Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Yearly Wrap-Up!

A new year.

Meh, I would say this has been one year to look upon as decent at best. I only work one job right now. Back in October, I was let go from a high paying job and now working at the job I come to respect somewhat. Of course, I haven't left my duties as a contributor. I want to keep the readers and our supporters interested in our blog.

We here at Journal de la Reyna covered a lot and hopefully will aid our readers into 2015 with a better outlook ahead.

Overall I reflect on the stories.

Republicans take control of Congress.

Joni Ernst became the winner of the year. This controversial politico once did hog castration. She won the seat by retiring Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA). She was aided by the insurgency and radio host Laura Ingraham. Some claim that she'll be more a problem than Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX).

Scott Brown is thought to be a presidential contender in 2016. But this loss in the New Hampshire senate race became a major setback may eventually wipe him off the political watchlist.

Barack Obama despite a setback in his agenda, he is looking for a fight. He hopes the public will finally acknowledge his policies are working.

Mitch McConnell is the most dirtiest politician to ever be in Washington. Beat the Democrat who claimed that she didn't even vote for Obama. Alison Lundergen Grimes was one of McConnell's toughest opponents. Why the hell she got beaten so badly? First Grimes denounce the president. That got her funds pulled. Then Mitch seized on her comments about how coal workers are poor and clueless. She was inconsistent on issues. Kentucky was always a Republican hold. No question. They don't like Mitch, but they'll have him over a Democrat who can't figure where they stand. Even Bill Clinton, a favorite among Kentuckians couldn't save this train wreck. That might spell trouble for Hillary Clinton if she was to wade her way into the Deep South. Big problem. Mitch got aided by the establishment and insurgency. Even though that former Alaskan governor hates his guts, she rather have McConnell than Harry Reid as Majority Leader.
Controversial comic featuring John Crawford, Eric Garner, Michael Brown and Tamir Rice.
Mary Landrieu been a senator for three terms. Her term ended and left the Democrats without a senator in the Deep South. Running away from the president cost her dearly. Or it could have been the white resentment stroked by the insurgency. The insurgency didn't like how she was telling the junk food media that her constituents had issues with the first black president. Representatives Bill Cassidy (R-LA) and Tom Cotton (R-AR) will leave the House for the U.S. Senate. Cotton beat Mark Pryor in Arkansas.

Already the Republicans got into some deep shit. New York Republican Michael Grimm was found guilty in a corruption charge and Louisiana Republican Steve Scalise admits that he went to conference being held by White extremists.

Ray Rice knocking his wife out was the talk of the sports world. In Atlantic City, Rice and then his fiance got into a heated fight and cameras focus on him knocking her out. Rice admitted he told Roger Goodell what happened. Rice was suspended indefinitely. He is fighting to keep his job.

Michael Sam the first openly gay football star who got sacked before even stepping on the field. The former University of Missouri football player was a top of his game. He was voted with high marks among the scouts and fans. He took a nosedive after making a public admission. He came out to ESPN and the media went totally bananas. They were wondering if there's a possibility of gay football star could be ever possible.
Senator Joni Ernst (R-IA)
Adrian Peterson was caught in a scandal too. He was suspended after it was revealed that he beat his son with a switch. A switch is a piece of a tree limb that people use to spank their child. Peterson was benched for most of the season.  Peterson had pleaded no contest to the misdemeanor charge of recklessly assaulting his four-year-old son. He will avoid a jail sentence after reaching a plea agreement with a court in Texas. He fought back in court and is granted free agent status.

Sam with no team or no contract is now on the media circuit complaining about how the NFL creates this standard to allow wife beaters, child beaters play but not gay men.

Jonathon Dwyer was booked into jail on one count of aggravated assault causing a fracture, one count of aggravated assault involving a minor, two counts of criminal damage, one count of preventing the use of a phone in an emergency, and assault. He was freed the next morning on a $25,000 cash bond and ordered to wear an electronic monitoring device.

Michael Brown, John Crawford, Renisha McBride, Tamir Rice, Darrien Hunt, Eric Garner paid the price for being unarmed Black citizens being murdered by the law or a vigilante.

Okay, we're seen the convictions of two. The shooter of Jordan Davis, Michael Dunn get life in the iron college. Then Theodore Wafer was given three nickels in the iron college for the death of Renisha McBride.

Donald Sterling, Bill Cosby, Rickey Wagoner, Sean Hannity, Matt Drudge, Suge Knight, Cliven Bundy, Charles C. Johnson, and Sony were some of the most controversial figures of the year.

Donald Sterling
Okay, I know that America's most hate individual is probably Donald Sterling. But what about Ray Rice, Darren Wilson, Bill Cosby or Suge Knight?

You guest it. They're on the list of this year's hot mess.

The former owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, Donald Sterling was caught on tape saying some nasty and outright racist things about Blacks attending his games. You got to admit that he was set up by a gold digger. That hot mess was forced out of the NBA, he was forced to sell the Clippers and he was banned for life after this fiasco. This also brought shame to the former owner of the Atlanta Hawks. He wrote an email to the staff saying some pretty bad things about Blacks too.

