Monday, May 04, 2015

Uncle Ben Rice Being Served In Detroit!

Dinner time is memorable with Uncle Ben's. Politics gotten a whole lot interesting. Ben Carson is running for the nomination.

Yeah, I said it. What are you going to do about it?

The former neurosurgeon and conservative agitator decided the time is now for him to put the makeup on and jump into the clown car.

As a political novice, Benjamin Carson is assuring the supporters that he's not an insider and he wants to make sure you are aware of that.

He vows to defeat the establishment.

He is one of the many agitators who believe that Obamacare (Affordable Care Act) is a disaster and as president Carson wants to repeal the whole law.

Carson gain notoriety for being the guy who "put Obama in his place". Yeah, the carnival barker told the president off. Funny.

Now he's using his notoriety to run for the White House.

He went to Detroit to make the announcement. He grew up in the city and wanted this as his backdrop. In a packed Detroit Music Hall, he tells his supporters that he's in for the win.

The Detroit Free Press reports that Carson shared his life. He grew up in the city, the son of a house cleaner and a father who left the family when Carson was 8. His mother, Sonya, had only a third-grade education, but didn't let on to her sons.
Speak volumes, Carson is hoping to score supporters.
In remarks to about 100 people at the museum, Carson talked about everything from the nation's economy, to his belief in creationism to the racial unrest that's been erupting in the wake of deaths of black men in cities across the country.

"People have lost hope and therefore an opportunity arises for them to break into a place and to loot it and stuff your pocket with things," he said of the unrest in Baltimore. "Some people actually find it easier to collect benefits than to work a minimum wage job. So can you really blame someone who decides to take that? But what it is doing is extinguishing the can-do attitude."

In speeches around the country, as well as in his autobiography "Gifted Hands," the Republican who now lives in Florida often tells of his mother demanding that her two sons turn off the TV, read two books each week from the Detroit Public Library and write a report on those books that she would mark up — even though she couldn't read the words.

"The main thing I'm hoping is that a lot of young people will recognize themselves in me, recognize that they themselves are the most influential factor in achieving their goals," Carson told the Free Press in an interview when a movie based on his book was being shot in Detroit. "Know that it is not enough to just wish, that it takes a lot of hard work and dedication, but it can be done."

Carson did it, turning what he calls his hated life of poverty, horrible temper and lack of enthusiasm for learning into earning high honors when he graduated from Southwestern High School in Detroit, a scholarship and psychology degree at Yale University and a medical degree from the University of Michigan.

The Detroit Free Press covers the campaign.

Carson is African American. So with that being said, you have the rainbow of extremism.

You got a Black man, two Hispanic men, one woman, and mostly White men running for the Republican nomination. You have four senators, five current governors, three former governors and one former senator. You have a former doctor and a former business executive.

There are five active campaigners for the Republican nomination. Soon there will be more.

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