Thursday, April 30, 2015

Bernie Sanders Runs With The Scissors!

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has declared his intentions to run for prez.

The progressive activist has decided the time has come to challenge the status quo. The left is not thrilled with Hillary Clinton right now. So in order to force her to the left, they'll do an "Anyone But Hillary" campaign.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has formally declared his intentions of running for the Democratic nomination. Sanders is an independent from Vermont who caucuses with the Democrats.

Sanders is officially running. There's no word of former Maryland governor Martin O'Malley and former Rhode Island governor Lincoln Chafee's formal announcements.

No real contenders in this race.

The junk food media already ignores the Stallmigos.

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) have already declared running for the Republican nomination. The junk food media already not impressed with them.

So they've taken their act to Baltimore.

Anyway, while this is great that it's not a one person race, most people aren't familiar with the senator. He comes from Vermont. Most would advocate Vermont with former governor and Democrat chairman Howard Dean.

Sanders will formally declare he's a Democrat and prepare for his launch in May.

Sanders advocates for equal pay protection, marijuana legalization, due process, the protection of the safety net, fair taxation and single payer health care (amending Obamacare).

So far there's five declared candidates in the clown car.

Are you interested in them?

The Law Says Freddie Gray's Injuries Were Staged!

So Freddie severed his spine. The law claims that he did it to himself.

Once again, we jump to conclusions. Some say this! Some say that!

Blame the suspect for his own death! That's what the Baltimore Metro Police and the agitators are trying to fuse into the minds of White America.

What you want to believe is the suspect injured himself when being transported to city lockup. This is coming from anonymous sources (i.e. the other guy who was riding with suspect).

According to the leaks, the suspect hit his head constantly.

So I guess he ground and pound the police van.

When are they going to leak to the junk food media, the pictures of blood on the van, the internment into the lockup, and the real reason to why they came.

That annoying conservative agitator was making bold claims about this case. He said that he talked to a "source" about the case.

The "source" claims that cop morale is down because of Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and this controversy. The "source" claims that he heard someone say that this case is a wrap. Freddie caused his own death.

Now you gotta love how the junk food media handles this revelation.

The actions of the MLB's Baltimore Orioles and Mayor Rawlings-Blake are being criticized by the arm chair warriors. No matter what they done or what they could have done, they're always gonna be a person bitching about how wrong it was.

The media is giving Toya Graham praise for being a mom.


Toya is a mom 24/7. She doesn't need to be reminded that. I give her praise for getting her son out of the rioting, but the junk food media is trying to exploit the situation for $$$$ and a relentless smear campaign against Toya and her city.

The mother of six told the junk food media that it's a struggle being a single mom and she didn't want her own son to become entangled in the media's obsession.

So far, we're through 48 hours since the riot and nothing for the media to obsess over.

The curfew is working and the public is trying to rebound from this.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

East Dayton Slumlords live in perfect harmony with their Slumtenants. Pa...

My Way, Your Way, Anything Goes in America's 4th Most Miserable City (Ea...

Burned out houses like this one on Torrance and unsecured houses on this street and underwater mortgages are a major reason why Dayton, Ohio was named America's 4th Most Miserable City by MSN Money.

Just Throw It In The Bag!

The picture floating around the racist websites is this picture. Some say the Black man tried to snatch a purse. Others say the White woman was trying to snatch the big handbag.

Random Musings.... A perception of the rioting in Baltimore.

The $$$$ shots are the pictures that gives them scared White folks an emotional reaction towards this event that happened on Saturday and Monday.

We don't condone rioting and looting. We don't condone yellow journalism.

CNN, Fox News (aka Loserville), MSNBC (aka Obama News), the AM dial agitators, the internet agitators and local news agitators see click bait and ratings whenever an event goes on in America.

They chase the shinny coins.

This ongoing controversy comes in wake of the Freddie Gray death. Six Baltimore officers are off the force after video showed them arresting Gray. According to some, Gray was injured and he dragged to the police van with feet dragging.

Saturday was the first round of rioting in Baltimore. Monday after they buried Gray, the second round of rioting. Both netted some costly damages and injuries.
Baltimore looters. Some are White looters. The junk food media wants to see Blacks steal from the liquor store.
What the media fails to show is the peaceful protests that happened in the 99% of the city.

The 95% of protesters who aren't out there rioting or inciting rioting are being ignored. Usually the one who don't riot are flooded with condescending remarks about labeling the rioters "thugs" or saying that the Black leaders are not doing anything to solve this.

Another thing, are white people involved in rioting too?

Of course they are! But the media won't show that because it doesn't fit their narrative of the scary Black people stealing from the liquor store.

They're not interested in that nonsense about residents cleaning up burnt homes and the CVS store.

The junk food media isn't interested in the mayor taking all the incentives to stop the rioting. Stephanie Rawlings-Blake has given the police all the resources needed to prevent more riots from happening.

The conservative agitators want President Barack Obama, Rev. Perm and Cut His Nuts Off Jackson to react or come to these areas to solve these problems. But once they shows up the same agitators complain about them being there.

But one managed to capture a picture of a Black man and White women. The picture shows that he's stealing her purse.

That was splashed on the racist right webs.

But something is being cleared up. Was the White woman the aggressor?

Some say yes. Others say no.

According to some, they said that she was a drunk who tried to run up on the Black man. The others say that it was a purse snatching.

I can't judge it. What I see is perception. That's what generates the thoughts of Black men being natural born criminals.

Mic’s Derrick Clifton wrote, “When a mob of mostly white people take to the streets, vandalizing cars, storefronts and street signs in the process it usually means someone either won or lost a game.” Drawing on an earlier piece, penned by Zak Cheney-Rice, Clifton continues: “These rioters are usually called ‘revelers,’ ‘celebrants’ and ‘fans.’ They’re not even called ‘rioters’ in many cases. They’re not derided as ‘criminals,’ ‘thugs,’ ‘pigs,’ or even ‘violent.’ Those descriptors, as events in Baltimore Monday night reveals yet again, are only reserved for black people.”

City Leaders: Fox News Has No Place In Baltimore!

The network that scares White folks with stories of Blacks looting liquor stores got put in its place by a Baltimore city council member.

I got to give it up to the Baltimore city leaders and mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake. They handled this crisis extremely well despite the arm chair warriors bitching about the outcome.

The junk food media is obsessed with this.

When White people are looting or rioting it's considered a "finding food", "revelry" or "unrest". 

When Black people are looting, it's considered a "criminal act", "(thug) motivation", and "failed (Democratic) liberal policies".

Of course, when White folks are outraged over sporting events and emotional events such as the controversy over a bunch of students standing on American flags, that's protesting.

Hence forth "BlackLivesMatter" and "IfTheyGunnedMeDown". An interesting and yes controversial acknowledgement of bias in the media. 

One city leader finally got it in while the cameras were rolling. 

Nick Mobsy is the hero of the day. He finally let it be know that it's just not here in Baltimore. He brought up the University of Kentucky Wildcat's upset in the Final Four of the NCAA-1 Basketball tournaments. No outrage or racial epithets. No junk food media or partisan agitators debating over who's fault it was when the students tore Lexington, KY up.

Matter of fact, what about Ohio State University?

