Friday, June 05, 2015

Hannity Feuds With Lindsey Graham!


Pathetic agitator is the go-to guy for Republicans says the conservative Craigslist. His ego is certainly blooming these days. You thought the demotion, loss of advertising and embarrassments were the end of the road for him.

Not quite yet!

He still on and doing pretty damn good for a piece of shit.

He's wagering his job! He believes that his influence will help a Republican win the White House.

And if he see another Democrat win, maybe Chief Roger might prepare the cannon for a firing.

I don't understand why the worst cable news host is even given this much attention. I have to admit, that he and the conservative Craigslist are the two reasons to why Republicans are so fucked up right now.

I know everyone wants to point the fingers at that old fart on the AM dial, but really you got to really focus on the most active agitators in the media. These two are no exception.

This guy is the most annoying agitator to ever host a show.

When he's attacking what he perceives as liberal, this guy is like a dog in with a bone in his mouth. He can't fathom anything that promotes liberalism. When it comes to concerns in the Black community, this guy plays the concern troll. He would find issues with gun control when it comes to Black on Black crime, but stand firm with gun rights for White men.

If an unarmed suspect is killed by police, this guy believes the cops regardless. According to him, Freddie Gray was on drugs when he died in police custody. Even though a witness lied about this, he's firm in believing Michael Brown was charging at Darren Wilson while firing his service weapon like a football player.

You can count on that annoying conservative agitator as the guy to promote the unarmed suspect's friends, family, and President Barack Obama were responsible for the death.
Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) whines to Chuck Todd about the junk food media's treatment of him.
This guy's program is a nightmare. It's like listening his three hour radio show packed as a television show. If you're into the countless nights of complaining, arguing with people and utter stupidity, you find this guy's right wing carnival right up your alley.

It's gotten so worse, even clown car running Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) aimed at him and Rachel Maddow. Graham a frequent complainer of all things Obama has formally declared his intentions of running into the clown car. He and his old buddy Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) are senile and worthless as the Stallmigos.

Graham appears on GOP Sundays quite frequently. His interview with Chuck Todd went right into his beliefs that partisans ruin the country. He aims at the gay and Maddow.

Of course, the thin skinned agitators have responded back.

I actually like Rachel Maddow. I admit I do like listening to that annoying conservative agitator. He's really annoying but honestly he's got my attention. I listen to him. I am hoping that day will come when I call his show and boldly tell him that he's extremely annoying and he will probably be the reason to why perennial candidate Hillary Clinton is the next President of the United States.

So you think Graham's complaining of that guy may have damaged his standing with voters?

I mean he's probably polling low even in his own state, so I would imagine that it's not a good idea to attack a guy who gives them a hour infomercial.

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