Them skeletons came out the closet. Bill Cosby, America's favorite father figure and perennial complainer of the Black community is seeing his legacy fall upon him. He's been accused raping numerous women. These women claimed that Cosby mentored them through their acting careers.

Cliven Bundy is the Nevada rancher who caused such an uproar. The rancher squared off with the federal government after he was warned to pay his dues. He got major airtime on Fox News and other right wing outlets after this uproar. In a interview with NPR and later the Associated Press, Bundy would make racially charged statements about Black people.

Suge Knight may see bars again. The former CEO of Death Row Records was injured at a Chris Brown party. He was shot by an assailant and was treated for his injuries. Just a few months later, he and comedian Katt Williams got caught up attacking a woman. Now he could be spending the rest of his life in the iron college after violating his parole. Is he going to blame Dr. Dre for his mishaps again. After all, his old foe is now a billionaire after selling his BEATS audio to Apple.
Jay-Z and Beyonce
Rickey Wagoner is a Dayton bus driver who created this story about three Black men attacking him because he believed they were looking for a polar bear.

The Racist Right obsesses over Michael Brown and crime through the racial lens. Colin Flaherty, Charles C. Johnson and Jim Hoft were spreading around that fake picture of former Ferguson officer Darren Wilson with a busted eye socket. It turns out that the person was a stuntman.

Colin Flaherty is a certified nutjob. He and some of those on the racist right have concocted a story about packs of Black teens and the such. He wrote a book called White Girl Bleeds Alot and it focuses criticism of the media not focusing on Black on White crime. Instead of just focusing on all factions that lead to crime, it concludes with baseless condescending rhetoric.

Sean Hannity is ranked the worst cable news host ever. He is a perennial name dropper. He can't go a day without mentioning President Barack Obama in a sentence. He is so annoying even fellow colleagues have spoke about it behind closed doors.

Matt Drudge is the Craigslist of news agitators. Still around and still promoting those racial stories. Like Hannity, Drudge is a notorious race baiter and name dropper. On the news agitator's page he'll put some not so nice pictures of the president on the top lines. Then the anonymous trolls click on the stories and head straight down to the comment section. They post racially insensitive nonsense on the web and its became a huge concern for websites. They decided to "regulate" civility on comment sections.

Sony close the year in the red. Literally, Sony pulls the plug on the Seth Rogen movie The Interview. It mocks the North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un. It caused such an uproar because it was a hacking incident that occurred and it leaked out some embarrassing emails from some of the Sony executives. They openly mocked Black actors and President Barack Obama. They took shots at Angelina Jolie-Pitt, an activist and major celebrity among the junk food media elites.

Beau Bergdahl the U.S. solider who was held captive for nearly five years comes back to the United States amid heavy criticism from the racist right.
Legendary comedian Robin Williams died.
Also there were mentions of Jay-Z. He was called a "crack dealer", smacked by Solange Knowles, sold his share in the Brooklyn Nets and also met Prince William.

Robin Williams tragic death shocked the nation. I was surprised and sadden by his death. The world lost one the best gifts ever. He had memorable roles such as a Theodore Roosevelt in the Night at The Museum. Also he is best known for being the Genie in Aladdin, Mork in Mork & Mindy, and the Crazy Ones.

Lil' Wayne and 50 Cent were in the news. The Unit reunited for an album. Wayne is talking about leaving Cash Money and Young Money. Wiz Khalifa splits from Amber Rose. Chris Rock splits from Malaak Compton. Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon called it quits. Wow.

So many things happened while blogging, I couldn't fit it all in. I'll do my best next time.

Wish all a safe New Year. We move forward.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Conservative Outrage Over Obama Golfing On The Green Displacing Wedding!

View this content on The Associated Press's website
The president golf game interrupts a wedding and the conservatives go bananas.

The president is on vacation in Hawaii and while he was at a military base golf course, there was a wedding happening. The couple wanted to be married on the 16th hole of the golf course. The Secret Service had to evict them off the golf course because the president was playing through.

Of course, the president didn't know about the couple getting married. The president immediately called the married couple to offer an apology.

All is well, right?


Conservative are pissed. After all, in their pea brains, the president is trampling over cops, Israel, the Constitution, White people and now a wedding.
President Barack Obama apologizes to the couple.
I guess being booted off the golf course is another one of those reactionary themes the junk food media throws whenever its a slow news day. I am certain that the mildest comments is calling the president a fucking jerk for doing that. Those on the racist right are probably at it on the social networks bitching about it.

Let's see how it's going down through Twitter.

The president would call the couple and they play the message on their phone. We here at Journal de la Reyna wish U.S. Army Captains Natalie Heimel and Edward Mallue Jr. well on their future.

Get ready for 2015. More conservative outrage and silly reactions from those who believe President Barack Obama is the devil.

Broken Rock!

Chris Rock in 2007 with his wife and children.

World's most famous comedian and satirist Chris Rock has announced that he had filed for divorce.

Ahem, the entertainer is leaving nearly 20 years of marriage to his wife Malaak Compton-Rock.

Just on the peak of his successful movie this news. Now that makes the list of 2014.