When the Ohio State Buckeyes won the National Football Championship, the students and fans tore up Columbus, OH. All you heard in the media, Ohio State fans "celebrate" a year where most felt they were doomed from the start. No mentions of the damage to property after winning the title.

See the city leaders and Black community is getting fed up with the media's narrative.

The narrative is the shiny coin theory.

They want to focus on the rioting and look for the $$$$ shots.

That woman who smacked her son after he was throwing rocks at the cops.

The man who destroyed a fire hose while firefighters were trying to put out an arson.

The comments of Stephanie Rawlings-Blake saying "she allowed rioting".

This type of nonsense is click bait for them racist assholes online trolling for something to bitch about.

Nick was being interviewed by Loserville reporter Leland Vittert. He was trying his damn hardest to convince the council member from West End to admit that Rawlings-Blake failed to engage law enforcement to stop rioting.

Nick keep his head up and let it be known that it's a systematic problem that's built up for years. 

It's not because of a politics. No it's the despair of economic sorrow and a feeling of no future. The police have failed them and the politicians in Washington, DC have no interest in helping solve these controversies.

President Barack Obama, Rev. Perm and Cut His Nuts Off Jackson have talked, rallied and begged for the Black community to get its act together.

The agitators continue to attack them. Regardless. If they showed up and offer remarks, they complain. If they didn't show up or offer remarks, they complain.

Nothing is right.

President Barack Obama has the "My Brother's Keeper" initiative and it seems to be ignored by this network and the rest of the carnival barkers.

And even though, it's proven that the president's policies worked, it's not enough to solve the ongoing crisis we all face in America.

Okay here's my rant on this narrative of Black America having no hope.

It's not going to be an easy win for either contender running in the clown car. No matter who runs, they're going to be uninspiring. With all the partisan attacks from both parties on President Barack Obama, I finally figured that these politicians are doomed to repeating the mistakes.

It's feels good to talk shit while you're not in the White House. But once you get in, it's a 24/7 business. You can't escape the problems that happen here or abroad.

The junk food media follows you like a puppy. They will leave a mess whenever they come by.

They find interest in two things: ratings and click bait. They care less about the situation.

The insurgency was born on the fuel of racism, misconception, ignorance and heresy.

The three nitwits who are running for president are extremely stupid. They may think they're not, but seriously these guys are not prepared for the task.

In the wake of the riots, one senator managed to throw his two cents into an event. Didn't happen to think when he wrote his press statement, people wouldn't take notice.

When Stallmigo Rand Paul (R-KY) gave his thoughts on the riots he blamed not only the parents but Obama and the lack of morals. Not even concerned about the issues he claims Black America faces.

He's suppose to be a big supporter of reducing drug sentencing laws and criminal sentencing reform.

He is about giving Blacks an opportunity to understand what "freedom" means. This clown has no purpose other than being an agitator.

So when you decide on giving Paul a chance, look closely at his eyes. He's got snake eyes and a forked tongue. He'll strike you when you're too close.

Stallmigos Ted Cruz (R-TX) doesn't give two fucks about the Black community.

Stallmigo Marco Rubio (R-FL) acts like he's your best friend but will turn chicken at the first sign of blood.

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) doesn't get it too. He doesn't understand of Black America. He lives in 97% White Vermont. The state has little crime but it's progressive paradise.

Hillary Clinton doesn't understand either. Because her opportunistic run for president, Black America is not inspired to vote for her or the potential Democratic challenger Martin O'Malley.

This is fucked up. And it's been fucked up way before Obama. So don't play that it's Obama's fault for Black America's woes. This shit been going on since the day Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves.

We been in the back for years. We continue to be in the back.

I don't take pride in being profiled by police.

I don't like being fired from a job and the White worker is spared.

I don't like being hurt by White women when I date or fall in love with them.

I don't like institutional or educational racism in America.

I don't like White extremists trolling in the comments section.

But what I am suppose to do? Complain online and this blog!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Aw, Mom! Why You Stop Me?

Baltimore resident smacks up a rioter. The rioter is the resident's son.

The junk food media is covering (or I mean overblowing) the riots in Baltimore, MD.

There is a video of a woman (revealed as Toya Graham) laying the smack down on a rioter. It turns out that it was her son. She is getting national attention for her bold actions in the face of danger.

Matter of fact, she's getting praise from the racist right as being a "insert racial slur" taking care of her "insert racial slur".

The white extremists and the agitators on the AM dial are having a field day with this.

The words of mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake are being taken out of context. Her statement to allow "space to destroy" for rioters gotten the conservative outrage and media attention.

President Barack Obama speaks on it and as usual the conservative outrage.

Tonight there's a curfew for the entire city (not county).

Larry Hogan, Maryland's Republican governor, police commissioner Anthony Batts and Rowlings-Blake are pointing fingers at each other and also condemning the rioters. They also aimed at the media for sensationalizing an isolated incident.

As I told my father, that every time there's a riot in an urban neighborhood, the junk food media seems to grab their cameras and the agitators seem to play their "cards" right.
Stephanie Rawlings-Blake slams critics over the handling of the rioting in Baltimore.
Everything that is anything for the agitators.

Never a mention of the White people rioting after seeing a local sports team lose or win a game.

Never a mention of the White people rioting when there's an event in America.

You don't see many Black journalists on the scene. They are there but they're not getting all the attention as that Black man stealing liquor and Nike's.

That stuff doesn't suit the narrative of the racist right. If it's not Black, illegal immigrant, Muslim, scary, young, male and Obama, they would have nothing to talk about.

Last week before all this blew up, the AM agitators were screaming about "radical Islam".

What's the next bone they're going to chew on?

S. Baldwin and I have done this stuff for years. It seems like a pattern. The liberals and conservative agitators only see $$$$ whenever it comes to controversial issues.

Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus Remind The Public That There's Missing People Out There!

ABC interviews Cleveland kidnapping survivors Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus.

ABC scored the interviews of Cleveland kidnapping survivors Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus.

They reflect on the two year anniversary of their rescue from the grips of Ariel Castro, a former bus driver who kidnapped them and Michelle Knight. He held the three women in his Seymour Avenue home for 10 years.

The Cleveland Police are already under fire for the Tamir Rice shooting and the shooting of two fleeing suspects. The lack of interest in the kidnappings of these three women also drew ire.

The Anthony Sowell controversy, driven the local junk food media to the notion that these three women were killed by this serial rapist.

In May 2013, the news broke that three women escaped a home. Amanda Berry broke out of a broken door with her daughter. She would escape and tell the world that she and two other women were held captive for years.

Now trying to readjust to life, these three women became international celebrities.

Amanda and Gina releases a book today. The book titled Hope: A Memoir of Survival in Cleveland.

The book reflects on their lives being held captive by a sexually crazed manic who eluded authorities for years. A man who hid Amanda, Gina and Michelle in a well hidden home.

A man who fathered a child with Amanda and beat the crap out of Gina and Michelle when they couldn't bore his children.

Castro got sent to the iron college for LIFE. But he managed to end his life within 90 days by hanging himself by the bed sheets.

Amanda and Gina remain close. Michelle rarely talks to them and has distanced herself from them.
Michelle Knight rarely speaks to Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus since the incident.
Last year, Michelle's book Finding Me: A Decade of Darkness, a Life Reclaimed: A Memoir of the Cleveland Kidnappings was released last year.

