Thursday, June 18, 2015

Concern Trolls Find Some Reason To Blame The Victims!

Motives are being sought by the FBI. 

Now that we've found out the shooter is a White man, who's gonna get the blame for this?

Of course we blame the shooter. But in the junk food media, the finger points directly at President Barack Obama, the gun control advocates, the NRA and the Republicans.

Again we here at at World News Today send our condolences to those lost in this senseless tragedy.

Once again a mass shooting happens in America. Nine people lost their lives to a terrorist. A man who entered a church in Charleston, South Carolina lit up the place. He ended up killing the pastor who is an elected state senator for the state. Dylann Storm Roof is now being sought by the South Carolina Active In Manhunt taskforce and the FBI.

He was captured in rural North Carolina.

The 21 year old terrorist is being sought by the FBI for mass murder.
Republican Governor Nikki Haley, President Barack Obama and local leaders are shocked by this tragedy. What type of person would deliberately take the lives of people who wanted to peacefully worship?

Then off course the junk food media ups the ante. You may see some of your news agitators down in Charleston talking to residents saying stuff about how this event changed the narrative.

Just this week alone, we've been swarming the life of Rachel Dolezal. The previous week we've swarmed the lives of the Black teens, the three White instigators and D. Eric Casebolt in the McKinney pool controversy. The last one was the Duggars and their perv son Josh.

We've chased the shiny coin one too many times. Now it's seems to be a driven narrative.

Now of course, we've seen horrible mass shootings of the previous years and Congress once again not lifting a finger to do anything about it. They fear being force out of Congress.

The NRA is a powerful lobbying group.

And the concern trolls. They believe that if they were in a life or death situation, they would strap up and lit the place up just to kill the threat. They don't see that the hypothetical doesn't work. A gunman would never announce his presence. He would never allow you to get the best of him.

Of course, the suspect may have ties to hate groups. Big deal says the concern trolls. Black on White crime is more of threat than this twerp. The concern trolls would tried to find a tangent to this.

One said that a robbery of a white couple by a suspect who is Black is a "race crime". So as the Black suspect broke into a person's home, did he mutter hateful rhetoric towards the victims? Just asking.

I am guessing they weren't at home at the time.

Do me a big favor, let's first send our condolences to the victims of this!

I really wish that politics took a backseat.

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