The Daily Mail reports that Malaak Compton-Rock is the founder and executive director of StyleWorks, a non-profit, full-service salon that provides free services for women leaving welfare and entering the workforce.

The couple lived in Alpine, New Jersey with their two daughters, Lola Simone (born 2002) and Zahra Savannah (born 2004).

The split, announce via a statement from both parties, had been in the works for months with Rock reportedly deciding to officially end the marriage.

A source told People 'This was a long time coming. Chris has known it wasn't salvageable for a while. He was the one to file because he knew it was time to just move forward already.'

On Sunday Malaak Compton announced the split saying: 'After much contemplation and 19 years of marriage, Chris and I have decided to go our separate ways,' she said in a statement.

'Chris Rock has filed for divorce from his wife, Malaak,' he said in a statement.

'This is a personal matter and Chris requests privacy as he and Malaak work through this process and focus on their family.'

The two wed in 1996. In 2010 they were plagued by reports that Rock had fathered a child out of wedlock.

In 2007 there was speculation that they were on the rocks, but Rock defended they were 'happy.'

'The best part is just having a partner,' the Madagascar star said in 2007. 'There is no real worst part.

I'm not going to say there's a worst part. I mean, I'm a comedian – comedians like to work alone. So maybe I'm not the ideal guy to be married to, in that sense.'

Monday, December 29, 2014

GOP House Whip Steve Scalise: My Bad!

File:Steve Scalise.jpg
Whip up a storm, Steve Scalise got some heat after bloggers unearth the Republican lawmaker speaking at a White extremist rally.

Republican lawmaker from Louisiana who is the current Whip is doing damage control after it was revealed that he attended a conference for White Supremacists.

Representative Steve Scalise (R-LA, Majority Whip) is under fire after a blogger unearthed some damning information about the lawmaker when he was a nobody.

Stephen Joseph "Steve" Scalise (born October 6, 1965) is the current United States House of Representatives Majority Whip and representative for Louisiana's 1st congressional district, serving since 2008. He is a member of the Republican Party and the chairman of the 170-member conservative House Republican Study Committee.

Hey Representative Will Hurd (R-TX), Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) and Representative Mia Love (R-UT), are you going to call out this Republican lawmaker for his past transgressions?

These are the three elected Black lawmakers who will caucus with the Republicans.

Screen Shot 2014-12-28 at 5.28.41 AM
Blogger busted lawmaker.
The conservative lawmaker has been in office since a special election in 2008. He was given the job of being the Majority Whip after Representative Kevin McCarthy (R-CA, Majority Leader) got a promotion.

McCarthy replaced Eric Cantor after he was usurped by a Dave Brat (R-VA) an insurgant lawmaker.

Scalise in 2002 spoke at EURO, a White nationalist conference held by former Klan leader David Duke.

Obviously, Duke will tell you that Scalise is knee-deep. He knows who went to the conference. And Duke will tell you that the excuses from the lawmaker are bullshit.
David Duke is the professional bigot. He will wear a suit and tie while spreading anti-Black, anti-Muslim, anti-Latino and anti-Jewish rhetoric.
Scalise repudiated Duke and his organization by saying he was unaware of their beliefs. He was there explaining about the high taxes and government spending. He claims that this was a bad staffing issue and whatever.

In the final day of the year, I will cover the wrap up. This may not make the wrap up but it will make the 2015 list of controversies sparked by the Republican/Insurgent majority.

Since this is a story about race and conservatives, I will not allow comments. I am assured that our regular will find the oranges and sell them as apples.

So instead of giving him an opportunity to word vomit about Democrats, President Barack Obama and others who aren't Scalise, I will post it and not worry about it!

Oh I forgot!

Since that worst conservative agitator is so obsessed with associations,will that annoying agitator call out his good ol' buddy Congressman Steve Scalise's hateful past? Or should we tie this annoying conservative agitator to this?

Protesters Zero In On Loserville!

Back in 2007, rapper Nas went to the Avenue of the Americas to protest the network. O'Loofus blasted Nas when he was a scheduled speaker at Virginia Tech. The rapper went after the network on some of his albums.

There's talk of a massive protest (highly doubt it) and their aiming it at a network that only pulls in 1% of Black viewers.

The racist right is already giving more ammunition by the mere mention of it. The very mention of it by those on the racist right has given the protesters more exposure.

Here's an example of it.

Now will it matter? Probably not!

This country allows the freedom of speech. Despite it being totally tasteless, tabloid and mediocre, Loserville pulls healthy ratings.

The network appeals to White people. It appears to conservatives who have issues with race, gender, sexuality, religion, nationality, political and economic standings. Conservatives are bigoted. They are one issue voters who believe that those on entitlements are the problem. They aim only at the poor and avoid mentioning the well off. They aim at minorities. They don't consider bias in America.

The Avenue of Americas is where Rupert Murdoch's media conglomerate is. That houses the network that devoted a whole year to making Michael Brown a "thug" and protesters a bunch of "cop killers".

Years and years of misinformation about President Barack Obama. Years and years of negative stories about Black leaders, Black celebrities, civil rights leaders, and issues facing the Black community.