Michelle has made appearances on ABC, Dr. Phil and Inside Edition.

They both ask the media not to ignore the other missing people who don't get the attention.

Robin Roberts will score this interview and help ABC win another night.

The night when Bruce Jenner came out as a transgender woman helped ABC score 17.3 million viewers and became the talk of the nation.

We here at Journal de la Reyna wish Amanda, Gina and Michelle the very best.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Baltimore Riots And Partisans Blame!

Those involved may face federal charges.

Riots continue in the city of Baltimore. The area where the rioting occurring is near Mondowmin.

We here at Journal de la Reyna send our prayers to those injured in this latest round of rioting.

Now the Republican governor Larry Hogan has issued the Maryland National Guard to break this up.

President Barack Obama and his team are going to monitor the situation. The White House has contacted the mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and Hogan.

The newly sworn U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch now have a major challenge on her hands.

We are experiencing the worst events in America. Black America has had enough of the mistreatment of unarmed suspects by the law. And of course, Black America has had enough of the ignorant behavior of those who are currently turning their frustrations to violence.

This ongoing controversy will be covered by me and S. Baldwin.

Freddie Gray's death has triggered a volcano of anger between the Baltimore Metro Police and the Black community. The young and even old have no hope for government, the media and the law.

Anything done is looked through the racial lens.

Despite the numerous other events in America where rioting has occurred, this is different.

When the cameras are rolling on a group of Black men and women raiding the drug store, the racist right see their gotcha moment. They look at this as "racial leftists" who cause riots and undignified behavior. The white extremists look at this as animal behavior.

This comes on the heels of a violent weekend in which agitators got into it with people in Camden Yards. Now it seems like the newest wave of violence is caused by the scary Black youth that Colin Flaherty been whining about in his blogs.

Is the conservative Craigslist covering this story by posting the most sensationalist picture?

Oh that annoying conservative agitator is going to cover this. Yeah, how can he not! He needs to blame President Barack Obama, Attorney General Loretta Lynch, Rev. Perm, Eric Holder and the Democratic mayor Stephanie Rowlings-Blake.

What about his network? It's covered and you'll probably have Bo Dietl, Mark Furhman, Jesse Lee Peterson, C.L. Bryant, Kevin Jackson, and Stacey Dash say something racist or downright stupid.

The racist right is word vomiting as I type.

They're generating every racial slur, epithet, or Obama name drop in their condescending trolling.

I know the racist right nor those who riot are not honoring Freddie Gray.

Baltimore Police: Gangs Enter Partnership to 'Take-Out' Officers...

New clashes in streets; businesses shut down...

Rioters hurl bricks...

Officers injured; one 'unresponsive'...





This doesn't surprise me about the racist right and how they view the violence. The junk food media is looking for the $$$$ shots and most graphic photos of Blacks reacting.

Gives the White folks something to cling on. Like their purse, their wallets, their blouse and their guns.

Yeah, of course the concern troll will acknowledge that some of the rioters (possibly youth) may not have a two parent home, use the safety net or live on poverty.

They don't see that it's eventually going to reach them soon. Because when the televisions are rolling and the liberal agitators monitor the outrageous nonsense from the racist right, they'll spark another match.

The problem is here. We seriously need a discussion on race in America.

Several officers were injured badly by throwing rocks and debris.
The city of Baltimore is under siege.
As you know that is assured for use of deadly force. But the police under restraint have fired tear gas and use non lethal restraints to stop the violence.

This is not the BlackLivesMatter movement. This the "Shut This Down" protest. A huge difference.

This is an agitated event in which the criminal behavior is egged on by counter protesters, outside agitators and criminals blending in the normally peaceful protest.

This comes on the heels of the domestic terrorist groups threatening law enforcement.

The Black Guerrilla Family made an uneasy alliance with The Crips and The Bloods. They warned that they will die trying if its assured they can "take out a cop".

More developments will occur.

ABC Breaking US News | US News Videos

Baltimore Police, DOJ And Homeland Security Worried About Possible Extremist Attacks!

Baltimore Police are watching for extremist activity.

The domestic terrorist groups The Bloods, The Crips and the Black Guerrilla Family formed an uneasy alliance. This alliance is calling for domestic attacks on law enforcement in the wake of Freddie Gray's death and the results from the six other high profile shootings in the past years.

These domestic terrorist groups are notorious street gangs.

The United States Justice Department and Homeland Security rank these organizations as criminal gangs that advocate drug and human trafficking. These groups recruit young men and women to commit violent acts upon individuals.

BGF is notorious street gang.
Baltimore Police already facing heavy fire for the death of Freddie Gray are now on high alert.

There's a credible threats that these groups are willing to die if they're able to "take out" law enforcement.

The FBI and local law enforcement are looking into this.

The BGF has made some news back in the hey day. A scandal in the Baltimore City Lockup got the news buzzing about a drug lord and his harem. He managed to control the BGF from the iron college.

The Big Player in the Iron College, Tavon White got through a few years of good behavior.

Unfortunately, it was not a good reason for it. Some members of the state prison where he was a resident got involved in the game. White bribed male guards and wooed female guards with luxury while he was facing time. He managed to get some of them knocked up.

Everyone that latched on White were fired and given either time in the iron college, probation or a reprieve. The reprieve meaning that they're forever banned from law enforcement and they will be watched by the law everywhere they travel.

The uneasy truce with rivals. These domestic terrorists threatened to "take out" cops.
White got 12 years in federal time out plus the 20 years of state charges. It runs the same so in terms of sentence 35 years overall.

Now he's in the federal time out for that event. And I am guessing he's watching his back as well. He snitched on the BGF. In exchange for describing the gang's operations and naming the officers involved, White will serve his 12-year sentence concurrently with the 20-year attempted murder rap he was already in for, meaning he won't do any additional time. He'll likely be transferred to a detention facility that he didn't previously control from inside.

The Department of Homeland Security not only monitors threats from international terrorism, but criminal activities from White extremists, lone wolf extremism, drug traffickers, pimps, street gangs, and cyber hackers.

All these threats are domestic terrorism in my book.
Domestic terrorists are often willing to die for their beliefs.
Today they had to bury Freddie Gray. The uproar started when a person filmed Baltimore police drag Freddie by the knees after an arrest. The law doesn't know what happened, but Freddie had a spinal injury that put him in the wooden box.

The city's mayor Stephanie Rowlings-Blake and police commissioner Anthony Batts both express patience and urge residents to avoid criminal activity.

After Saturday's fiasco, the AM agitators are already claiming that it's rampant riots and looting in Baltimore. That's not the case. It was a riot around Camden Yards.

If it was widespread riots in Baltimore, the Republican governor of Maryland, Larry Hogan would have ordered the National Guard to aid the police in order. That didn't happen. A few fist flew, a handful businesses were damaged and the media had cameras in tow.

Nothing but an isolated incident blown out of proportion by the junk food media and conservative agitators. All are guilty of inspiring these domestic terrorists to threaten police.

The conservative Craigslist and Loserville are free to express their condescending rhetoric. No one is stopping them from that. But what they're doing is no different than the individuals who rioted.

