his walking papers.

The conservative media has worked full time in covering the situations in Black America. They practically are concerned about "unwed births", "gun crime" and "gubmint assistance". Tell "us Black folk" not to have babies. Not to own firearms. And not to get on federal assistance.

But yet, these conservatives want to ban abortions. They want to have more firearms on the streets without regulation or background checks. And they want to bail out oil companies and corporations that send our jobs overseas. Conservatives rather see these industries get federal assistance.

You see White male conservatives want control over us, but never control over them.

For every mass shooting in Suburban America, there's at least 100 crimes in Urban America.

One thing that we all agree on is that Bill-O is an asshole. But an asshole sitting on a pile of money.

A pile of crap that was spoken by the agitator. It triggered a massive response from Rev. Perm and others.

I don't understand why would a person like Lemon support the guy who would say that black people at Sylvia's Restaurant would say "M-fer I want I more ice tea!"

The conservative agitator by word for word

Now Don Lemon is an openly gay Black commentator and host on CNN. A man who suffered experiences as youth growing up in the South. Being racially stereotyped and also sexually molested as a boy is a horrible experience for the journalist.

Even in that horrible experience he came to become one of the nation's most respected Black journalists.

He came out in 2011 telling his story about molestation after the Black preacher Eddie Long came into the news after his numerous affairs with gay male parishioners.

Don Lemon thought that Bill-O didn't go far enough on his criticism. This sparked a backlash from those over at Obama News.

Goldie Taylor tells Don Lemon to sit his little ass down and understand that Black plight isn't a product of hip-hop or the Democratic Party. She reminds Lemon and Bill-O that if it wasn't for Republican gridlock on legislation that aids in helping "us Black folk", we wouldn't be in the mess.

The Republican Party has stalled the president's job proposals and has taken the stance to hold firm on gridlock and obstruction.

For as far as I can remember Republicans drove up the debt. They created legislation that catered to a divide and conquer strategy in which the poor fight for survival and the rich reek in the spoils.

Hip-Hop music is entertainment. Most rappers, rockers, singers, and actors are paid professionals. They have talents that brings us to the the television, movies, the music store, the stage and the concerts.

Bill-O sits on an ivory tower. He makes his fortune off of profit rage. Raging against an enemy.

That enemy is the Black community.

Don Lemon, why on earth would you support a man who's words killed a man?

Could there be a true reason why Bill-O mad at the Black culture? 

Is it probably because of his wife leaving his ass for a Black guy?


Sunday, July 28, 2013

Nelly Thanked Ohio Kidnapped Victim Amanda Berry For Her Courage!

Nelly (left) brings on kidnapped victim turned hero Amanda Berry (center, left) to the stage at a concert in Cleveland, Ohio.
Wondering if Bill-O would attack a rapper performing for the Cleveland kidnapping victim?

Amanda Berry appears at a Cleveland concert and gets a heartfelt welcome from rapper Nelly.

After a horrible ordeal in which she, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight were held captive by convicted rapist and murderer Ariel Castro. Under custody, Berry bore a child from him.

Castro was sentenced to LIFE in the iron college with no chance of ever getting out.

While she didn't speak, her appearance wowed the crowd.
A hero's welcome for Amanda Berry by rapper Nelly.
The funds that Castro had earned will either go to a victim's compensation fund and the demolition of his home.

Cleveland, Ohio is the city that rocks! Today I salute Nelly for being a stand up guy. Especially giving a victim an opportunity to have the chance to live a "normal life."

Again, we here at Journal de la Reyna send our prayers to Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight. We wish them well on their long journey to recovery. They finally can close the door on this ugly chapter in their lives.

Ariel Castro can finally find some comfort in at least knowing that he'll never be alone, ever again. After all he'll share a bunk with an inmate who may not take kindly to child molesters and rapists.

Nelly appears on Universal Republic Records. He is affiliated with Derrty Records/Fo'Reel Entertainment.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Ariel Castro Is A Going To Be A Permanent Resident In The Iron College!

Head down as he prepares for life in the iron college.

Ariel Castro escapes the gas chamber. But for the man who held three women captive in their early teens, his days of freedom are over. He's going to be heading to the iron college.

According to the Ohio prosecutors and the Cuyahoga County Sheriff, he's not EVER going to see an ounce of his freedom ever again. At age 54, Castro will spend the remaining portion of his life in the iron college.

He was the man who sparked international attention after one his captives escaped from his Cleveland, Ohio home. The woman along with a her daughter that he impregnant were held hostage along with two other women.

The former bus driver kidnapped Gina DeJesus around the time, Natalee Holloway disappeared sparking a national discussion on the coverage of missing people cases.

Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight were held hostage for ten years in that man's home.

In a plea deal, Castro gave up his right to a trial and accepted the judge's sentence of life in the iron college with no chance at parole. Basically, the judge said that he will never see the light of day ever.

The women speaking through their attorney have said they're satisfied with the decision and hope to get their lives back together.

This scumbag will now be in a place where many of the lifers are parents too. Some of them are likely going to make Castro their senorita.

Friday, July 26, 2013

They Wanna Keep Black Women Away From Black Men...


More scandal for celebrity chef.

Paula Deen still regrets her comments about Black patrons. As of today, I will add her to the label list.

Still under the fire for her racial slurs towards Black guest, cooks and hosts.

Somehow, I do feel a little sympathy for the celebrity chef.

I guess today, I may even show a small bit of support for this woman.
Aunt Jemima is the iconic woman for syrup and pancake mix.
She's entitled to say whatever the heck she wants, but I guarantee that the words she says from this point on will have a lasting effect on her career as a chef, reality television host, mother, grandmother and public figure.

Paula Deen Allegedly Asked Black Staffers to Dress Like Aunt JemimaThe controversy starts with one of her Black food prepare cooks saying that Deen thought of her as Aunt Jemima. The character on the syrup bottle.

Wow, ain't that nice. A Black woman is a character on the syrup bottle. Sweet.

Quaker Oats, Inc. has the rights of all its products and I wonder if Deen's brands a part of it?

Dora Charles overflows with allegations of racist behavior. Deen allegedly paid black employees less than white ones and used racial slurs.

But it is Deen's idea of Confederate-tinged dinner theater that may be the most unseemly element of the story. Charles tells the Times that she refused Deen's requests to ring a dinner bell in front of her Savannah, Georgia restaurant The Lady and Sons and, in the words of the paper, holler for "people to come and get it."

Deen's already damaged reputation following her admission last month that she said NIGGER!

The chef was forced to open up about her use of slurs during a deposition related to allegations of racism and sexual harassment brought against Deen by a former employee, Lisa T. Jackson.

In the wake of Deen's admission, the celebrity chef was dropped by Food Network and dumped by retailers like Walmart and Target and the drug maker Novo Nordisk, with whom she had endorsement deals.

Wendy Williams tears into the controversy.

Florida Juror Tells ABC News That She "Regrets" The Zimmerman Verdict! He Got Away With Murder!

The juror from the George Zimmerman trial says that she regrets the verdict. 

The outcry of the verdict still continues. Even two weeks since George Zimmerman's acquittal, the nation is even more divided when it comes to race. The WHITE EXTREMISTS are using every opportunity to gin up Republican support for more relax gun laws.

As predicted, the first Black president has generated a stronger presence of extremism. The conservative agitators in the junk food media have stirred the hive and it's soon going to bring out the hornets.

There are more than 1,300 hate groups as of right now. There are probably more anti-Black, anti-Obama and anti-Hispanic websites as of right now.

There's thousands of White men and women who share extremely conservative views. These conservative views may lead to them to plotting a domestic terrorist attack upon groups they've deemed "inferior" to the White race or to the name of conservatism.


They don't care about the plights of Blacks, Hispanics, Muslims and those in the LGBT community.

The want to see the genocide of these groups. That's probably why they cheer when the Blacks are killing each other. They are hoping that America drops bombs on the Middle East. They hope the Mexicans and Hispanics get electrocuted by the 12 foot electric fence. The hope gays die of AIDS.

These people are conservative-minded and likely Republicans at heart. There are conservative Democrats too, but they'll drop the party to become a Republican the moment the Democratic Party changes a narrative.

That's probably why the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman controversy is so toxic. It opened the Pandora's Box of extremism. This whole issue probably helped WHITE EXTREMISTS recruit more members and will spark more incidents like this.

Good Morning America's Robin Roberts gets the opportunity to meet the one juror who was the only minority during the trial. The woman goes to ABC News with her lawyer to tell the nation that she in her honest heart believes that Zimmerman "got away with murder", but stressed that the evidence wasn't there.

As ABC News reported the woman (Maddy) was the Hispanic juror who has seriously believe that he was guilty. But she eventually went with the other jurors in the decision that gave Zimmerman a pass.

“A lot of us had wanted to find something bad, something that we could connect to the law because all six of us — let’s not speak for all six of us. For myself, he’s guilty because the evidence shows he’s guilty.”

“But, we couldn't prove that intentionally he killed him!”

“I was the loudest,” she said. “My voice was heard.”