I remember that agitator O'Loofus went after Nas when was a scheduled performer and speaker at Virginia Tech University.

O'Loofus felt that Virginia Tech made a huge mistake allowing a rapper who talks about the gun culture on its campus.

The network's perception of Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin have been all but negative.

The perception of Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin through the lens of Loserville has been mostly based on these images.

This is how the racist right looks at the Black community as a whole.

Loserville has a right to protest and report news. But the protesters who are calling for police reform have a right to complain about it.

Ferg Cop: Michael Brown Memorial Is A Pile Of Trash!

Nothing could destroy the spirits.

Tensions are still simmering in St. Louis. The shooting of Antonio Martin by Berkeley, MO police sparked more tension between law enforcement and the residents of color.

While some are very sympathetic towards Michael Brown, others aren't and they're using their freedom of speech to say the most offensive things about him.

As Darren Wilson fades into the limelight, his name will forever be etched in stone as the guy who killed unarmed teen Michael Brown. A man who was too fucking pussy to get a taser or non-lethal restraints.

After it was destroyed by a bigoted driver, the protesters reset the memorial on Canfield Street.

But the Ferguson Police Department who is facing heavy criticism since the incident had to distance itself from one of their own. A spokesperson for the police department said some offensive themes about the memorial.

He went as far to call the memorial trash.

The Associated Press reports that the Ferguson Police Department has suspended a spokesman after he referred to the Michael Brown memorial as "a pile of trash."

A statement the city provided to The Associated Press on Sunday didn't identify the officer who made the remark to The Washington Post. The newspaper attributed the comment to Officer Tim Zoll.

The memorial at the site of Brown's death was damaged last week after a car apparently hit it.

Zoll doesn't have a listed number and couldn't be reached by the AP.

The city says the spokesman denied making the comment, but later admitted that he'd misled his bosses.

He has been placed on unpaid leave while "disciplinary proceedings" begin.

City officials said negative remarks about the memorial "do not reflect the feelings of the Ferguson Police Department."

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Protesters Want NYPD Union Prez To Shut Up!

Protesters want Patrick Lynch to shut the hell up. He's not helping in the wake of two officers being killed.

While I don't agree with this rhetoric from this racist dick Patrick Lynch of the Patrolman Benevolent Association, I think he deserves a right to voice his opinion.

The protesters had enough of Loserville, the racist New York Post and Lynch. They figured that the antics created by these outlets divide instead of heal. The people over at Loserville have been actively disregarding protesters as "anti-cop" and the real "racists".

Lynch who appeared on that network many times feed the notion that protesters are the real criminals.

Lynch even went as far to claim that man who killed two NYPD officers is Bill de Blasio, the mayor of New York City.

Someone from MOVE ON created a petition calling for the removal of Lynch after he said that the protesters for Eric Garner and Michael Brown caused the deaths of Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu.


Faith Evans - Incomparable

James Kunstler: How bad architecture wrecked cities

Saturday, December 27, 2014

NYPD Turn Backs On de Blasio And Biden!

The NYPD's conservative cops turn their back on the mayor.

Again, the freedom of protest.

The conservative cops of New York and their bigoted president of the police union all come to grips with the deaths of two officers. As a symbol of protest they turned their backs on the speeches from the mayor and Vice President of the United States.

Those conservative cops continue to blame President Barack Obama, Rev. Perm and mayor Bill de Blasio for the deaths of officers Ramos and Liu.

All because the mayor spoke passionately about his own son and the possible encounters he would had hadn't he been the mayor's son.

See this is the racist right in full swing. They offer nothing but division and hate.

And there's some who were the uniform who behind the scenes type up racial comments, anti-Obama, and deviant themes online.

Who says cops uphold the law?

Friday, December 26, 2014

Hush N****r Baby, Don't Say A Word...

Laython N Landis
My gosh, I'm not a racist. It's just what we country folk say. I am not saying it's about NIGGERS! It's about the rain. A California sanitation director is being stripped after making racially insensitive statements.

Addicting Info got a gem about some politico for local office running his mouth about those NIGGERS who ruin his way of life. Of course, he denies that he's a racist and the like.

Laython Landis was censured after he been accused of making sexist, racist and homophobic themes.

He's telling that "It's raining cats and dogs, and little NIGGER babies!"

The 88-year old man has defended his actions by stating that he's a grown up in the south. He's been under the influence sometimes. He's been defiant towards resigning at the California’s Oro Loma Sanitary District.

Question, with all that age. is there an ounce of wisdom?

Somehow I had to check out this nonsense by looking at the Urban Dictionary.

A good way to describe how hard its raining outside, it's mostly used by country folk.

The Pitchfork and Nigger Babies theme is a more modern way of saying its raining cats and dogs...

Thursday, December 25, 2014

You Are F**king Annoying!

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Merry Christmas to all those reading here at Journal de la Reyna.

Mediaite announces their worst agitators in the media. No surprise that Rev. Perm, Don Lemon, and Ronan Farrow were ranked up as some of the worst agitators in the media. But one that manage to beat them by far is that annoying conservative agitator.

