Saturday, November 29, 2014

Off Duty Cop Puts A Slug In Woman After Being Given The Finger!

Harris County deputy charged with firing on a woman in an apparent road rage incident.

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The road rage incident that lead to a shooting. An off duty cop in Texas is getting an aggravated assault charge for shooting a woman after she cut him off and gave him the finger.

Outside of Houston, Texas on the South Loop (Interstate 610), Harris County Deputy Constable Kenneth Caplan got charged for firing his gun into the vehicle grazing a woman in the head.

The woman, whose name was not released by the station is truly blessed that she didn't substain any serious injuries from this encounter.

"I'm worried that since he's a cop, they're going to let him off easy," said the woman.

Click2Houston reports that the victim was traveling on the 610 South Loop near Stella Link during the evening rush hour commute on Nov. 11.

She said she was driving her car when she was cut off, then honked her horn and tried to get around the other driver. That action nearly cost the woman her life.

"I honestly got a taste of death. My heart was slowing down and I couldn't really breathe," she said.

The other driver, now identified as Caplan, drove alongside her, rolled his window down, pointed his weapon and opened fire, investigators said.

"I just started crying because I knew I was going to die," said the victim. "I wanted to call my mom to tell her I love you."

Caplan and his female passenger then fled the scene.

Investigators said the female passenger leaned back in her seat while Caplan shot out the window.

"He was aiming at me and I thought he was going to cuss me out. It didn't register that I was, you know, going to get shot," said the victim. "The blood was in between my nails, just crazy blood, and all over my cellphone, just covered."

The bullet went through the woman's drivers side window and grazed her on the left side of the head.

She pulled over onto the freeway shoulder and called for help.

Emergency crews arrived and transported her to Memorial Hermann Hospital for treatment. The victim survived her injuries.

"The doctor told me your case in one in a million. I don't ever see this," she said.

Evidence led investigators to identify Caplan, who was in law enforcement, as the suspect.

"I hope he gets what he deserves because I want him off the streets," said the victim.

The Harris County Constable's Office, Precinct 6, cooperated with the investigation, which was being led by the Houston Police Department's Homicide Division.

Caplan was arrested by HPD on Wednesday.

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