Friday, July 24, 2015

Blame Game: John Russell Houser

This terrorist went on a rampage at a movie theater in Lafayette, LA.

The name of the shooter is released.

An Alabama man is the terrorist who opened fire on innocent movie goers at a Lafayette, Louisiana movie theater. The were quick to label Chattanooga shooter Mohammad Abdulezzez a terrorist.

Will they label this shooter a terrorist?

Probably not!

They'll say he's got mental issues.

The man is 59 year old John Russell Houser. I will not say much about his name. All I can say about this event is, how is it going to played in the junk food media?

Will the racist right label this terrorist a "Democrat"?

I am waiting on the media to figure if he's a member of the Islamic State?

I am waiting on the media to find out if he support the Tea Party Movement.

Guess what? The Daily Beast has found a social media page this terrorist had. He may have supported the Tea Party. I don't care what political view he has. He didn't care who he shot. He just up and did it.

So who is getting the blame?

A) Barack Obama
B) Democrats
C) Tea Party
E) Congress
F) The Shooter

If you picked F, you're right. This terrorist didn't care who he shot. It doesn't matter what his politics are. He didn't see the politics, race, gender, sexuality, nationality, religion, or economic standings of the victims. He saw bodies. He knew that a movie theater was the perfect soft target.

If you picked the other choices. Then in some way you might be right. I mean once again another tragedy happens in America and our lawmakers in Washington are hoping the media chases the next shiny coin. This stuff is like a daily occurrence.

Mass shootings happening every freaking month.

There were two teens who murdered their family in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. The names haven't been released. But yet they murdered their parents and three of their siblings. Two of them survived barely.

The junk food media didn't rush to the Tulsa metro area for this shooting. They only rushed to the scene when Barney Fife shot an unarmed Black suspect who died while in police custody. Then Barney wanted to take a vacation after he was out on bail.

When the junk food media is scaring America with talks of the Islamic State, another person was gunned down by a firearm.
A teen placed a gun on a drone and it actually worked. The law is concerned that his invention may inspire terrorism.
Terrorism isn't the number one threat to America. It's gun violence and it's rising because of the United States Congress and the lack of urgency.

Gun control advocates think that the gun free zones solve problems. They believe that closing loopholes and internet sales solves problems. They believe people who have mental issues should not have firearms. They think that mental health testing solves problems. Nope.

Gun right advocates think that more guns in movie theaters and schools solves problems. They believe that repealing federal mandates on guns solves problems. Nope.

Look if it hasn't affect you, you're not worried about it. But you carry on your daily routine only to find that day could happen and you wouldn't even know it.

A mass shooter, a bank robber, a car jacker, a home invader, a hunting trip, a road rage incident, a police encounter, a curious interest, a target practice gone awry, etc.

The only thing that wins in this battle is the gun. The gun never dies. It may get rusty but it still works. The bullet has no eyes but it will ALWAYS hit a target.

World News Today send our condolences to the families of those lost in this senseless tragedy.

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