Sunday, June 07, 2015

Texas Cop Off The Force After He Pulls Gun On Unarmed Teens At A Pool Party!

The whole world see this. Wonder what Texas Republican governor Greg Abbott going do about it? 

Hey, there's a situation where the Texas Department of Safety Commission are doing an investigation on a North Texas officer pulling his service weapon on a group of teens at a pool party.

There were arrests in this situation. What drew the most controversy was the officer drawing his weapon on the group and it was caught on film.

McKinney Police took the badge away from patrol supervisor Cpl. Eric Casebolt after one of the party goers filmed the officers. He happened to be the one officer who slammed a teen's head on the ground.

A large group of Black teens were at the pool celebrating the end of the school session.

A call was placed at the Craig Ranch North Community Pool. There was a disturbance between the Black teens and a White woman there. Two of the teens who were at the pool, told the junk food media that a huge riot erupted at the pool. It was driven by a few White adults there at the pool throwing out racial insults towards the group.

According to one of the teens there, a woman shouted that the group should head back to Section 8 [public] housing.

Brandon Brooks filmed most of the event. "There was a fight, the cops showed up and started putting people on the ground for no reason," he said.

The cop took a tumble. This was the one who got put on ice. The teens tried to return a dropped flashlight and  he arrested one of them.
The police department held a press conference Sunday afternoon to announce the investigation. Some residents attended the event to speak out against what they say is inequality in their town.

Again you are allowed to film police. Don't let them intimidate you with threats of arrest if you're filming. Let them know that you have right to film them and let them know you have a right to film public servants.

Cue the concern troll....

What will the concern troll post in comment section?

A story about a Black criminal beating up a White guy.

A story about a Black criminal shooting at a lawman.

A story about numerous gun crimes involving Black victims by Black suspects.

A story about comparing piss to shit.

Well like most here, I expect that one concern troll to comment on it. Obviously it's routine whenever there's a post about bad cops. I'm expecting in a few hours, the concern troll will post some comment about another event in the United States or Canada. The concern troll will waste time trying to comment to us with links.

Let me be clear, I am not interested in the links. I rather just be selective of what I post here on World News Today. The only people I answer to is me and S. Baldwin. Not a concern troll.

I just find it interesting that the viral aggregators such as Buzzfeed, The Huffington Post and the conservative Craigslist talk about it too.

Thanks Brandon Brooks for uploading. You're an internet sensation.

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