Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Cincinnati Police Investigating University Cop Shooting Of Unarmed Motorist!

A father of 12 was gunned down by university cop and the city of Cincinnati is now once again dealing with another shooting of an unarmed man.

There were over 500 incidents where those in law enforcement used deadly force on individuals.

We don't have all the names of those shot by the law. But if it wasn't for social media, some of them wouldn't even gotten this much attention.

A father of 12 children was to be married at the end of the year. It's a shame that this dream of happiness was cut short after a traffic stop resulted in his death. He was a non violent offender.

The University of Cincinnati Police officer who shot and killed the unarmed motorist is on leave while his superiors hands it over to the Cincinnati Police and Ohio Bureau of Investigation.

Yeah, wink and nod.

The Cincinnati Police are still grieving over the death of Sonny Kim. He was gunned down a few weeks back in Madisonsville by a suicidal suspect.

Samuel Dubose, 43 from Cincinnati was shot by the university cop after allegedly driving the vehicle with the officer's hand in it. The Cincinnati police are investigating the situation.

The shooting happened Sunday evening around 6:30 pm. The officer Ray Tensing pulled over Sam for having no license or license plate. In the officer's report Sam handed Tensing a bottle of the drank.

When the officer refused the bottle, Sam pulled off and that's when Tensing drew his service weapon and let the lead fly.

Sam was gutted and was pronounced dead at the scene. The officer had a body camera. The officer had a dash camera. The city prosecutor will look at the tape before determining where they go next.

Of course, we seen this one too many times. Like with the shootings of John Crawford and Tamir Rice, the law will find some excuse to say that the suspects were provoking the situation. They will lie on their reports.
Shooting in Mt. Auburn
The blue wall of silence will once again come forth when the junk food media brings pressure on the law to arrest one of their own for the reckless call.

Yeah. Sam had served time in the iron college for marijuana possession. He wasn't charged for robbery and assault. So of course, the leaks of information about Sam will come into the conversation.

They will use every tactic to pain Sam as the criminal and not the victim.

Of course, President Barack Obama will be forced to discuss this situation the moment, rioting breaks out in the city. Cincinnati in April 2001 had a riot. The riot involved the aftermath of Stephen Roach, ex-Cincy lawman getting off with bucking Timothy Thomas, an unarmed suspect. Timothy had minor offenses but Roach was spooked by the young teen running through a dark alley and he pulled the trigger. That set off a week of unrest. Actually three days but for the junk food media, it would be like unrest. The junk food media was racing to the areas where the liquor store and clothing stores to watch the looters grab the drank and pair of Nikes.

World News Today send our condolences to the family of Samuel Dubose.

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