Thursday, June 11, 2015

Hannity Disrespects Another Teen Involved In The McKinney Controversy!

The country's worst cable news host once again attacks the teens who were attacked by the now disgraced cop Eric Casebolt. He brings on Adrian Martin. That annoying conservative agitator claims that Martin done a little dance around the cop.

This little pony show was held yesterday. An attorney for ex-McKinney cop Eric Casebolt came out with his statement. Jane Bishkin reads it. The attorney saying that before Casebolt went into his now infamous incident, he calmed the family of a Black man who killed himself. He talked a woman from jumping off the roof. At the pool party he had arrested a White girl. He apologized for his actions. He said that his "emotions" got the best of him. He claims he has gotten death threats.

He playing the victim. He saying that the media rushed to judgement. He's said that he wasn't targeting minorities.

I call it bullshit.

Why the attorney went out her way to say the suicide victim was Black?

I want to know the race of the woman he claimed he saved from jumping off the roof.

What happen to the federal lawsuit filed against him and his police force?

He was there when he performed an unauthorized strip search on a Black driver. The man's passengers had drugs on them but he was stopped, stripped and insulted by Casebolt.

It seems like the ex-cop might expect something bubbling up. When the police chief says that the video was disgusting, it's possible that Casebolt's actions could have been criminal.

Now as he resigned from McKinney police, the conservatives agitators are totally pissed off over it.

One in particular is that annoying conservative agitator. His right wing carnival been all in on this controversy. That annoying agitator is fixated on the moment where the teen was close to Casebolt and then he would draw his service weapon on them.
The attorney for ex-cop reads his heroics.
That teen was named Adrian Martin. He was arrested for impeding on an arresting officer. The charges were later dropped after the taped emerged showing Casebolt pulling his service weapon.

"I look at the video, he is dealing with young girl on the ground. There you come up and you're doing some little dance,"says that annoying conservative agitator to the Adrian Martin.

Martin was the only one charge with the crime. The teen was there at the pool party and witness Casebolt's barrel roll and reactionary attitude towards the teens. He said that he was there telling the cop the young girl who had her head slammed to the ground wasn't involved in the fight. As he was heading towards the cop he slipped.

My god, this hour long shoutfest is bad. The country's worst cable news host is now the biggest concern troll to ever exist in the media. He puts on the teens who were involved in the controversy.

He put the teens on his right wing carnival to give them this "talk" about what they've done wrong.

Again you don't have to respect an officer.

You can question why you are arrested.

You don't have to consent to a search of your home, your vehicle or your properties.

You can invoke your 5th Amendment right to self incrimination or "small chat" with an officer.

You can ask for the officer's name, supervisor, badge number and cruiser number.

A dog search doesn't always net drugs. The trainer can tell a dog to jump on a vehicle and automatically there's detection of drugs.

Cops are people. They have a dangerous job. Not all cops are bad. Not all cops are good.

They are humans. They are protectors and enforcers. But the disconnect is protectors of White, defenders of Black. This is being seen now on social media and experience.

The law can LIE when making a traffic stop, a detaining, a drug search, an arrest, a restraint, a Taser use of deadly force when using a service weapon. Some in law enforcement believe that Blacks are criminals by birth.

The law always deny a bias in their department. But as soon as they share inappropriate emails, do deliberate slow downs at work, run traffic signals without sirens, drink and drive, run through traffic cameras, sleep while on duty, restrain unarmed citizens with deadly force, the law claim that this isn't representative of them.

I call it bullshit.

I've seen it with my own eyes. I've been profiled by the law. I don't have a criminal record. I don't allow a search through my vehicle. I don't understand why the hell they can get away with it when I can't!

This annoying conservative agitator had the nerve to say that Martin "charged" at the cop in his teaser. Last time, he claimed that he was could have "shanked" the cop.

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