No different than the street gangs.

Could Wilberforce And Central State Be In Danger Of Closing?

Located in Xenia Township, Ohio in the census designated town of Wilberforce is two historically Black universities are on the verge of fiscal and educational disaster.

Central State University is facing fiscal programs.

Wilberforce University established in 1856 is facing not only fiscal programs but the loss of educational accreditation.

Students and facility are pretty damn pissed about the conditions of the institution. They wanted to protest the ungodly conditions and call for the cannon to fire. In that cannon, comes the president, and head student facilities manager. Students want them fired out the cannon.

The student enrollment has dropped over 15% from the last decade and it seems like nothing is changing.

Wilberforce University is trying to plug the leaks. Because if the Ohio Department of Education repeals the school's academic standings, it's toast. It will be doomed and it will likely close.

Algeania Freeman is hoping that Wilberforce will keep its glory intact despite calls for her to bounce.

The two previous presidents were disastrous. Floyd Flake and Patricia Hardaway didn't give two about the college. They spent money on their friends and allowed the university to fall apart.

A photo posted by Dimitri Bishop (@airbishop) on

Central State University is about 1/4 mile down the road. It became a college in the 1887 and has a top ranked NCAA-II football team and famous marching band.

Both that could all be wiped away when the budget comes out.

The Ohio Board of Regents and State Auditor put CSU on fiscal watch. It's in danger of being taken over by the state. It has 90 days to get its act in order.
Central State University is located in Wilberforce, Ohio about 35 miles from Dayton.
CSU president Dr. Cynthia Jackson-Hammond is dismissing the possibility and is working on trying to keep the university above the water.

In a press release statement:

“Central State University is aggressively working to improve the University’s financial balance as we recruit and retain more college-ready Ohio students. Over the past two years (FY 2013 & FY 2014), independent, external audits have confirmed sound accounting practices. Those audits contained “no qualifications,” which indicate that this institution is fiscally sound and implements quality standards of its fiscal operations. The major contributor to the decrease in Central State’s Senate Bill 6 composite score is the decline in student enrollment, which is evident at many colleges across the nation. Although the University receives on average 5,500 applications a year, many of these high potential students are plagued by their limited ability to meet the parental/family contributions required by the Federal Pell Grant Program Changes to the Federal Pell Grant Program and also the Parent Plus Loan have negatively impacted college affordability for first-generation college students. Tuition and fees represent 46 percent of the University’s revenue streams annually; thus, there is a direct correlation between student enrollment and retention and university revenue.”

CSU has seen a decrease larger than Wilberforce. It had a drop 30% in registered students.

Both are Black historical colleges. Wilberforce University is oldest institution in country.

Wilberforce University is a private, coed, liberal arts historically black university (HBCU) located in Wilberforce, Ohio. Affiliated with the African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church, it was the first college to be owned and operated by African Americans. It participates in the United Negro College Fund. It's a private university.

Central State University, commonly referred to as CSU, is a historically black university (HBCU) located in Wilberforce, Ohio, United States. Central State University is a member-school of the Thurgood Marshall College Fund. It's a public university.

Established by the state legislature in 1887 as a two-year program for normal (teacher) and industrial training, it was originally located with Wilberforce University, a four-year institution devoted to classical academic education. In 1941 the college gained a four-year curriculum, independent status in 1947, and was renamed as Central State College in 1951. With further development, it gained university status in 1965. In 2014, Central State University received designation as an 1890 Land-Grant Institution.

Ohio Man Charged At The Law! Still Alive Despite Being A Danger To Cops!

Police: Drunk teen tried to head-butt, bite officers photo
This man charged at a police officer and yet didn't get shot or physically restrained.

This guy charged at a police officer like a football player and yet he didn't get shot and killed.

Dayton, Ohio man is in the county lock up for felonious assault on a police officer. Minus the underage drinking charge, the suspect Steven Line, got some time out in the county lockup after he attempted to headbutt and bite at Dayton police officers.

The 19-year old man was apparently in his underwear and in the back of a home. He was completely knocked out. When officers tried to revive him, he gets violent.

See if the guy was probably Black or Hispanic, the law would probably have used the Taser or the service weapon to put him down.

This guy is going to face a judge on Monday.

At least he'll have drug and alcohol treatment and probably probation for the charging at an officer.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

McDonald's Announces that they are closing hundreds of stores. What impr...

Baltimore Riots And Partisans Blame!

And as usual whenever there's an issue going on in America, the partisan agitators continuously bring in the three keys to an agitated situation: race, crime, and social ills.

First and foremost, rioting is not a Black or White crime. It's a crime with no labels. There's no partisan in the uprising caused by disruptive behavior.

While everyone is entitled to their opinion, we here at Journal de la Reyna view these situations of "racial" unrest as the latest example of how the junk food media marginalize an ongoing issue of police brutality in the Black community.

What angers me is that President Barack Obama, the civil rights leaders, the Black community are talking about Black crime, better relations with the law, the social ills and unequal treatment.

This doesn't suit the junk food media's narrative. The racist right ignores My Brother's Keeper Incentive and the speeches by the pinatas Rev. Perm and Cut His Nuts Off Jackson.

Black crime is a gold mine for the junk food media. Ratings, click bait or agitation is considered $$$$ to the junk food media.

So when you hear the agitators on television, radio and the blogs blame Obama, Blacks leaders and the Democratic Party for society's ills, ignore them. Keep protesting and continue to boycott injustice.

We know that talk radio and the conservative blogs are racist. No need to explain to us what they're about.
Matthew Boyle, the racial agitator from Breitfart.

They sit in the comfort of their homes and are unaware of the events that lead to this.

No one wants to see their family member killed by law enforcement. Those in law enforcement are suppose to protect the communities they serve. No one is above the law.

The law can lie when they do a pull over, an issuing of a citation, an arrest, a search of your home, vehicle or properties. The law can lie when discharging their service weapon or use of force in restraining a suspect.

Some in law enforcement are good, hard working and willing to fight for their communities. There are some who look at criminals in the color lens and choose to be an enforcer instead of a protector.

The concern trolls and the racist ass clowns that follow the conservative Craigslist saw the images of protesters in Baltimore, and some rioters who toss trash cans into police cars.

This will assure talk on the AM dial, Loserville and online blogs.
Watch the hook.
This is what the racist right does. The isolated incidents of rioting near Camden Fields during a "Shut This Down" protest is now a BlackLivesMatter event.

The incidents happened during the home game for the Baltimore Orioles. The event crew asked people to stay in their seats until the incident ceased.

On Breitfart, the obvious:


This is Matthew Boyle's glowing headline from the link.

Like I've said before, you don't see glaring headlines: WAR ZONE LEXINGTON ERUPTS INTO VIOLENCE, CHAOS AS #UKWILDCATS RIOTS RAGE.

This year, the Wildcats of the University of Kentucky were defeated by Badgers of the University of Wisconsin in the NCAA-1 Finals and the college went into a riot. Lexington Police were dispatched to areas around the college town to contain the crowds. Property was destroyed, people were not seriously injured and it cost money for damages and police overtime.
This was near the Baltimore Orioles night game. Protesters vowed to interrupt the game. Some fans probably stroked tension by saying something racially insensitive towards protesters. That sparked a riot.
No mentions of Barack Obama, race or criminal behavior by the likes of Matthew Boyle and the conservative Craigslist.