“I feel that I was forcefully included in Trayvon Martin’s death,” The juror added with tears welling up in her eyes. “I carry him on my back. I’m hurting as much as Trayvon's mother because there’s no way that any mother should feel that pain.”

Last week the first juror who went to CNN and talk to Anderson Cooper made the rounds. Her interview was the most anticipated. It was the most controversial of post trial. The controversial interview made her the scorn of the nation. She sympathized with Zimmerman and even thought of getting a book deal after the trial.

That ginned up a outcry of jury misconduct claims.

The U.S. Justice Department is looking into how the Sanford Police handled the case. The NAACP and Al Sharpton (Rev. Perm) want to have the Justice Department charge Zimmerman with a hate crime.

I bet That Guy Who Helped Obama Win (aka That Scumbag On Loserville) will talk about it on his show today.

Ted Nugent: Stevie Wonder "LUCKY" I Don't Shoot A Blind Man!

Ted Nugent pops his mouth off on radio. Firing shots at Stevie Wonder.

The controversial George Zimmerman verdict in Sanford, Florida, has reprimand an economic boycott by many in the American entertainment industry. Stevie Wonder, the legendary musician told the junk food media that he's no longer going to perform in Florida. He wants the state to repeal its "Stand Your Ground" laws.

He managed to get Madonna, Jay-Z, Beyonce, Kanye West, Alicia Keys, Chris Rock, and other entertainers to boycott the state.

One entertainer is full steam ahead on his plans to perform in Florida. And he's even shoved a firearm in the face of those who are boycotting the state.

Ted Nugent is a washed up rocker who spends most of his time bitching on conservative blogs about liberalism. Nugent is known as the Motor City Madman. A rocker who shoots off rifles. He's a lifetime member of the National Rifle Association and is a friend of That Guy Who Helped Obama Win (aka That Scumbag On Loserville).

The madman calls Stevie Wonder "brain-dead" for supporting that "pot-smoking hoodlum" Trayvon Martin.

Going to the radio, Nugent whines about the boycott and says: “So 700 black people, mostly young children and young people were slaughtered in Chicago last year by black people,” Nugent said on the show, “and not a peep out of Stevie Wonder. Are you kidding me?”

Like he cares about Chicago!

Again this is the narrative of the conservative agitators. Bring up Chicago and Detroit. Since they're experience turmoils with gun violence and the mayors are Democrats, scream "liberal racism". Use these cities as examples of Democrat (sic) policies going awry.

“How brain-dead do you have to be?” Nugent asked. “How strangled by denial, how dishonest, how cheap do you have to be to focus on a clear-cut case where all the evidence, from the DOJ, from the FBI, from the army of investigative specialists in Florida determined that George Zimmerman acted in self-defense against a life-threatening attack by hoodlum, dope-smoking Trayvon Martin?”

All of that being said, Nugent said he would “pray” for “Stevie Wonder and all these other numnuts who think that Trayvon Martin’s life is more important than the tens of thousands of slaughtered blacks at the hands of blacks.” Nugent, who is evidently a fan of Wonder’s music, asked, “How do you go from being one of the most soulful people in the world to being absolutely soulless?”

Last week, Nugent penned an op-ed for right-wing website World Nut Daily, in which he referred to Trayvon Martin as an “enraged black man-child” and a “Skittles hoodie boy.”

Earlier this year, Stevie Wonder was furious over the lyrics from rappers Future and Lil' Wayne.

On Future's single Karate Chop, Lil' Wayne said that he'll beat that "bitch's p*ssy up like Emmett Till".

The rapper somewhat apologized for the lyrics, but it lead to him getting his endorsement with Mountain Dew pulled.

Ted Nugent isn't so lucky either. He was banned from U.S. military bases last year. He made some inappropriate comments about President Barack Obama at the NRA Convention in St. Louis in 2012.

The conservative agitators think the protests are "mob riots".
Nugent said that he'll declare himself an "enemy of the state" and would "rise up against the tyranny of this president". He said they'll be "blood spilled" in the name of the Constitution.

He even got his reality television show pulled after a season.

So the more controversy Ted Nugent brings to himself, the more likely he'll get his endorsements (or what's left of his pathetic career) pulled.

Stevie Wonder appears on Motown Records. Affiliated with Island Def Jam Music Group.
Ted Nugent is an independent recording artist.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Ooh, Look: A Scary Black Woman Hits A News Reporter!

Raw video of a woman assaulting a camera crew.

The state of Florida, is home to George Zimmerman, Casey Anthony, Lionel Tate, Jennifer Mee, and Mark Foley. Each of these individuals are scumbags in the eyes of most tabloid viewing TV watchers.

