Monday, June 22, 2015

Conservative Outrage At DeRay McKesson!

When injustices in America end, I will go home...!

He gained fame by being an active protester in Ferguson. He's appeared in many high profile events in which law enforcement has used deadly force on unarmed suspects. He has appeared in areas where the not-so-subtle racism exist.

And now, DeRay McKesson has went to Charleston, South Carolina to protest the injustices.

Conservatives are pissed. So they went to the social media to create the #GoHomeDeray hashtag.

This hashtag became one of the most talked about on Twitter. Many conservatives have taken to Twitter to denounce McKesson, Rev. Perm and President Barack Obama. They believe that they "rush to judgement" when it came to the mass shooting at Mother Emmanuel AME Church.

The racist right believes that Dylann Roof's racial hatred towards Blacks wasn't a factor. But it's his mental illness, his drug use and his social ills. They believe that racism wasn't a factor to it. They believe its an attack on Christian beliefs.

Nine lives were lost when a White terrorist shot up a church. His social media unearth a trove of hatred. He shows pride in the Confederate flag and talked about the issues. He believes that Blacks are raping White women, causing havoc and taking over government. Rhetoric you may hear from agitators on talk radio, cable news and the blogs.

McKesson comes to Charleston to show solidarity with the victims. But to the racist right, he's there to start trouble. According to the social media trolls, the people of Charleston doesn't want him or Obama there.

Cue the irony. This is discussed by liberals and conservatives alike. Notice that McKesson did acknowledge this. He brushed off the criticism and told the junk food media that it's a part of a systematic strategy to shut down dissent.

DeRay took to Twitter and responded back to his critics.

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