The first chunk of this:

Racial protests supposed to be peaceful quickly turned into violent riots on Saturday evening, closing down the city of Baltimore for some time—and creating a panic for thousands of people as just 50 miles away elites in Washington partied with President Barack Obama at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

What does President Barack Obama have to do with this?

Obviously the president has a daily schedule and he's notified about this way before you went into your little race hit piece.
Freddie Gray's sister Fredricka calls for calm. Baltimore's mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake in the far right.
I remember that the racist right made a fuzz at the White House Correspondents' Dinner in 2011. The conservatives were all pissed about the president partying with the media, the Ron and Rand Paul jokes and the diss on Loserville. Yeah those were good times.

The president sat with a straight face as the comedian Seth Meyers said that the president wasted time on finding Osama bin Laden. People were shocked and surprised that the next day Obama announced the apprehension (killing) of Osama bin Laden.

The president shut the conservatives up for at least a few days. But it was back to business after the news shifted to something shiny.

This is no different. Black protesters according to the racist right are criminals inspired by the anti-cop, anti-White rhetoric from the president, Attorney General Loretta Lynch, former Attorney General Eric Holder, New York mayor Bill de Blasio, Rev. Perm and Cut His Nuts Off Jackson.

Anytime there's an injustice in the Black community, the racist right continues to see this as overreaction to a situation they have no business knowing. The only proof of police brutality in the minds of conservatives is video proof. For all they know, the unarmed Black suspects are criminals who deserved their fate.

The Department of Justice is already investigating Baltimore Metro Police under the given permission of the mayor and police commissioner.

City mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and Baltimore Metro Police Commissioner Anthony Batts condemn the violence by those who wanted to cause trouble. They understand the protests.

They welcome an investigation into police, criminal gangs, and subjective racial profiling.

Baltimore's population is 622, 114 as of 2013 with a 67% Black population.

This is not the Black Lives Matter movement. This is rioting. This is disruptive behavior based on a controversial incident in which Baltimore police killed Freddie Gray.

The protesters gave a heads up to this "Shut This Down" protest. I am guessing what sparked the riot were the drunk White guys at the bar shouting at the protesters about Michael Brown or Trayvon Martin. Usually counter protesters agitate a riot by saying alleged racial remarks.

The Orioles game was a part of this rolling boycott. The protesters were going to interrupt the game.
Near Camden Fields, protester throws a barrier fence. The Gateway Pundit sees the BlackLivesMatter hoodie. Yeah this is the same guy who threw the punch at the sports bar.
I wouldn't be surprised that Boyle instigated the rioting. He claim he was there when it occurred.

Freddie Gray's sister Fredricka told the public that you're not honoring her brother by rioting.

This is the twin sister of 25 year old Freddie Gray.

 Last week, six Baltimore officers are off the beat after a video surfaced showing Freddie Gray being dragged by the feet after an arrest. The officers waited too long after it was revealed that he sustained a major injury on his neck. That spinal injury had him in the hospital and later in the wooden box.

The Baltimore officers claim that he struggled with them. But if it wasn't for them pesky camera phones, they would have gotten away with this lie.

There was some form of restraint or excessive force used on Freddie.

There's an investigation into this matter and we here at Journal de la Reyna will continue to follow developments in this story.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Conservative Outrage Over Wright State University Students Stomping On Ol' Glory!

The Black Lives Matters movement has generated a White man's protest against police brutality.

This man's pissed that the officer in fatal shooting of John Crawford III walked free and the many other high profile shootings that happened across the nation.

For that he steps on the American flag. And set off a firestorm of controversy.

On top of that, he's gotten death threats and attracted the local junk food media. Once it goes viral, expect Loserville, the conservative agitators and the clown car to talk about it.

Wright State University will have some flack from the conservative agitators. Especially the ones who serve in military. Wright State University is located close to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

Both are located six miles from Dayton, Ohio.

"My first thought was no he is not standing on an American flag," said Sarah Weaver, a WSU student with a husband who served in the military, "There was a group of veterans standing across from him and I was waiting for things to get ugly."
Man stands on the American flag. The protest is against police brutality 
Wright State Spokesperson Seth Baugess said it was unclear if the protester was an active student at the university.

The protester's sign read:
"I stand...
-With Eric Shappard and the preservation of 1st Amendment rights
-For all men and woman in service to this country
-For the accountability of media and other social institutions
-Justice, equity, tolerance, and diversity
-Upon the belief higher learning should provoke students to question social norms, mainstream values, and power structures
-The 'American" spirit, is a revolutionary spirit
-On the American flag because there's nothing more American than that!

"You have that initial emotional outburst, I was like hey, you know, a couple bad words, I was really upset," said Nick Cassel, a Navy Corpsman who served in Afghanistan but now attends the university.

"I agree with a lot of issues he had," Cassel said, "I'm all about free-speech, I'm all about the right to assemble, I think that's the most important thing we have and that's the thing I thought for over there, but the way he was doing it was not the proper way to do it on a veteran campus right next to the Air Force Base."

"I guess for him to disrespect the very simple that gives him the right to his free speech was very disrespectful to me," said veteran Brian Chriswell, who witnessed the protest during a lunch break with his wife and Wright State student Emily.

Campus police came during the protest to prevent a fight but did not make any arrests.

"I remembered what we learned in class people are allowed to stand on the American flag it's technically protected freedom of speech," said Sarah Weaver.

Cassel said he engaged in what he called a healthy debate with the protestor, and was thankful it remained mostly peaceful except for the verbal disagreements.

"The symbolism I attach to the flag is you know my dead friends," Cassel said, "He didn't associate the flag that way he associated it with a corrupt government, things like that and that's when he was stepping on it and that's when we bashed heads."

When the protest was over, Cassel recovered the flag and said he planned to keep it through the weekend before turning it in to the campus Veteran's Center, "Just to let it know that someone cares about it," he explained.

Robert Champion's Death In FAMU Band Hazing Will Have Former Bandmates Heading To The Iron College!

The Florida courts rule in the death of Robert Champion.

Robert Champion's death in a hazing incident led to some of the band members tapping license plates.

Back in the 2011, Champion a drum major who attended Florida A&M was given a serious beat down on a charter bus. When they tried to wake him up, they found Champion unconscious.

He collapsed after undergoing a ritual referred to as "the gauntlet", in which band members must walk from the front of the bus to the back while other band members kick, punch, and hit him with straps, drum sticks and other objects. Fellow band members told detectives that the ritual is required in order to be considered for leadership positions.

His family considered it to be a hate crime because they believed (or assured) their son was gay.

It took a few hours in the courtroom to find some of the 15 members guilty of manslaughter.

That charge alone could land the guilty in the iron college for 5 to 20 years.

The AP reports the jurors left the courtroom around 3:50 p.m. to being deliberating, following closing arguments and jury instructions Friday.

In his closings, a prosecutor said the three remaining defendants on trial for the hazing death of a Florida A&M drum major didn't beat him because they disliked him but because it was tradition.

A total of 15 defendants were charged originally, but most took plea deals.

