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The Law Guts A Motorist They Claim Had A Weapon!

The family of Dontae Martin want answers to why the Montgomery County Ohio deputies opened fire on him.

The law shot and killed a man from Dayton, Ohio. Montgomery County Sheriff deputies were investigating a vehicle collision in an area. Now the family, the junk food media, the bag 'em ups and the top cop want answers to why this ended this way.

Dontae Martin was a minor offender who was gunned down after two deputies ordered him to drop his firearm. They put slugs in him. He died on route to the hospital. World News Today send our condolences to the family of Dontae Martin.

Martin was involved in an accident. They initially responded to an area close to my home. They were called upon an injury accident. They claim that Martin pointed a firearm on them. They opened fire and dropped a 99.

Deputies Josh Haas and Gust Teague are in the freezer pending the outcome of the investigation. They were the ones who shot the 34 year old father of six. Martin applied for concealed carry permit.
The family of Dontae Martin want answers to why two deputies bucked a man who legally had a right to own a firearm.

The Martin family hired up national attorney Michael Wright to look into this. Wright and former partner Anthony Vannoy have been nationally recognized in the wake of the John Crawford shooting.

Martin's family and attorney Wright wants answers to why would Martin pull a firearm on a cop?

Dominique Vinzant, Martin's fiance who lives a “few houses down” from the scene, said she couldn’t believe Martin would be involved in a shooting.

“I want answers, I need answers, I got kids, I need answers,” she said. “I got to be strong for them like he would want me to, but they deserve to have their father there and being that I got to raise these kids alone now, I need answers.”

So Montgomery County sheriff, Phil Plummer's argument to the junk food media is that the suspect had "cop killing" bullets. The teflon coated bullets are a cop's worst nightmare.

Those type of ammo are likely to pinch into tanks. That ammo is often used in the war.

President Barack Obama was hoping to have lawmakers place a ban on them. But the inept Congress is too afraid of the backlash from the National Rifle Association. The NRA warned lawmakers that if you impede on our firearms, prepare for a defeat in the primaries and general election.

In the state of Ohio, he was allowed to have a firearm with "cop killing" bullets. There's no law on the books in the state of Ohio to disavow those bullets.

It's not crime to have a firearm with that type of bullet. So this what our junk food media going to peddle to the public. They automatically claim that Martin was in the wrong.

Dontae Martin was a minor offender.
Okay, where's the dash camera footage of Haus and Teague apprehending the suspect?

No comment.

Did they talk to the suspect before he pointed his firearm?

No comment.

Did they actually follow him and he tried to elude them but ended up crashing?

No comment.

The word on the street is these two deputies were involved in a previous shooting this year.

Even my ex-friend is aware of these two.

She is a well known prostitute and heroin addict who is struggling with her personal demons. She claims that she "takes care" of one of these deputies.

She is for now a non violent offender. She's been in the county lockup numerous times. She has claims that they're hair trigger cops who shoot first, question last.

I am familiar with these officers. They represent the Harrison Township jurisdiction. This was the jurisdiction where a former captain with the force traded racially charged emails with some of the deputies.

Why is Haas singled out?

Haas was the one who gutted a suspect at a gas station last year. Haas was cleared of any charges in this shooting. The suspect was waving a gun around acting crazy. Haas put the bullet in the gut. He was placed in the freezer for about two months.

He seems to be in the junk food media often. He was deputy of the year in 2013.

These were the deputies who pulled me over a few months ago. These deputies along with James DeBarr are trigger happy types.

Sheriff Phil Plummer defends actions of the two who drew fire on suspect.
They were profiling me. I have no criminal record. But since I know people who have criminal history, I am an automatic criminal.

Does it make me a criminal cause I know someone who has a criminal history?


Does the law lie when they justify deadly force when they discharge their firearm?


The junk food media WILL always favor the law. Because the law is suppose to be trusted and they can never tell a lie.

I've posted my racial profiling experience in February of this year.

Again, I don't want to jump to conclusions. Obviously in a life or death situation, the law has to do whatever it takes to protect their lives and the innocent.

With so many routine traffic stops that end with deadly encounters with the motorists (especially of color), I want to first see the evidence of a provoked incident. I want to know the facts and see the video before I pass judgement. I know that they're some in the junk food media pushing this narrative that the suspect is already guilty. There are some in the public who assume guilt of the suspect anytime the law uses deadly force. There are some in the concern troll arena believing that the law was justified despite having no proof of such.

For just being....well you know, could be a death sentence. #IfIDieInPoliceCustody

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