This will be the most happiest thing to say to the face of America's most annoying conservative agitator. I am proudly saying to Sean Hannity of talk radio and Fox News, that the world hates you!

Nah, that's too harsh. Know that many of your colleagues and those who wrote for Mediaite hate you!

Seriously, not everyone hates him. He is surely hated by a majority of those in the junk food media.

It's just his demeanor, the way he talks down guest who disagree with him and the pseudo-patriotism on his right wing carnival. They rank that top reason to be voted the "worst" cable news host.

Sean, I think you're a very successful person. No question. You have a gift that granted you the power to influence millions of your viewers, listeners, readers and followers. You can say that you're not a failure. But however, I would just say this with no remorse:

You are fucking annoying! You are the reasons why America is driven down into the cesspool. You figured that since President Barack Obama won reelection, the people who voted for him are "stupid" to paraphrase Jonathan Guber.
Mediaite says that he is by far the worst cable news host ever.
You have the right to criticize the president regardless of the good or bad he's done. But quite frankly, you can't give him credit for anything. Even in the wake of an economy rebounding, the killing of Osama bin Laden, the lower prices in fuel and stable relationships with our allies, you seem to credit George W. Bush and Republicans. That's your opinion and your right. But clearly, ignoring Obama's achievements is certainly a reason for the Mediaite ranking.

The moment he got into the White House, I've heard the word vomit of Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers, birth certificates, bowing, golfing, and vacations from you. It's repetitive and it seems to stick among the listeners of your programs.

For everything wrong with America doesn't solely lie on the feet of Obama. The Republicans, Democrats and of course the media deserve the blame. Sean, you are a part of the media and yes you're a part of America's downfall.

You are a Republican agitator. You support the deviants. You support racists. You support stupidity.

You have your head in the sand. Your head is comfortably fitted right up your ass.

You will forever be the second most listened talk radio agitator and third most watched on that network.

You got demoted for a reason. You were the forefront of that network's credibility being challenged by the very liberals you hate so much. It's a damn shame that even some conservatives can't stand you!

Joe Scarborough (aka Blow Joe), Erick Erickson, Michael Steele, Steven Crowder, and Bill O'Reilly (aka O'Loofus) can't stand you.

You can't go a freaking day without mentioning Barack Obama name in a sentence.

If you claim that I am a brainwashed liberal and all that other garbage, I want you to know. I've studied you and listened to your radio show since 2007

For the seven years, I've come to respect you and loathe you as well. The loathe is basically simple.

You and that other annoying talk radio turd smoother the others out. You are heard on 500 radio stations and pretty much wipe out the local agitators who have the same obsession with Obama.

You have a mighty good fanbase. Half of the shit you be telling them is pretty much bonk. But since you've said it, I guess  no matter what, it's true to them.

Keep doing what you do at your own peril, Sean. Sooner or later, Roger is going to pull the plug on you. And the next thing I'll be hearing is you landing a show on TheBlaze.

So I am predicting this in essence of 2015, I will continue to see the downfall. I am certain that in less than five years, Sean will be either sacked from that network or pulled from radio.

I count the days until that happen.

Again, I wish you well. But Sean, you're on the wrong path. Change course. Seriously, change course!


10. Calling Jay-Z a former crack dealer, knowing that he's a media mogul. Upset that Jay-Z talked New York governor Andrew Cuomo and President Barack Obama.

9. Telling actor Charles Grodin that he would be waterboarded for charity. Never attempted to do it.

8. Telling his listeners in Cincinnati that he'll be in for a Tea Party rally that costed $25 to attend. When Media Matters for America exposed that, Roger Ailes ordered him back to the studio. He almost got fired after that incident.

7. Telling his audience that Barack Obama will lose in a landslide.

6. Interviewing a guest who was a beach bum on welfare assistance. I am guessing this guy was an actor and staged the whole ordeal to get attention.

5. Picking a fight with Jon Stewart. Obviously, fighting a comedian makes him look like he can't take a joke. Stewart caught him using footage from Glenn Beck's Tea Party rally to give Michele Bachmann's Tea Party rally the impression that it was packed. Stewart also pointed out his support for anti-Black and anti-gubmint rancher Cliven Bundy. Mocked him for his interaction with police being a privileged White man, Stewart also hammered Sean after the agitator label the comedian a "chief apologist" for the Barack Obama administration.

4. Calling Barack Obama the "anointed one", "crybaby in chief" and constantly name dropping him even in the most trivial themes. Notoriously mocking the president for doing arm curls with mini weight.

3. Getting demoted from the 9pm spot after 15 years. His show is basically a screamfest.

2. Giving airtime to extremists like Pat Buchanan, Dick Morris, Allen West, Ann Coulter, Jesse Lee Peterson, Michelle Malkin, Mark Fuhrman, C.L. Bryant, and David Webb.

1. Saying  people who agree with him are "Great American". Whenever they disagree with him, he curses at them. He complains about how anti-American some are because they don't agree with him.

Never Heard Of A Black James Bond!

Idris Elba may be tapped as James Bond. An American conservative agitator thinks that James Bond isn't the role for  Elba.

