Sunday, June 14, 2015

GOP Staffers "Booted" From Hillary Event Causes Conservative Outrage!

Republican agitators claim they were booted from a Hillary Clinton campaign stop.

As Hillary Clinton launches a formal campaign, the Republicans found it possible to troll her. When it was told that Republican protesters were going to be there, they were thrown out!

I don't want to draw to conclusions, but I bet he and his posse went in with Blue shirts, then were ejected after they turned their shirts over to say Stop Hillary.

After they left, they took a picture with the shirts post it on social media to see it if would get dumbass Jim Hoft and the conservative Craigslist attention.

This is according to the Deputy Press Secretary for the Republican Party, Raffi Williams, the son of Loserville commentator Juan "Token" Williams.

Williams is one of the instigators who told the junk food media about crowd sizes and the events had a "sea of white faces".

Again, Republicans show a sign of desperation. The accusations of Republicans being told to turn their shirts back or face removal is bullshit.

I believe that it's a rouse.

But nonetheless it caused a form of conservative outrage.
And so it begins....cue the outrage.
Hillary Clinton launches her formal campaign on Roosevelt Island in New York City. She was aided by her husband, former president Bill Clinton.

Democratic challengers are pouncing on Clinton because of her hypothetical stance on President Barack Obama's proposal for trade overseas.

The Democrats blocked the legislation that would give the president fast track actions on foreign trade with Asian allies.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Martin O'Malley are hoping to get out of single digits by attacking Clinton on her stances as well.

I am in agreement. The candidates aren't inspiring.

They are too polarizing! Republicans really are terrible. They are still stuck on stupidity and their obsession with Obama and Clinton.

Barack Obama beat most of them. If he ran a third term, he would beat them again. Damn shame the 22nd Amendment prevents it.

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