State Attorney Jeff Ashton said Friday during closing arguments that Robert Champion's death was the result of a hazing tradition that was ingrained in the school's famed band.

Closing arguments were delayed after Ashton wanted to find out if jurors were influenced by the sight of two defendants praying outside the courtroom.

Five of the six jurors said they saw Aaron Golson and Benjamin McNamee praying.

Judge Renee Roche questioned the jurors but no one said it would influence them.

McNamee, Golson and Darryl Cearnel are the final three defendants charged with manslaughter and hazing in Champion's death.

Champion's beating death aboard a band bus parked outside an Orlando hotel after a football game exposed a culture of hazing within the school's famed band.

The medical examiner testified Thursday morning. She told the court how the hazing ritual killed FAMU drum major Robert Champion.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Pregnant Woman Fired Out The Cannon After Employer Wanted Her To Pay The Armed Robber's Loot!

Good food Bayou. The New Orleans based Popeye's is doing damage control after one of its franchises fired a pregnant woman after she was told to payback the loot a robber stole.

Popeye's Chicken & Biscuits are company owned and franchised. The one that fired a woman out of the canon after an armed robbery was franchised. The controversy in suburban Houston managed to make the news.

A pregnant woman was told to pay up the loot after she was robbed at gunpoint at a Channelview Popeye's. According to her, her managers wanted her to fork up the $$$ after she was held up.

She refused and a few days later, she got fired out the cannon. Now she's telling her story to the junk food media and the public is none too happy about it.

Yeah, I understand that no one wants to be a part of an armed robbery. The victims are usually traumatized once they see the silver revolver in their face.

Yeah, companies may have the right to fire you based on work performance.

Obviously, most employers that have register operators tell them to keep it short. Because if you have more than $200 in your register, you're inviting yourself to an armed robbery.

Register operators are often naive on the rule. Say it was a busy day, they were holding a whole lot of $5s and $10s in their register but eliminated the larger denominations. Rather than keep it low, they keep enough of the smaller bills. So if you have over $200 in smaller bills, you're still giving an opportunity to a robber. You could get fired for it.
Marissa Holcomb got fired out the cannon after she got the silver in her face. Her bosses wanted her to payback the loot and she refused to comply.
Understanding that having too much money in your register automatically assures that you not focused on the safety of you and the liability of the company. They understand you were robbed but if you gave them a reason to be robbed, then they focus on your responsibilities as register operator.

It's not fair but it's a part of the economic food chain in capitalism.

Marissa Holcomb was the evening manager at Popeye's when the sliver was pointed in her face during a busy March 31 sales period.

Holcomb, who is a mother of three with a fourth child on the way, had a meeting with Z & H Foods owner Amin Dhanani on Wednesday, a day after our original story aired of her firing.

"He just apologized and pretty much offered me if I wanted to go back to his business and work there again," she said.

Dhanani argued she was fired because she broke policy multiple times by leaving too much money in the register.

Holcomb argued it was a busy Tuesday when they offer a 2-piece chicken meal for $1.19 and she moved money as fast as she could.

The unidentified robber got away with nearly $400.

Will Marisa take the job back?

Of course, this controversy managed to put Popeye's in a negative light. Usually most companies don't like the negative publicity coming from the social media when it comes to a social ill (i.e women, minorities and the disabled).

Two Women Wearing Hijabs Were Thrown Out Of The Real!

The Real talk show cast.jpg
It got real ugly on The Real. 

The Real is a daytime syndication show that features Tamara Mowry-Housley, Adrienne Bailon, Tamar Braxton, Loni Love and Jeannie Mai.

The Real is on BET during the nights, Fox and CW-owned television stations during its normal run.

The show is similar to juggernauts The View and The Talk.

The five host talk about issues that involve pop culture, politics, women's issues and family.

Warner Bros. Distribution owns the rights to the show.

According to the Council on American-Islamic Relations, two women who were watching a taping of The Real were told to move out of their seats after complaints from Mowry-Housley.

The Raw Story and Addicting Info obtained information about the controversy.

The women were allegedly asked to sit off-camera during a taping of the daytime show The Real in Los Angeles this past February. CAIR’s Los Angeles office said in a statement that, while the women complied with the request, the studio had no legal authority to enact such a rule.

“No studio should maintain such a discriminatory policy that prohibits people wearing religious head coverings from being seen in its studio audiences,” said Fatima Dadabhoy, a civil rights attorney for the group. “It’s especially baffling that this particular show would want to hide their visibly-Muslim viewers, when the show purports to cater to a wide-ranging audience with its diverse cast.”

CAIR’s statement also highlighted a remark from one of the show’s hosts, Tamera Mowry-Housley, gushing about the show’s diverse outlook.

“I love to be traditional and just because you are conservative or a traditional person doesn't mean you have to be boring!,” she said on the show’s website. “The greatest thing about America is its diversity and this show reflects that diversity. No matter who you are, there is someone at this table that will be speaking for you.”
Tamara Mowery-Housley's husband is a Loserville host and contributor.
Dadabhoy’s group said it filed a complaint late last week with the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing. But according to the Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. was not aware of the incident and never received a copy of CAIR’s complaint.

“Warner Bros. policy is to welcome everyone and anyone into our studio audience,” the studio said in a separate statement. “The Real is a show that was created to represent and celebrate diversity. We take this inquiry seriously and are looking into the matter.”

Tamara and her sister Tia Mowry-Hardict are the famed Mowry twins. They are very close at most things. Politics is not one of them.

Mowry-Housely is married to Loserville radio host and contributor Adam Housley.
Hani Khan's case against the clothing company Abercrombie & Fitch is in the Supreme Court. She was fired after she failed to obey "The Look" and she took them to court. The decision is coming.
The Housleys got some heat after she revealed that she's a Black Republican and endorsed perennial loser Mitt Romney for president. Housley and his wife have received backlash on social media for their marriage, largely focusing on their interracial relationship and also because of his position at Loserville. He has aggressively defended his wife and family with some harsh words for those who levy racially-charged insults.

In one response he said, “The fact that in this day and age, we get attacked for our interracial relationship is beyond sad…it is pathetic. Yes I am white. Yes she is half black. Marrying a white man does not erase her color and marrying a woman who is half black does not mean I am blinded. The problem isn't pigmentation…the problem is backwards, bigoted thought from people who should know better.

I guess Adam got into Tamara's head that Muslims are "Oh so scary" and the repeated talking point about "radical Islam" in our country.

Tamara had a fit and told producers to get rid of them. Only accusations and not proven fact. But due to her political standings on issues, it's likely fact.

Hannity Disrespects CAIR Representative!

The country's worst cable news host gets combative with the lawyer of a family seeking information on woman who may have left the United States to join the Islamic State terrorist group.

Mediaite is right, this annoying conservative agitator's program is by far the worst cable news show to ever be on. To be quite frank with you, he's so annoying, you have to change the channel whenever you listen or watch him.

He and that old fart are so controversial, many national brands avoid them. When that old fart attacked Sandra Fluke on radio, he put a big dent in his well protected armor. Many activists force a boycott on him, this annoying agitator and Glenn Beck. The activists succeeded in getting many brands (i.e. Walmart, GM, McDonald's, U.S. Army, etc.). 