The state of Florida's embattled governor Rick Scott is under fire for corruption within his own ranks. His lieutenant governor Jennifer Carroll, a Black Republican resigns after she got embroiled on a sex scandal and a probe about her misuse of taxpayer dollars.

The U.S. Senator Marco Rubio, the Tea Party Republican is falling out of style. His appeal to hip-hop music and his massive support for immigration reform has pissed off the conservatives. They're thinking of ways to keep him off the potential 2016 presidential candidate list.

In Florida, there may be an alligator attack, a shark attack, a hurricane, or an angry Black woman. What's more dangerous?

Mediaite a news blog created by Dan Abrams, a legal analysis and news agitator.

Mediaite and WESH-TV reported a video of an Orlando reporter getting smacked up by an angry Black woman. The woman managed to be filmed while she right hooks a cameraman and had the reporter ducking and covering.

The police quickly restrain her and arrested her for battery.

The woman also slammed her hand on a news vehicle, knocked over a camera and then punched a video journalist from another Orlando television station.
The woman right hooks a WESH cameraman.
The officer ran after the shouting woman and subdued her with pepper spray.

No one was hurt in the attack. Reporters were not sure why she was targeting them.

The woman was immediately taken for a mental health evaluation.

The WESH reporter was Greg Fox. WESH is an NBC affiliate for Orlando, Sanford, and Daytona Beach.

Family "SAVED" By Zimmerman Cancels Presser!

Angry: Mark Gerstle, pictured, yells at reporters to leave the area after arriving home in Port Orange, Florida, Tuesday, July 23, 2013
The Daily Mail captures a picture of Mark Gerstle pointing angrily at the photographer.

The public relations nightmare continues. After being acquitted of murder, George Zimmerman is still in hiding. He's been getting hundreds of death threats. He's been regarded as one of the most hated person is America.

He killed unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin. This sparked a huge discussion on racial profiling and relaxed gun laws that allowed people to shoot people if they had an opportunity to "STAND THEIR GROUND".

A few weeks after being acquitted of murder, there emerges a story about Zimmerman aiding a family that was injured in a car accident off Interstate 4 near Sanford.

The attorney who represented Zimmerman, Mark O'Mara was going to have the family speak out in favor of Zimmerman.

But all of that was scrapped after the family feared the toxicity of being near O'Mara and Zimmerman.
Family cancels Zimmerman press conference.
They fear a negative blow back if their names are mentioned by the junk food media.

Dana and Mark Gerstle and their two children, who were trapped inside a blue Ford Explorer SUV that had rolled over after traveling off the highway in Sanford about 5:45 p.m. Thursday, the Seminole County Sheriff's Office said in a statement.

The Gerstles were expected to hold a press conference today at the office of Zimmerman's attorney Mark O'Mara, but cancelled a few hours before it was supposed to take place.

"They have expressed to us that they are not comfortable doing media interviews at this time and they continue to ask for privacy," the Seminole City Sheriff's Office said in a statement.

Zimmerman's lawyer, Mark O'Mara, said the family had asked to speak, but then got concerned about the anger surrounding the controversial verdict.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Again, You Can't Fix Stupid! [NSFW]

Nation's fastest growing franchise had to serve two ignorant workers their walking papers after it was revealed they've done something unprofessional and likely criminal in their restaurant.

How's customer's service these days?

A cringe-worthy story for our readers. Take discretion in reading this. It's disturbing.

Here's a disgusting story featuring totally ignorant service workers. Welcome to the America's most stupidest customer service representatives.

Two men were sent their walking papers and are likely to face criminal charges for their antics.

Again, whatever you post on the social networks can cost you your job, your freedom or your reputation.

What you post online will stay online, forever. This type of stuff will always remind me that the service industry pays underperforming workers. Those underperforming workers makes the job more stressful for the loyal ones. When one of the workers does something that puts the lives of workers or customers in jeopardy, it's likely the manager and the loyal workers who suffer too.

In other words, one worker actions could cost everyone their jobs. And to make this clear, anyone could be fired for another worker's performance.

The Huffington Post reports that two Columbus, Ohio Subway workers were sent their walking papers after it was revealed they've posted one of the workers playing with his penis on top of the buns.

Then they've featured a picture of a bottle of frozen urine.

One of the men, Cameron Boggs, admitted on Instagram that "today at work I froze my pee" in a water bottle.

Boggs posted -- and later deleted -- the most incriminating photo, which depicts a man rubbing his genitalia on foot-long bread. It was posted on Instagram by username "weedpriest" with a caption that reads, "My name is @ianjett and I will be your sandwich artist today."

