Saturday, June 13, 2015

Miami Police Kill Unarmed Suspect In Front Of Children!

Miami cops puts down a man in front of children. The witnesses say that they were trigger happy. The law says that he waved a metal stick in a menacing way.

Hey kids, do you want to see some real action on the streets?

Miami metro police are facing a backlash after one of their own puts down a man most deem harmless in front of several dozen children.

Miami Police Chief Rodolfo Llanes said officers were responding to a report of a violent dispute on Thursday morning. He said several dozen people were in Gibson Park, many of them children, who may have witnessed the events that unfolded.

“I understand the anxiety that's been created across the country from police-citizen interactions, but I would ask that everyone, wait for the facts of the case and not make up your own story,” Llanes told reporters. “We will know what the facts of the case are.”

The chief added that the officer involved in the shooting, who is a 20-year veteran of the department, will be reassigned to administrative duties pending the investigation's outcome.

What happen was law responded to a disturbance at a locla park. The 46 year old man Fritz Severe according to the Miami Heard has a lengthy criminal past with convictions for violent and non-violent offenses in different jurisdictions.

The law gave the order for the man to drop his metal stick. He did not drop the stick. They let him have it. He died on route to the hospital.

Witnesses said that he was not threatening the officers. Stephanie Severance said she was shocked when she heard the shots and later realized the bullets were fired at a homeless man she saw every morning and the man who shot him was a Miami Police Officer.

Fritz Severe had mental issues. The Miami police puts him down.
“He stopped the man, the man had the metal stick, pointed at him, the next thing you know the man shot him,” Severance said.

Several witnesses were distraught that the officer did not use a Taser instead of a gun. Llanes said not all officers carry Tasers as they have to be certified. He would not say whether the officer who pulled the trigger was carrying a Taser.

Someone called the law on Severe because he felt "threatened" by his presence and for the sake of the children he "didn't belong there".

Police said they were called by a park worker who asked them to remove the homeless man because he was a threat to the children in Gibson Park. The park has a public swimming pool and athletic fields and was being used by several dozen children attending a summer camp, some of which witnessed the shooting.

“We have anywhere from 40-60 witnesses that we have to interview, some of them being kids. This is going to be a long investigation because FDLE [Florida Dept. of Law Enforcement] have to put together all those witness statements,” Police Chief, Rodolfo Llanes told reporters.

He said the mechanics of the confrontation will not be known until the witnesses are interviewed. A reporter asked the Llanes if police officers are trained to handle things differently when in close proximity to children.

“Unfortunately officers can’t pick where the confrontation happens so officers are trained to be aware of their surroundings when they do discharge their weapons,” he concluded.

World News Today send our condolences to the family of Fritz Severe.

Was the Miami Police equipped with body cameras given the rash of police involved incidents?

Was there a witness who actually filmed the event?

Was the person who called 911 doing a "SWATTING" prank?

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