Friday, December 11, 2015

What Happened To Jermaine McBean Has Cop Indicted For His Murder!

Jermaine McBean was killed by a Broward County sheriff deputy. The deputy was charged with his murder.

Case of similarity. In 2013, a man who was walking down a busy street with an air rifle was fatally shot by a Broward County deputy. The deputy who put down the man is now facing a court date.

This story happened in July 2013. In July 2013, that was the peak of the George Zimmerman verdict.

One year before the media rushed upon the Michael Brown and John Crawford shootings, you may have not heard of the fatal police shooting of Jermaine McBean.

In 2013, a White guy calls 911 to report a Black man walking with a firearm. A South Florida deputy fatally shot and killed Jermaine McBean after calls were reported of a man walking with a rifle. Jeremaine was walking to his apartment from a pawn shop after he purchased an air rifle.
Ex-deputy indicted on involuntary manslaughter.
Broward County deputy Peter Peraza opened fire on him. Peraza claimed Jermaine didn't listen to his orders and lunged at him.

Jermaine was a Black man who was a computer systems engineer who had no criminal history was shot on sight by Peraza. Jermaine's family says he was listening to music on his phone and that could have prevented him from hearing commands to drop the air rifle.

Peraza and fellow deputies were trying to make the case that Jermaine went towards them fell through. The sheriff of Broward County, Scott Israel didn't buy the story.

Peraza was iced without pay. He was facing a state and federal probe.

Now two years later, the Florida prosecutors has indicted Peraza for involuntary manslaughter and police misconduct. He surrendered to the law this morning.  He will face a court date.

Peraza is innocent until proven guilty. If he is convicted with involuntary manslaughter he could face 10 to 25 years in the iron college.
Graphic photo showing Jermaine shot in the chest. He was wearing earbuds.
This incident happened before the junk food media started covering the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

Did you know that Florida is an open carry state?

It seems like if you're a Black man carrying a firearm (real or fake), the law perceives you as a threat. You may not even have a second to put the firearm down. The law will plug you full of holes the moment you turn your head.

John Crawford III of Hamilton, Ohio lost his life in a Dayton area Walmart after he picked up an air rifle. He as carrying it through the store. A white shopper called the law on him saying that John was pointing it menacing at people. The law arrives and within two seconds, he was shot in the stomach and arm. He would die of his injuries. Another shopper Angela Williams would die after being spooked by the gunfire.

John Crawford's death made national news. In the state of Ohio, you are allowed to carry firearms in a public place such as Walmart.

Many Whites believe the fault solely falls on John. For what?

Having the legal right to have an air rifle and carrying it in the store.

Yeah, some of my co-workers are blaming him for his untimely demise. I bet they would have the same thoughts about Jermaine and Tamir Rice. Matter of fact, they probably would say Darrien Hunt shouldn't have wore an anime outfit looking like a samurai. Darrien was killed by the law in 2014 after he was allegedly lunging his toy sword at Saratoga Springs, Utah lawmen.

The Ohio prosecutors decided to not charge the officer Sean Williams for involuntary manslaughter.

Williams is still in the freezer because of a federal probe into his handling of this and a previous encounter with another resident which resulted in the killing of the suspect.

World News Today send our condolences to the family of Jermaine McBean, John Crawford, Michael Brown, Darrien Hunt, Tamir Rice, Freddie Gray, Rekia Boyd, Jamar Clark, Laquan McDonald and every other victim of gun violence at the hands of police officers.

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