Ian Jett copped to defiling the footlong, but denied doing the dirty deed at work.

"I would never do that at work -- it was at home," he said. "This isn't something I'd ever do at Subway. It was totally a joke."
Ian Jett and Cameron Boggs
Dumb and dumber. Cameron Boggs and Ian Jett lost their jobs after one of these idiots put their penis on the sandwich buns at a Columbus, Ohio Subway.
Boggs' other photo shows a water bottle full of a yellow substance that he describes as urine. Though you can't tell from the photo whether the frozen urine is inside a Subway restaurant, Boggs says it was.

Store employees confirmed that Boggs and Jett had currently work at the Subway location at Tuttle Crossing Boulevard in Columbus. The chain's corporate office didn't return calls for comment by press time.

The anonymous tipster who sent in the photos was horrified by the pair's handiwork.

"I saw the frozen piss picture and thought, 'What is this guy doing?'" the tipster said. "Then came the penis picture. They're stupid enough for doing this in the first place, but then to post it to the world? It was a dumb move.

"I didn't send these to be vindictive," he added, "But something needs to be done. It's disgusting."

A man in San Diego caught fondling while on camera at his job. This person was the owner of the business.

Giusepp Scire, owner of Jersey Joe's Pizzeria in San Diego, denied on last Thursday that he masturbated in the eatery's kitchen, an act that was reportedly caught on security footage by users on 4Chan.

A picture posted last week clearly shows a man with white hair, handling his pepperoni in what appears to be a pizza kitchen, but Scire said he was the victim of disgruntled ex-employees' pranks.

Subway, a part of Doctors, Inc. is one of the fastest growing submarine franchises in the world. Over 40,000 restaurants and growing. Usually within two miles you'll see a restaurant nearby. They're often found at Walmart, truck stops and college campuses.

Subway Restaurants surpassed McDonald's in locations this year. McDonald's is the world's largest food and beverage restaurant in sales and revenue.

Be warned these are disturbing images and it's probably why I choose to be cautious about how people serve my food.
subway penis photo

Anthony Weiner: NYC Please Forgive Me!

Anthony Weiner and his wife Huma Abedin tell the press that shit happens! Weiner isn't getting out the mayoral race!

The controversy in New York involves a disgraced politico trying to rebound his career. As he is leading in the polls, here comes a scandal. The scandal involves the man texting his junk to women.

Former New York congressman Anthony Weiner is running as a Democrat for the mayoral race in New York City. The polls show he's likely going to win. But as he is on top, those in the junk food media are tearing him down.

Most New York newspapers are calling for Weiner to get out while he still has his dignity.

Instead of focusing on issues that matter to those living in New York City, the junk food media is focused on the very things that makes me not watch television.

Even three termed independent mayor Michael Bloomberg is tired of hearing about these silly scandals.

The Dirty struck gold. The controversial celebrity agitating website founded by Nik Richie found more pictures of the former politico sexting his junk to a woman. The Dirty also noted that Anthony Weiner went by the stage name Carlos Danger.

Weiner and his wife Huma Abedin-Weiner both appeared in front of the junk food media to declare their love for one another and hope they could put this incident behind him. Weiner said that he's embarrassed over the whole thing, but said there's far more important issues to worry about than what he does in private life.

Standing beside Weiner at a press conference in New York City, Abedin told reporters that she had forgiven her husband and plans to continue supporting and campaigning for his candidacy.

"Our marriage, like many others has had its ups and its downs," she said. "It took a lot of work and whole lot of therapy to get to a place where I could forgive Anthony."

Abedin noted that the decision to stay married to Weiner was her own. "It was not an easy choice in any way, but I made the decision that it was worth staying in this marriage," she said. "That was a decision I made for me, for our son, and for our family."

Abedin added that the situation is "between us and our marriage," saying that "we discussed all this before Anthony decided he would run for mayor."

She reiterated that she will continue to stand behind him as the mayoral race progresses. "I love him, I have forgiven him, I believe in him and, as we have said since the beginning, we are moving forward," she said.

Though Abedin has frequently supported her husband on the campaign trail, meeting constituents at rallies and a variety of other events, Tuesday's appearance marked the first time she officially addressed an audience at a press conference.

He vows to stay in the race and hope the scandal will die down.

The Dirty was in the news earlier this month. Nik Richie was ordered to pay $339,000 in damages to Sarah Jones, a former NFL Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader for slander. Jones, a former educator and cheerleader was caught having an affair with Cody York, a 17-year old teenager. The woman was married and cheated on her husband with this boy. Jones is currently engaged to the victim.