The activists are trying to have them pulled from Armed Forces Radio.

Since 2012, the iHeart Media Group is trying to save grace. They know that it's costing a whole lot of $$$$$ to keep these two agitators on. I mean seriously, talk radio is thriving in the Obama years, but its not making money and that's what's killing it.

Chief Roger had a damn good reason to demote this clown to the 10pm slot. His show is too bland.

There's nothing but screaming and vicious name calling on this right wing carnival. The agitator can't even go a day without name dropping President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and everyone who's pissed him off in some way.
Hoda Muthana gave up everything. She fell in love with a man who may have ties to the Islamic State.
The agitator is a walking, talking, word vomit. You have to scoop up enough of it before you lose your lunch.

On occasions, since I am so thankful I have no cable, I often get the opportunity to view this garbage on Mediaite and YouTube.

The moron was talking about the evil "radical Islam" and this American woman who left her home in Alabama to join the Islamic State.

The family of Hoda Muthana are desperately search for their daughter. They pray that she didn't fall in love with a man who may have been inspired by the extremist group.

The Council on American–Islamic Relations (CAIR) is a Muslim civil liberties advocacy organization that deals with civil advocacy. It is headquartered on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., with regional offices nationwide. CAIR is a civil rights group. Their job is monitor extremism from those who may get involved into terrorism. They also monitor hate crimes upon Muslims and all practicing faiths (inspired right wing extremism).

CAIR is very familiar with that guy. 

Through media relations, lobbying, and education, CAIR presents an Islamic perspective on issues of importance to the American public, and seeks to empower the American Muslim community and encourage its social and political activism. Annual banquets, through which CAIR raises the majority of its funds, are attended by American politicians, statesmen, interfaith leaders, activists and media personalities.

Critics of CAIR consider it to be pursuing an extreme Islamic agenda.

In 2007 the organization was named, along with 245 others, by U.S. Federal prosecutors in a list of unindicted co-conspirators and/or joint venturers in a Hamas funding case involving the Holy Land Foundation, which in 2009 caused the FBI to cease working with CAIR outside of criminal investigations due to its designation.
The junk food media spooks Americans into believing a handful of men are more dangerous than a natural disaster.
CAIR was never charged with any crime, and it complained that the designation had tarnished its reputation. Following a motion from CAIR and other groups, a federal appeals court sealed the list on October 20, 2010, ruling the designation violated the group's rights and was the result of "simply an untested allegation of the Government, made in anticipation of a possible evidentiary dispute that never came to pass."

CAIR has been criticized numerous times by various officials and organizations. The organization was criticized as pursuing an extremist Islamist agenda, and putting out propaganda.

It has been listed as a terrorist group by the United Arab Emirates.

Hassan Shibly, the executive director of CAIR Florida, was on that right wing carnvial to talk about his representation of the family of Alabama college student Hoda Muthana, who left the U.S. to join ISIS and did an exclusive interview with BuzzFeed. 

Shibly said the family is horrified by how she’s now surrounded by an “extremist violent gang of monsters.”

That annoying conservative agitator repeatedly pressed Shibly on why CAIR’s involved and called them a controversial group. Shibly told him to stop changing the subject, and he said, “I’ll ask any question I want, this is my show.”

But it got even more heated when that annoying conservative agitator asked Shibly if Hamas is a terrorist organization. Shibly got annoyed with the fool, and kept saying this is not what he came on to discuss.

As that annoying conservative agitator appeared to wrap up the interview, Shibly said, “Shame on you for just asking every Muslim what he thinks of terrorist organizations.”

Truly another pain inducing interview in which a real serious issue becomes a shouting match.

That annoying agitator doesn't give two fucks about that young woman. All he cares about is trying to expose "radical Islam" and attack President Barack Obama for not saying it.

So are you preparing for the cancellation?

I betcha that he'll be there until 2016. If his show contributes to a Democrat getting elected, he's going to be flying right out of the tent of Loserville studios. The cannon is ready to fire.

Will he be a part of the act?

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Tulsa's Barney Fife Got A "Get Out Free" Card To Travel To The Bahamas!

Robert Bates wants to celebrate the last moments of his freedom by taking a trip out of the country. Will he come back?

Robert Bates, the reserve deputy who shot an unarmed suspect with his firearm thinking he deployed a Taser is out on bail and he's thinking about escaping to a place where he may feel a little heat.

A paradise. The island nation of the Bahamas is where Bates is hoping to take a vacation to while he's awaiting a second degree manslaughter trial.

The family of Eric Harris is none too happy about this news.

Bates' lawyers told the judge that Bates, a reserve deputy with the Tulsa County sheriff's office, and his family planned to take their previously planned vacation ahead of his next court date in July.

"It's really not an issue," Corbin Brewster, one of Bates' attorneys, said in an interview after the hearing.

Harris' family criticized the trip, saying it sends a message "of apathy with respect to the shooting and Eric's life."

"At a time when we are still mourning the death of a loved one that he shot down in the street, Mr. Bates will be relaxing and enjoying his wealth and privilege," the family said in a statement released Tuesday.

They want this guy's restrictions either in the county lockup or watching the Bahamas on television.

Because if he could get out on a minimum bond, then the perception of White privilege and favoritism comes to mind.

What if he eludes custody? If he's a flight risk and he manages to escape authorities to a nation that doesn't extradite criminals back to the United States, what will they do now?
Eric Harris (right) was killed after Bates, a reserve deputy shot him. Harris was unarmed at apprehension.
Bates is good buddies with the Tulsa County sheriff and Tulsa Metro police. He personally knows the Sheriff of the Tulsa County.

He plead not guilty and he's decided to promise to return back to court once he gets his vacation over with.

CBS News reports that Bates was charged after the sheriff's office released video of the shooting, in which Bates is overheard apologizing for shooting the suspect.

Harris' family has questioned whether Bates was qualified to conduct police work. Their attorneys allege that the Tulsa County Sheriff's Office violated several of its own policies by not keeping a permanent record of Bates' certifications and allowing him to carry his personal handgun after training on another weapon.

But Sheriff Stanley Glanz said Bates - his longtime insurance agent and former campaign manager - had been properly trained and passed annual firearms certifications required by the state.

Bates, who sold his insurance business for $6 million in 1999, was trained to be a Tulsa Police Department patrolman in 1964, but he left the department in 1965.

He was out of law enforcement for 35 years before returning for volunteer work in Florida in 2000, and the Tulsa County force in 2008. Bates also made several donations to the Tulsa County sheriff's office, and was Glanz' campaign manager during the 2012 election.

On Monday, Glanz said he's known Bates for about 25 years and said that at one time, the two had traveled to the Bahamas together with other colleagues.

Loretta Lynch Finally Got A Vote!

About damn time. The Senate confirms U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

We can finally have a replacement. Eric Holder will finally retire. Holder was a scourge of the Republicans and his departure will not be missed among them.

Republicans now will have a new scourge. The first Black woman to be appointed the U.S. Attorney General is confirmed finally after 5 months of waiting. With partisan trickery, Mitch The Majority Turtle (R-KY) finally got the ball rolling on this.

Over 166 days. A damn shame.

But in the minds of Republicans, it's payback.

