Monday, July 06, 2015

The Confederate Flag Flies Again: NASCAR Request To Fans Ignored!

The Confederate Flag continues to fly at NASCAR. Fans are ignoring the racing organization's request to not fly the flag.

The country's largest racing organization asked fans to not bring the flag to NASCAR sponsored races. The Confederate flag supporters look at it as a "ban" and they're defying it.

So as fans travel to Daytona Beach, FL to see the action, the controversy ensues. Some of the fans are taking a stand by saying to the junk food media and NASCAR, "FUCK YOU, WE'RE FLYING OUR FLAG!"

The AP reports about NASCAR taken a stance on the Confederate flag after last month's South Carolina church massacre. It backed Gov. Nikki Haley's call to remove it from the Statehouse grounds and noted it doesn't allow the flag on anything it sanctions. The series stopped short of banning fans from displaying the flag at its events, but Daytona and 29 other tracks asked fans to refrain from flying them.

Not everyone obliged. Daytona also offered to exchange Confederate flags for American flags this weekend, and track officials said a few made the swap Sunday morning.

"I think the voluntary exchange program for us right now was appropriate with the limited window that we had coming into this event weekend," track president Joie Chitwood said. "And more importantly, I think it's important to trust our fans, asking our fans to display a flag that we should all be proud of. Everybody should be proud of the American flag."

Indeed, the American flag is prominently displayed all around Daytona — no surprise given the Fourth of July holiday and the patriotism that NASCAR routinely promotes.

But spotting a Confederate flag is easier than finding a souvenir shop, restroom or beer stand.

NASCAR, which has roots in the deep South, moved quickly to distance itself from the flag despite some backlash from fans. The sanctioning body could have done — and eventually might do — more.

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