The Dirty took stories of sexual tryst and post them to the website.

Rumors about her having sex with members of the Bengals had her fumed. She successfully sued and won the case. The Dirty plans on appealing the decision.
Eliot Spitzer with wife Silda and three daughters.
The conservatives are demanding that Weiner get out the race. They also want Eliot Spitzer out too.

Spitzer was then a Democratic New York governor was in the news after he got caught having affair with a sex worker. He quickly resigned after less than a full year in office. I think Weiner called for his resignation after this affair.

Now he's trying to rebound his career as well. Spitzer is running for New York City controller.

Spitzer had once held a seat on CNN and Current TV. He left Current TV this year after the network was sold to Al Jazeera.

You notice that there is a double standard in how the junk food media covers these individuals who try to rebound their political careers after a sex scandal.
Nik Richie broke the news. He is feuding with Sarah Jones a former cheerleader who successfully sued him for slander. The woman had an affair with a teenage boy. 
Earlier this year, Mark Sanford, the former South Carolina governor became a Republican congressman after he beat Elizabeth Colbert-Busch, his Democratic challenger. Colbert-Busch is the sister of Comedy Central's popular satirist Stephen Colbert.

Sanford who appears frequently on Loserville and talk radio wanted to win the seat he once held when he was a congressman in the early 1990s. Sanford, was one of the many politicos who voted for the articles of impeachment against then president Bill Clinton for lying under oath about his affair with Monica Lewinsky.
Congressman Mark Sanford (R-South Carolina) and his girlfriend María Belén Chapur.
Sanford, while governor of the state was married to his wife Jenni and had four children. In 2009, Sanford was caught by the junk food media taking a trip to Argentina. Sanford was apparently on his way to see his girlfriend. The woman was a news reporter for an international network. They hooked up since 2008.

Sanford was embarrassed by the whole situation. He came out and apologized for the affair and told the junk food media that the only thing he's guilty of is being in love with another woman.

Sanford and María Belén Chapur are engaged to be married and he's got her knocked up. The woman has children from a previous marriage and they'll be having their first child soon.

Sanford represents the 1st Congressional district. It was once held by Tim Scott, the first Black Republican to represent that state since 1897. He was appointed as a U.S. Senator this year after Jim DeMint resigned to become the head of The Heritage Foundation.

If Sanford could win after a sex scandal, I am guessing that Weiner and Spitzer could too.

What's your thoughts on this scandal?

*By the way, if you click to The Dirty, I stress discretion when reading the stories. Some are not safe for work (NSFW).

Throwbacks from my YouTube days.

Like Conservatives Care About Chicago!

A person from Flickr took the picture of Chicago city limits sign.

Last time I've checked, Chicago, Detroit, San Francisco, New Orleans, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Miami, Los Angeles, New York, Washington, D.C., and Atlanta are American cities.

Somewhere in those cities, a conservative viewer or listener is probably pissed that a talk radio agitator or cable news channel had the audacity to bash their hometown.

The conservative agitators in the junk food media claim the Democrat (sic) controlled cities are wastelands.

They believe whenever a Democratic mayor is in charge of a city, urban crime is rampant.

Blacks are forever trapped in urban blight, poverty, unemployment and handouts. Union thugs are front and center. They're destroying the "free market capitalism" of American business. Illegal "aliens" are setting up shop and probably anchoring their children in these cities.

This is a conservative word vomit.

These cities are "shit holes" says some White extremists who usually word vomit on a blog or white supremacist forum.

The conservatives and White extremists want to prove a point by saying that if a Democrat is elected to office, then your cities are going to hell.
America's third largest city is Chicago, Illinois.
Last time, I've checked, I am reminded that every time a Republican gets into office, the country wealthy thrive while the poor fight and kill one another for the very things the wealthy have.

Whenever a Republican gets into office, they'll sign away legislation that may endanger the environment and either the safety of American living here and abroad. They will give firearms more liberties than a woman who wants the choice to have an abortion if she was raped.

They want to keep Blacks and Hispanics either in jail or in their areas (i.e. the hood or Mexico).

So it's no surprise that Republicans and their conservative agitating friend are bashing on Chicago.

Chicago is the third largest American city. The population of the city is 3.5 million and Cook County holds 5.5 million people as a whole. The area expands from Northeastern Illinois, Southern Wisconsin and Northwestern Indiana.

Chicago is the hometown of President Barack Obama and current mayor Rahm Emmanuel.
Bill-O is the country's most watched agitator.
The reasons for the conservative "concern" about young Blacks dying is to prove to their gullible audience that the Trayvon Martin protests are just liberal reactionary outrage.

