Monday, December 07, 2015

The Radicals Are Calling Islam Radical!

The only muscle the Republicans got is their tongues. They can talk tough but does it mean they'll act the part?

We're almost a week in and the topic of terrorism in the United States has become shiny coin the junk food media is chasing.

The San Bernardino tragedy sparked discussions over immigration, terrorism, gun violence, and profiling.

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant has become the scare de jour for the Republican Party. The candidates are calling "radical Islam" the number one threat to the United States.

But you and I know that gun violence is the number one threat in the United States, and the Republicans are too damn stupid to understand that.

Last night President Barack Obama delivered a statement to the nation. The 15 minute speech explained his aggressive approach to taking on terrorism.

The Republicans as usual denounced it. They complain that the president doesn't say the magic word whenever he explains his fight against terrorism.

You often notice that the tone of the rhetoric is becoming more angrier.

Muslims are fearing the backlash after the Paris and San Bernardino attacks. This latest attacks were sparked by individuals who pledged their support to the Islamic State.

Did you know that the Republicans rejected a strict background check law when it comes to the firearms?

They strongly rejected the idea to pass legislation to keep these nuts from obtaining firearms. They say that a terrorist or criminal can obtain access regardless of what law is passed. And these are the same people who say that the healthcare law is unconstitutional despite going through two Supreme Court rulings.

In truth, the terrorists want Republicans to win the White House. They believe the Republicans are stupid. The Republicans will let an attack happen. Their anti-government rhetoric will eventually cut a program that could protect the country. The terrorists will often seek opportunities in the United States and their lax gun control laws to stockpile. They will use the benefits of the Republicans to cause another mass murder.

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