That talk radio turd is on vacation. But during the few days he was on, he managed to take a shot at Sony executives after they decided to revamp the James Bond franchise with a Black version.

Idris Elba, an English model and actor has been thought of as a potential James Bond but to that annoying talk radio turd, it's another controversy driven know that guy he obsesses over everyday.

Give you a hint: He's in Hawaii and he's their meal ticket.

Anyway, the agitator went on a rant about this.
An agitator who riles up the public with rancor and ignorance.
“James Bond is a total concept put together by Ian Fleming. He was white and Scottish, period. That is who James Bond is.”

“We’ve had 50 years of white Bonds because Bond is white. Bond was never Black. Ian Fleming never created a Black Brit to play James Bond.”

“Sometimes, a story is just a story. But we can always make it better. We can always be more fair. We can always be more equal about it. So, fine and dandy. George Clooney and Kate Hudson as Barack and Michelle Obama, and you can have Idris Elba as James Bond.”

For one thing, if James Bond is a fictional character, why shouldn't he be any other color than White?

I mean most of the actors with the exception of Sean Connery were never Scottish.

Why does he always have to insert the president into everything?

Even a celebrity story can't go without a mention of the president.

Merry Christmas to all our readers here at Journal da La Reyna.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

St. Louis Police Kill Armed Man! Heighten Tensions Continue Since Verdict!

Berkeley Missouri police shooting protests
Tensions mount after St. Louis County police shoot and kill an armed man.

The city of St. Louis is preparing for more tension after officer involved shooting. The police officer opened fire on a man who pulled a gun. The man was killed. People witnessed the event, and it sparked another riot. This was two miles from Ferguson.

This is not Michael Brown. This shouldn't be compared to the unarmed teen. The man was named Antonio Martin and he was armed at the time.

The Associated Press reports that a suburban St. Louis police officer shot and killed a man who pointed a gun at him at a gas station, police said.

Scuffles broke out early Wednesday between police officers and a vocal crowd of several hundred people who taunted the officers at the scene of the late Tuesday shooting in Berkeley, Missouri. Police have not released details of any arrests. Berkeley is just a few miles from Ferguson, where a white police officer fatally shot black 18-year-old Michael Brown in August.

Authorities have not released any information about the identity or ethnicity of the man killed Tuesday or the police officer who shot him.

According to a statement from St. Louis County police spokesman Sgt. Brian Schellman, a Berkeley police officer was conducting a routine business check at a gas station around 11:15 p.m. Tuesday when he approached two men.

One of the men pulled a handgun and pointed it at the officer, Schellman said. The officer fired several shots, fatally wounding the man. The second man fled, and the dead man's handgun has been recovered, according to Schellman.

The St. Louis County Police Department is handling the investigation, and no further details about the incident were immediately available.

Authorities did not immediately identify the man who was shot. But the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported that a woman at the scene, Toni Martin, said he was her son, 18-year-old Antonio Martin.

Toni Martin told the newspaper that her son was with his girlfriend at the time of the shooting.

The protesters who gathered early Wednesday milled around the gas pumps at the station, some yelling at police officers. Some wore strands of yellow police-line tape draped around their neck, with others using it as a headband.

Authorities from multiple agencies, some in riot gear, stood among the protesters.

Across the street, the glass doors of a convenience store were shattered, one of the doors left hanging from a single hinge. Police stood guard, turning people away.

The crowd dispersed but police officers remained at the scene as dawn approached.

Orlando Brown, 36, of nearby St. Charles was among the protesters. He said he didn't have all the details about the shooting but said he wondered if it was a case of police aggression.

"I understand police officers have a job and have an obligation to go home to their families at the end of the night," he said. "But do you have to treat every situation with lethal force? ... It's not a racial issue, or black or white. It's wrong or right."

Brown said he was pepper-sprayed during the protest as police tried to separate him from a friend whose hand he was holding. He said his friend was arrested for failing to disperse.

Brown's death led to weeks of protests and some looting in the St. Louis area, actions that were renewed last month when a grand jury chose not to indict Officer Darren Wilson in the killing.

LAPD Officers Listen To "Mean Ol' Michael Brown!"

Nothing is off limits since the verdict. Some LAPD officers will face discipline after attending a party for a retired officer. A performer played "Bad, Bad Leroy Brown" and happened to insert unarmed teen Michael Brown in it. 

With heighten tensions in St. Louis County after another police shooting, the Los Angeles Police Department is doing an investigation of some of its officers who appeared at a retirement party where someone was parodying a song mocking unarmed teenager Michael Brown.

KTLA reports that the police department launched a preliminary investigation into a video that has emerged of a song that plays on the shooting death of Michael Brown. It was sung at a party thrown by a retired LAPD officer.

Police confirmed to the Los Angeles Times the investigation into the video, on which can be heard a parody of “Bad, Bad Leroy Brown” that refers to the Ferguson, Mo., 18-year-old and includes lines such as, “His brain was splatter on the floor.”

The song was sung during a recent party hosted at the Glendale Elks Lodge by a retired LAPD officer, police said.