[The liberals] scream for Trayvon Martin but never the hundreds of young Black teens, Black adults, and other people of color being killed in Chicago says the conservatives agitators.

Conservatives want to dismiss the protest rallies as another attempt at ginning up Black anger towards Republicans and George Zimmerman.

The Trayvon Martin Protest Rallies have address gun control, Black on Black crime and the verdict. Unfortunately, the message is lost in the crowd whenever there's a violent act happening in America.

For every rally there's been a murder somewhere in urban America. For every honest discussion about race in America, a racial extremist wants to discredit these protests as a "mob" and warn the White suburbanites that the protesters are "looting and rioting".

Chicago death toll has reached 233.

Chicago was among one of the first U.S. cities to build an integrated emergency response center to coordinate the city's response to natural disasters, gang violence, and terrorist attacks. Built in 1995, the center is integrated with more than 2000 cameras, communications with all levels of city government, and a direct link to the National Counterterrorism Center. Police credited surveillance cameras with contributing to decreased crime in 2004.
Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel. The politico was once President Barack Obama's chief of staff and was a long serving Democratic congressman from the northwest quadrant of Chicago.
Recently installed anti-crime cameras are capable of pinpointing gunshot sounds, calculating where the shots were fired, and pointing and zooming the cameras in the direction of the shots within a two-block radius.

Since surveillance cameras have been placed in high-crime areas, some Chicagoans feel uneasy about being so closely watched, but others believe their streets are safer.

The cameras have prompted some calls of discrimination since they have been placed in areas of gang activity and high gun violence that also are chiefly occupied by blacks and Latinos.

And yes, I conclude that gang violence is domestic terrorism. That's the truth. No lie.

I haven't watched Bill-O in a while. But there's talk about his epic meltdown on his program Monday. This agitator has the nerve to claim that Blacks are baby popping faster than Hispanics at 73%.

This agitator had the nerve to say that rap music, television, entertainers (i.e. Jamie Foxx), President Barack Obama, Rev. Perm and Cut His Nuts Off Jackson are responsible for the epic turmoils facing the Black community.

Not the economic gap between races.

Not the cultural divisions.

Bill-O assumes that all Black men are "natural born criminals" and "unruly".

He claims that the president has rushed to judgment on the George Zimmerman trial.

Of course, calling Black leaders as "race hustlas" when they're express their freedoms to assemble a protest.

You know I've been talking way too much about That Guy Who Helped Obama Win. I just am getting to the point where I've had enough of his profit rage. This scumbag continues to attack President Barack Obama by running around claiming he knows the names of every victim who's died in Chicago.

Hence the talking points that come down to liberal talk radio agitators Alan Colmes, Stephanie Miller, Bill Press, Ed Schultz and Randi Rhodes.
Hadiya Pendleton was killed a few weeks after attending the president's inauguration this year.
For the last few days, the liberal agitators had express concern and sorrow for the family of Trayvon Martin.

Whenever these liberal agitators get a caller who disagrees with their opinion, I swear on my word that they've word vomited that scumbag's talking points from Loserville.

Like I've said, nobody gives a damn about those innocent lives lost in Chicago.

These conservative agitators (as well as the liberal agitators) aren't willing to inspire young people to become entertainers of talk radio.

I don't see any Black conservative going into these areas with their bibles and Ronald Reagan t-shirts.

I don't see any White conservative making a difference in the Black community. All I see from those who talk on radio is bullshit. Bullshit in the front of the cameras.

Conservatives weren't so focused on Hadiya Pendleton.
The president mentions Chicago murder victim, House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) rolls his eyes.
Reminder to those who watched the State of The Union Address. When the president mentioned gun crimes in Chicago and Newtown, Connecticut, the Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-Ohio) rolled his eyes.

Loserville is the nation's most watched cable news network. It's a cesspool of WHITE, OLD, IGNORANT, CONSERVATIVE MEN. The network doesn't have the decency to cover at least one funeral for a Black victim.

This network run for every MISSING WHITE WOMAN story.

The network cuts off the president's speeches to the nation.

Why would anyone ever take this network seriously when it practically spits in the face of Black America?

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Buckeye Firearms Association Is A "BIG FAN" Of George Zimmerman!

The Second Amendment guarantees the right for Americans to bear arms. The National Rifle Association and its affiliates hold true to that principle. But somehow, there are some who look at issues in Black/White prospective.

Hence the Buckeye Firearms Association, an Ohio based firearms group. They were probably shooting up into the clouds knowing that George Zimmerman was acquitted in the murder unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin.

