Monday, July 20, 2015

Texas State Patrol Puts One In The Freezer!

Texas Rangers already punching holes into state trooper's claim that Sandra Bland put up a fight.

The Sandra Bland controversy has reached the Texas Department of Safety. The higher ups decided to put the Texas State Patrol officers involved in the arrest of Sandra in the freezer. They are on desk duty pending a state investigation into how a simple pull over resulted in her arrest. That arrest took her to Waller County lockup.

The dash camera disputes the report that the troopers sent to their superiors.

The trooper pulled Sandra over for a taillight violation. Okay the trooper gave her a warning for the taillight (turn signal).

Sandra pulls out a square and lights it up. Of course, the officer felt disrespected by her just ignoring his comments. So he orders her out the vehicle. She questions the order. She whips out the camera phone and starts recording.

Of course that's when the officer and his partner forced the door open and grabbed Sandra out the vehicle and a witness would whip out his camera phone. He starts recording. She is heard in the background screaming that they slammed her head to the ground. She told the officers that she didn't have to be brutal on her. She thanked the witness for filming this.

As she was booked into the Waller lockup. She was charged with battery on an officer. She would have a day in court. So during them 48 hours, she was normal. But after a morning check, they would find her not breathing.

The Harris Count bag 'em ups said that she may have died of a hanging, The family didn't buy this shit and ordered an independent bag 'em to work on this. The FBI and Texas Rangers are looking into the improper training of the staffers of the lockup.

The lockup didn't have proper training and a failure of checking interns (especially potentially suicidal).

Again, I've said it too many times. The law can lie when they justify a pull over. They can lie when they issue citations, dispatch assistance, fire their service weapon, use force in arrest and tell the media that the suspect "engaged in the behavior".

Now Sandra Bland was a part of the BlackLivesMatter movement. This movement is sparked by the numerous events where unarmed Black suspects are killed by law enforcement or a vigilante. The BlackLivesMatter movement is sparked by the junk food media's negative portrayals of Black unarmed suspects.

The junk food media made Trayvon Martin. Michael Brown and now Sandra Bland look like criminals.

Already some conservative agitators are trying to point out that Sandra suffered from post traumatic stress disorder. On one of her videos posted on social media, she admitted to supporters that sometimes she has PTSD and it's dragged on.

Yeah, everyone gets PTSD. I have it sometimes. It doesn't make me want to kill myself or harm others.

Her family already dismissed the suicidal stuff.

This controversy will be covered by me and S. Baldwin. World News Today continues to seek justice for Sandra Bland and every other individual killed by the reckless actions of some in law enforcement.

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