“I am aware of the video released via TMZ. Like many of you, I find it offensive & absurd. It does not reflect the values of the #LAPD,” Chief Charlie Beck tweeted. “I have directed our Professional Standards Bureau to look into this & determine if any active department employees were involved.”

Gary Fishell was performing the song.

The song was a parody of "Bad, Bad Leroy Brown." Gary Fishell, the performer and a member of the Lodge, changed the lyrics, which include:

Michael Brown learned a lesson about a messin'
With a badass policeman

And he's bad, bad Michael Brown
Baddest thug in the whole damn town
Badder than old King Kong
Meaner than a junkyard dog

Two men took to fightin'
And Michael punched in through the door
And Michael looked like some old Swiss cheese
His brain was splattered on the floor

And he's dead, dead Michael Brown
Deadest man in the whole damn town
His whole life's long gone
Deader than a roadkill dog

The event was the capper for a charity golf event, thrown by retired LAPD Officer Joe Myers, a 32 year veteran who left the force in 2007. We're told 50-60 people attended the dinner, and about half were cops, most of whom were retired. The others were civilians.

Fishell is a P.I. who once worked as an investigator for the Federal Government. His lawyer tells TMZ, Fishell now realizes the song was "off color and in poor taste." The lawyer adds, "He's a goofball who writes funny songs." We asked why Fishell would sing this in a room full of cops, and the lawyer replied, "He thought the room would get a kick out of it."

Wonder what this goofball says about the protesters who believe that police reform is necessary in the wake to two officers in New York being gunned down?

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Apples, Oranges And Sunshine!

Florida is a boom state.

That annoying conservative agitator was ranting about how New York's Democratic governor Andrew Cuomo's snapping at conservatives when they stalled his gun control legislation. He decreed that he would be "moving" to Florida or Texas just to get away from the socialist governor and mayor of New York City.

Looks like he's getting his wish. His gullible listeners are high tailing it out of New York for better.

The U.S. Census declared that Florida will be the third largest state in general population.

Both states have an equal amount of population. Roughly 20 million respectively. But Florida beats the New York by 500,000 or so.

So the estimates is 20.4 in Florida and 19.9 in New York.

New York lost two House seats in the U.S. Census redistricting. Florida gained two. Texas gained four.

So a lot of people are hoping along the I-95 (Interstate 95, longest noth-south freeway) for the warmer.

Florida added almost 300,000 new residents from 2013 to 2014, or a little more than 800 new residents a day. By contrast, New York grew by only 51,000 over that time period.

Florida likely reached the milestone sometime last spring, but it wasn't official until the Census said so.

An Associated Press analysis earlier this year showed that ex-New Yorkers represented about 1 in 10 new Florida residents. Migrants from other countries made up about a quarter of Florida's new residents.

Florida has a way to go before it catches up with California and Texas, the largest and second-largest states. California has 38.8 million residents; Texas has 27 million residents.

The other states rounding out the 10 largest in the nation are: Illinois, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Georgia, North Carolina and Michigan. North Carolina slipped by Michigan for the ninth spot on the list.

Six states saw population declines: Illinois, West Virginia, Connecticut, New Mexico, Alaska and Vermont.

Fueled by an energy boom, North Dakota was the fastest-growing state in the nation, even though it is still the fourth least-populous state in the union. Its population increased 2.2 percent and now stands at 739,000. The other fastest-growing states from 2013 to 2014 were Nevada and Texas, which both had population increases of 1.7 percent.

Ohio will soon compete with North Carolina for the seventh most populated state spot.

Chicago will compete with Houston for the third largest city spot.

State, largest city, state capital and population.

1. California (Los Angeles, largest city) (Sacramento) 38.5 million
2. Texas (Houston, largest city) (Austin) 27.3 million
3. Florida (Jacksonville, largest city) (Tallahassee) 20.4 million
4. New York (New York City, largest city) (Albany) 19.9 million
5. Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, largest city) (Harrisburg) 14.5 million
6. Illinois (Chicago, largest city) (Springfield) 12.3 million
7. Ohio (Columbus, largest city) (Columbus) 11.5 million

Monday, December 22, 2014

The Conservative Outrage Over Obama....

These are the folks who blame President Barack Obama for the death of cops. Okay, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), Sarah Palin, and police union president Patrick Lynch are the agitators who blow hot air in an already tense oven.

Pick your topic!

1) "Words" Leading To New York Police Officers Being Killed!

Officers who were on duty killed by an extremist who had mental issues. The suspect had committed crimes in five states. He went to the social networks to vent off about injustice and seeking revenge on those who kill. He wanted to prove that Black lives matter. So he kills two cops who were Asian and Latino.

Right off the bat, the president of the New York Police union Patrick Lynch blamed the mayor of the city instead of the criminal. Lynch who has been on Loserville more than eight times since the Eric Garner situation has address issues where he believes that "THE BLACKS" and "REV. PERM" are responsible for the crime and all the whatever the fuck was vomited out.

We have the agitators already making the protesters the fault of the shooting. All because of ignorant protesters chanting "want dead cops now" in an alleged protest chant.