Now that the trial is over, public outcry is growing. The family of Trayvon Martin want the U.S. Justice Department to investigate the conduct of the Sanford Police and hopefully charge Zimmerman with a hate crime.
Conservative extremist post misleading story about the Justice Department's role in the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman controversy.
The Justice Department is involved in this case. They want the Sanford Police to hold all evidence until they conclude their investigation. The FBI is involved in handling the matter. That means that George Zimmerman can't get his firearm back until then.

That's riled up the conservative blogosphere. And with that riled up anger comes activism. The activism led to reactionary ignorance from those who believe they can eat, sleep and marry their gun.

Now the Buckeye Firearms Association and Brad Thor, some idiot writer from The Blaze have started a donation drive to purchase Zimmerman a firearm of his choice.

We're buying ZIMMERMAN a NEW GUN - We need your help Sat, 07/20/2013 - 10:55 — BFAdmin

The Justice Department has placed a 'hold' on trial evidence, including George Zimmerman's firearm.

Buckeye Firearms Foundation is raising funds to buy Zimmerman a NEW GUN and fight attacks on the Second Amendment.

UPDATE: We have collected more than we expected for this fund and have ceased taking donations. We will issue a complete report as soon as possible.


Whatever you might think about the Zimmerman verdict, the fact remains that we are a nation of laws, not mob justice.

George Zimmerman was tried in a court of law and found NOT GUILTY. And that entitles him to continue exercising all his rights, including his Second Amendment right to own a firearm.

But now Eric Holder and the U.S. Justice department have stepped in to stop Zimmerman from taking possession of his property.

Here's the story from the UK Daily Mail:

The U.S. Department of Justice, overseen by Attorney General Eric Holder, has ordered the Sanford, Florida police department to keep possession of all the evidence from George Zimmerman's second-degree murder trial - including the exonerated neighborhood watch volunteer's gun.

Sanford police confirmed on Thursday that the DOJ asked the agency not to return any pieces of evidence to their owners. Zimmerman was expected to get his firearm back by month's end.

The development is a sign that the criminal section of the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division is seriously investigating Zimmerman to determine if federal civil rights charges should be filed.

This is outrageous. Mr. Holder is this nation's chief law enforcement officer. It is his job to uphold the laws, to support and defend our system of justice.

This move to prevent Mr. Zimmerman from claiming his property is an unacceptable abuse of power. And the threats of federal charges on civil rights grounds is little more than blatant pandering for political gain.

Moreover, based on statements he and others have made recently, Holder hopes to use this as the first step toward renewing this administration's attack on gun rights.

To be fair to all concerned, we have remained silent during the Zimmerman trial. We allowed the evidence to unfold and the justice system to run its course. Now the jury has spoken and that should be the end of the matter.

George Zimmerman has every right to get his property back.

And if Eric Holder chooses to deny Mr. Zimmerman that right, Buckeye Firearms Foundation will remedy the matter by purchasing a NEW FIREARM for him, including a holster, flashlight, and any other gear he wants.

This is about more than mere principle. Zimmerman and his family now face daily threats on their lives. More than ever, he has a right to defend himself against those who would seek to do him harm.

Gun owners must stand together and refuse to allow an injustice like this to go unanswered. If we choose to sit idly by while the full force and weight of the federal government descends upon a free man, it will embolden others to take liberties with our rights.

We know what some will say about this. We know we will be reviled for taking this stand. Our motives will be impugned and our words will be twisted. But that happens already. Those who work against our rights will always do this. It hasn't stopped us before and it won't stop us now.

We have created the Zimmerman Second Amendment Fund. We encourage you to donate whatever you can afford, $100 ... $50 ... $25 ... even just $10. We will provide Mr. Zimmerman, who has no current source of income, with the funds he needs to replace his firearm, holster, and other gear.

Buckeye Firearms Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and your donation is tax-deductible. Every penny will be used to fight for Second Amendment rights. We are all volunteers who give our time freely to fight for what we believe in.

Forward this message to your friends and family.

Don't let this already tragic situation turn into a travesty of justice.
Keeping guns free from the tyranny!

Welcome to a post-racial America. An America where people protesting an injustice are called "mobs".

Where an unarmed teenager is responsible for his own death, just because he was suspended from school and smoked weed. Yeah, he held a gun. It was in a picture.

But in America, the divide has grown and that verdict may inspire activism from both sides. Whether rational or reactionary, the lines are in the sand and people are determined to get their voice out there.

As far as it goes, one family can see their son. The other can't.

One person told his side of the story. The other can't. For you see, a dead body can't tell a story. It's a dead body today, tomorrow, and forever after.


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