Then majority leader Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) pushed the nuclear option. It ended the filibuster rule when it came to nominees who were stalled by senators who refused to vote on confirmation.

He tried to do a gesture of goodwill by allowing the new Congress to take up the Lynch vote. He made a grave mistake.
What will the Majority Leader stall next?
The Turtle vowed to get back at the president and Reid by stalling legislation and nominees. He knows that in the few years left of President Barack Obama's term, more controversial bills, a federal judge appointment or Supreme Court justice could become an issue. He'll run the clock out at his own peril.

Lynch was a relatively safe choice. But to the racist right, she's a radical Black racist.

Lynch was confirmed by the Senate by a 56-43 vote, making her the first African-American woman to serve in this position.

Despite the partisan bitching from the agitators, Lynch did sail through the needed votes.

Nine Republicans and the Turtle finally got Lynch confirmed.

Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-NH)
Sen. Rob Portman (R-OH)
Sen. Mark Kirk (R-IL)
Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ)
Sen. Thad Cochran (R-MS)
Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT)
Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME)
Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI)
Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC)

Now who's up for reelection are Ayotte, Kirk, Johnson and Portman. They are going to be top priority for the Democrats. The Democrats have a chance in Illinois and Wisconsin. But the other two are going to be pretty damn difficult.

The whining began when Lynch agreed with the president over his executive order. The executive order was to grant illegal immigrants living in the country for five years to get a reprieve.

Those three nitwits (aka The Stallmigos) along with Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) voted against Lynch.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) either voted against or didn't show up for the vote. Worthless politicos.

Can't wait to see what happens if one of these nitwits become president. The Democrats are going to make them suffer.

American Lives Lost In Killing Of Adam Gadahn!

Adam Gadahn was killed in a drone strike in Pakistan. His death marks a blow to al Qaeda. The American born extremist was an unlikely target. But in the quest to capture him, the U.S. admits two civilians died in this.

The news is that American born al Qaeda terrorists were killed in a CIA-drone strike in Pakistan. In the causalities, comes an American and Italian humanitarian workers.

President Barack Obama announced the capture of American led al Qaeda spokesman Adam Gadahn and Ahmed Farouq were killed in separate drone strikes. But that drone strike led to the deaths of innocent civilians.

The president acknowledged failure on his part and he wants to get to the bottom of the reckless call.

Ahmed Farouq was killed in drone strkie.
A great day in the fight against extremism but unfortunately a debate into targeted killings, Americans being targeted in the fight against terrorism and habeas corpus.

The White House said that Warren Weinstein, an American held by al Qaeda since 2011, and Giovanni Lo Porto, an Italian held since 2012, were killed in a January operation in the border region of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The operation targeted an al Qaeda-associated compound and there was no reason to believe either hostage was present, the White House said.

The White House said Farouq and Gadhan were not specifically targeted in the operations, nor did the U.S. have information indicating their presence at the sites.

President Barack Obama was to appear in the White House briefing room at mid morning to make a statement on the incidents.

The White House said Obama takes "full responsibility for these operations and believes it is important to provide the American people with as much information as possible about our counterterrorism operations, particularly when they take the lives of fellow citizens. "

The White House said that while it believes the operations were lawful, the U.S. is conducting an independent review to understand what happened.

The White House released a statement Thursday morning:

It is with tremendous sorrow that we recently concluded that a U.S. Government counterterrorism operation in January killed two innocent hostages held by al-Qa’ida. Our hearts go out to the families of Dr. Warren Weinstein, an American held by al-Qa’ida since 2011, and Giovanni Lo Porto, an Italian national who had been an al-Qa’ida hostage since 2012. Analysis of all available information has led the Intelligence Community to judge with high confidence that the operation accidentally killed both hostages. The operation targeted an al-Qa’ida-associated compound, where we had no reason to believe either hostage was present, located in the border region of Afghanistan and Pakistan. No words can fully express our regret over this terrible tragedy.

Obama noted he had spoken with both Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and the wife of Weinstein about the deaths.
The CIA and President Barack Obama confirms that two Western hostages were killed in their pursuit of Adam Gadahn.
"As a husband and as a father, I cannot begin to imagine the anguish that the Weinstein and Lo Porto families are feeling today," Obama said.

"I know there's nothing I can ever say or do to ease their heartache," he added.

Two other Americans who were working with al Qaeda were also recently killed in the same region, according to the White House. Ahmed Farouq, an American who was an al Qaeda leader, was killed in the same operation that took the lives of Weinstein and Lo Porto, while American Adam Gadahn, a member of al Qaeda, was killed in a separate operation in January. The White House said the two were not specifically targeted and counterterrorism officials "did not have information indicating their presence at the sites of these operations."

The Wall Street Journal reports this is the first known instance in which the U.S. has accidentally killed hostages in a drone strike.

"No words can fully express our regret over this terrible tragedy," White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said in a statement.

Obama defended U.S. counterterrorism operations in his remarks Thursday, saying the strikes occurred after "hundreds of hours of surveillance" had been conducted. He noted "it is a cruel and bitter truth that in the fog of war generally, and in our fight against terrorists specifically, mistakes...can occur."
President Barack Obama is not happy about today's news that an al Qaeda operative was put down at the cost of two innocent lives.
After Obama gave his remarks, Weinstein's wife released a statement on behalf of the family condemning the "cowardly actions of those who took Warren captive" and expressing disappointment in the U.S. government.

“I want to thank Congressman John Delaney, Senator Barbara Mikulski, and Senator Ben Cardin – as well as specific officials from the Federal Bureau of Investigation – for their relentless efforts to free my husband.” Elaine Weinstein said. “Unfortunately, the assistance we received from other elements of the U.S. Government was inconsistent and disappointing over the course of three and a half years. We hope that my husband’s death and the others who have faced similar tragedies in recent months will finally prompt the U.S. Government to take its responsibilities seriously and establish a coordinated and consistent approach to supporting hostages and their families.”

We here at Journal de la Reyna send our condolences to Warren Weinstein and Giovanni Lo Porto.

We don't advocate extremism. But to get an understanding of Gadahn, watch him explain his mission to fight against the United States. He demands that Muslims take arms and fight. Even in his death, he spoke of more strategic attacks. 

Adam Yahiye Gadahn (Arabic: آدم يحيى غدن‎, Ādam Yaḥyā Ghadan; September 1, 1978 – January 2015) was an American senior operative, cultural interpreter, spokesman and media advisor for the Islamist group al-Qaeda. Since 2004, he had appeared in a number of videos produced by al-Qaeda as "Azzam the American."

Gadahn, who converted to Islam in 1995 at a California mosque, was described as "homegrown," meaning that he had converted to an ideology so firmly that he was willing to harm his country of origin.

American intelligence officials allege that he inspired the 2007 Osama bin Laden video.

In 2004, he was added to the FBI Seeking Information – War on Terrorism list. On October 11, 2006 he was removed from that list, and placed on the Bureau of Diplomatic Security Rewards for Justice Program list of wanted criminals.On the same day, Gadahn was indicted based on the testimony of the FBI case agent E. J. Hilbert II, in the Southern Division of the United States District Court for the Central District of California by a federal grand jury for the capital crime of treason for aiding an enemy of the United States, i.e., al-Qaeda.

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