The agitators and some racist police union president all of sudden run to the cameras and microphones to put the president on blast for a criminal act. Kind of like when they saw on cameras a man being put in a chokehold and nothing was being done to arrest the suspect.

2) Being Hawaii while North Korea threaten airstrikes on the U.S.

The president and his family head to Hawaii. The remaining members of Congress head over to GOP Sundays to bitch about Sony's decision to pull the controversial comedy The Interview. The movie features a depiction of Kim Jong-Un in a negative light. There were a hacker group that infiltrated the Sony emails and released a trove of information. Some of the information was damaging to the movie industry and the credibility.

3) Discussing Racism While He Was A Nobody.

As that annoying radio turd on radio is talking about the controversy in New York today. The conservative agitator brings up the "Obama's imaginary son" narrative to tag the president to the shooter Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley, the suspect who gunned down the two officers.

Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu were slained by Brinsley. There were 80 officer slayings since 2014.

Has the conservative and liberal agitators mentioned those who were killed by extremists. I mean honestly the Bundy Ranch was a fixture of 2014 and the conservatives were down with this clown.

Two extremists driven by the actions of the government and the media went to killing to Las Vegas officers. Not one peep from that annoying radio turd.

President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama talked to People Magazine about living in Illinois when they were nobodies. So he talks about being mistaken for a valet, the radio turd goes into it.

The Obamas have been through NIGGERIZATION the day Barack announced he would run for president. Questioning his birthplace, his religion, his family, his friends, his cabinet, his policies, his reactions to the nation's most controversial stories and his legacy.

The agitators of the racist right are driving more extremism. They want gun control when it comes to a Black men when they are cop killers and given right citizens. But not one peep when it comes to White mass shooters or open carry activists. Obviously the outrage meter only reflects on Black and Brown. Cause White doesn't raise a peep. If it did, they'll automatically claim its a Democrat.

4) Gas Prices Being Below $2.00 In Many States.

I work in retail at a gas station. I see that we managed to get the fuel prices back to the low. There are some locations in Ohio that have fuel at $1.889 a gallon.

Is there still talk about pushing that damn Keystone XL pipeline?

Yeah, they are still trying to push this. Despite the possibility of a mass spill and property battles with local residents, Republicans made this their priority one when they start session.

We wrap up the year with the most outrage from those in the conservative agitating media. From Republican lawmakers and agitators in the junk food media. Some of the most outrageous outrages included the panic over Islamic State and Ebola.

The war chickens were blaming the president for leaving Iraq in the hands of the people. They figured if the American troops had more and more involvement, the insurgents would back off.

GOP Sundays are popular spots for outgoing Representative Mike Rogers (R-MI) to perennial whiners Senator John McCain (R-AZ) and Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC), I want to take the time to reflect on what January 3 is going to be like when the Republicans take control of Congress.

The first thing they will do as a majority: Waste time on issues that were settled. They will try to repeal the Affordable Healthcare Act (or commonly known as Obamacare). They will hold more investigations into the Benghazi tragedy. They will rehash the Keystone XL pipeline. They will block attempts to establish relationships with Cuba. They will outrage over the president taking trips or meeting with leaders who they deem "hostile" to the United States.

They will put more pork spending into their bills. They will fight with their more extreme members over potential spending bills. They will fight the president with his nominations for his cabinet and U.S. Court (pending a Supreme Court justice to retire or die).

Now the media will focus on Congress more. With a Democratic president and a Republican Congress, the focus will shift back and forth.

President Barack Obama will now use veto action if the Republicans fail to pass at least something he can agree to. He will put pressure on House Weeper John Boehner (R-OH) and Majority Turtle Mitch McConnell (R-KY) to compromise with Democrats.

The Democrats vow to make Republicans suffer for the way they treated the president.

So the blame game continues on.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Die In At Walmart!

Protester outside Beavercreek Walmart. In August 2014, John Crawford was shot and killed by police after he picked up an air rifle.

The protesters for Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, and John Crawford III were at the Walmart in the Dayton. Ohio suburb of Beavercreek to stage a "die in".

The protesters were causing such a ruckus the store had temporary shut down.

They believe that the shooting of Crawford and the death of Angie Williams were unjustified.

John Crawford was in the Walmart and he picked up an open air rifle. The caller Ronald Ritchie called the law on him after he accused him of waving the gun at children.

Officers responded quickly. They gave the warning to drop and within two seconds, Crawford was gunned down. He would die on route to hospital.

He was in given right to purchase a firearm. But to the residents of Beavercreek and the racist right, he's a criminal.

FRED101, no comments from this point. I will no longer allow comments on certain stories. It's not that I want to "censor" you, but I am getting really tired of reading the word vomit you leave that totally ignores the purpose. I don't have time to explain your comments or counter balance. I rather continue posting.

You seem to come around only when it involves race. So I will now put a decreed on certain stories.

Any story that involves Black issues, I will not allow comments. You can certainly comment on issues involving our community and entertainers. I don't worry what happens in Lil' Wayne or Kim Kardashian's world. Go to town on it.

But sensitive issues such as unarmed citizens being killed by law enforcement is certainly driving you to Journal de la Reyna.

This and other events have certainly divided thought.


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