Thursday, July 09, 2015

City Leaders Want Dayton To Merge With Montgomery County!

Dayton, Ohio is struggling. The local leaders want to merge the city with the county.

In the rust belt city of Dayton, Ohio, some local elected leaders have thoughts of merger. They propose to merge Montgomery County with the city of Dayton.

Meaning that every jurisdiction will dissolve and eventually be a part of the city of Dayton.

If the local leader get a ballot measure on the docket and it's approved by the voters, Dayton will be a consolidated-city county similar to cities such as Louisville, Columbus, GA and Lexington, KY. 

Dan Foley is urging the city leaders of every jurisdiction to help.  

Foley has been a strong advocate for regional collaborations including the consolidation of services and the promotion of new models of revenue sharing to promote regional economic development. He has also been a strong advocate for improving the quality of life by spearheading efforts to improve the river corridor, the bikeway system, and amateur sporting events.

Dayton Together is the new shiny coin that Foley and others are trying to pass upon the residents.

They hope that if this works, Dayton's population will surpass Cleveland.

If you do the math, Dayton's residency population is 138,000. Montgomery County's residency population is 437,000. That equals to 565,000 residents.  

The city will officially become the second largest city in the state.

This area is still struggling with issues that date back to the civil rights days. Mainly the conservative minded residents are strongly opposed to this idea. They don't want the problems of the city to come into their neighborhoods. Of course, race is a contributing factor to their opposition.

An example of the concern trolls who went to the Dayton Daily News website to vent off about it.

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Dayton, like all cities run by Democrats, is running out of Other People's Money.

Now they would like the rest of the county to be forced to subsidize them.
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County residents have an easy way to decide whether to support merging Dayton with the county.

Simply get in your car, and take a nice leisurely drive through the neighborhoods of East Dayton, West Dayton, and North Dayton. Notice the homes, the cleanliness of the area, etc.

Then compare those neighborhoods with your current area, and decide if you want to merge.

These cities surround Montgomery County, Ohio. Dayton, Ohio is the county seat.

There are townships and unincorporated communities in Montgomery County. The proposed merger will dissolve the townships and incorporate every land mass into the city of Dayton.

Wikipedia has explained a consolidated city-county in this form. A consolidated city-county is a city and county that have been merged into one unified jurisdiction. As such it is simultaneously a city, which is a municipal corporation, and a county, which is an administrative division of a state. It has the powers and responsibilities of both types of entities.

A consolidated city-county is different from an independent city, although the latter may result from consolidation of a city and a county and may also have the same powers as a consolidated city-county. An independent city is a city not deemed by its state to be located within the boundary of any county, and recognized by its state as a legal territorial entity separate from surrounding or adjoining counties. Not considering Hawaii, which has no independent cities, the Midwest and Upper South have the highest concentration of large consolidated city-county governments in the United States, including Indianapolis, Indiana; Nashville, Tennessee; Jacksonville, Florida; Louisville, Kentucky; Kansas City, Kansas; and Lexington, Kentucky. Currently, the largest consolidated city-county in the United States by population is Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, while the largest by land-area is Sitka, Alaska.

Any thought on this?

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Anonymous said...

Do not let Dayton merge with Montgomery County, if I wanted to live in dayton with all of the crappy mayors that they have had the awfull councilmen that they have I would have moved there. They have the worst school system, violence every day & night there, worst property value & so many empty homes just left behind with the grass growing, yards tore up & the whole house just falling down & destroying the whole neighborhood. And they refuse to do anything about, so they want to drag other townships into their mess. Clean up Dayton & get rid of the people that run Dayton, before you start trying to trash all of the other townships around it. I would love to hear what the people of Oakwood & Springboro think about the idea of Dayton merging with Dayton, that should be a hoot. See ther school system go down hill fast, all violence that they would get & to be afraid to be outside anytime of the day without getting shot or the people getting their homes broke into & drugs showing up in their area everyday. Take care of yourself & your area & do not drag my area into your mess, after you & all of you mayors in the last 25 years have just destroyed dayton. Do not drag me into your mess you made it.


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