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Drudge Misleads Headline About Income Inequality!

I for one am getting tired of The Guy Who Throws Shit On The Wall and his conservative agitating.

He's entitled to attract his rabid base of WHITE EXTREMISTS and misinformed readers with his website.

Most of the Republican Party takes marching orders from him, the folks over at Loserville, King Hippo, Chalk E Becker, and now Crazy Jones. It's no secret that a handful of Republican politicos are drafting legislation based off these highly paid luntics of the junk food media.

While they're screaming that the media is in the tank for President Barack Obama, their gullible audience continues to shell out dollars for books, events, and products endorsements.

To put this in simple words: We'll scream so much and yes, we've gotten very wealthy by doing it!

In the link, the New York Times tells a tale of income inequality between two common groups Republicans rather see in the iron college instead of the voting booths.

The median income for Blacks and Hispanics have taken a nosedive for over 50 years. Further than we thought though. In the age of Barack Obama, many Republicans and their conservative/White supremacists allies believe the minorities are "brainwashed" into supporting the president because he's a "brotha".

The New York Times cited a study from the Urban Institute saying that White families make an average of $2 for every Blacks and Hispanics that makes $1. This situation has been around for 30 years.

Newsflash, Ronald Reagan was the president back then.

The title is misleading for one thing. It's not true.

One thing about the U.S. Congress these days, they're not popular. Right now, the Kardashians are slightly more likable than members of Congress.

Since the background check vote failed, members of the U.S. Senate who voted against it have taken nosedive in popularity. Republicans and Democrats who voted against gun control really are paying a price.

This inequality gap that stiffed Black and Hispanic families continue to reign because of lawmakers failing to do their part to their constituents. Gerrymandering and lack of knowledge continues to elect these politicos back to Washington. Despite their commitment to helping their country by making progress, our politicos are really more interested in helping their friends, family and allies instead of you and me.

That link will give those in the junk food media and the conservative/White supremacist bubble a "told you so moment!" They will waste no time trying to tie every economic woe to the president.

The president released a budget bill that Republicans refuse support. The president's job bill died in 112th Congress. This wasn't moving the Republicans in the House and the Senate passed it only to have it watered down because of conservative Democrats phobias of a Republican insurgency.

The low approved Congress managed to stall the immediate cuts by the Federal Aviation Administration.

They realized that the cuts were hurting their travel by air. They quickly passed legislation and the president signed into law. The president grumbled about this and told the American people that if we're elected to do a job, why are we not working to get things done?

The point of the income inequality started when Whites left the urban areas for the suburbs. Why buy in the city when there's malls, hospitals and parks in the suburbs?

I've heard White friends say they avoid going to the city because of some perceived phobia they've watched on the local news or from experience of friends or family members living there.

The Urban Institute concluded that when it comes to wealth — as measured by assets, like cash savings, homes and retirement accounts, minus debts, like mortgages and credit card balances — white families have far outpaced black and Hispanic ones. Before the recession, non-Hispanic white families, on average, were about four times as wealthy as nonwhite families, according to the Urban Institute’s analysis of Federal Reserve data. By 2010, whites were about six times as wealthy.

The dollar value of that gap has grown, as well. By the most recent data, the average white family had about $632,000 in wealth, versus $98,000 for black families and $110,000 for Hispanic families.

“The racial wealth gap is deeply rooted in our society,” said Caroline Ratcliffe, one of the authors of the Urban Institute study. “It’s here, it’s not going away, and we need to care about it.”

Many experts consider the wealth gap to be more pernicious than the income gap, as it perpetuates from generation to generation and has a powerful effect on economic security and mobility. Young black people are much less likely than young white people to receive a large sum from their parents or other relatives to pay for college, start a business or make a down payment on a home, for instance. That, in turn, makes their wealth-building prospects shakier as they move into adulthood.

Two major factors helped to widen this wealth gap in recent years. The first is that the housing downturn hit black and Hispanic households harder than it hit white households, in aggregate. Many young Hispanic families, for instance, bought homes as the housing bubble was inflating and reaching its peak, leaving them saddled with heavy debt burdens as house prices plunged in places like suburban Phoenix and inland California.

Black families also were hit disproportionately by the housing collapse, because heading into the recession housing constituted a higher proportion of their wealth than for white families, leaving them more exposed when the market crashed. Higher unemployment rates and lower incomes among blacks left them less able to keep paying their mortgages and more likely to lose their homes, experts said.

Discriminatory lending practices were also a factor. “We know that communities of color, their rate of subprime or predatory loans was twice what it is in the overall population,” said Tom Shapiro, the director of the Institute on Assets and Social Policy at Brandeis University.

Black families also suffered bigger hits to their retirement savings, the Urban Institute found. On aggregate, the value of black families’ retirement accounts shrank 35 percent between 2007 and 2010, while white families’ accounts actually gained 9 percent over the same period. With lower earnings and higher unemployment rates leaving them with a thinner safety net to begin with, black families were more likely to take funds out of the market when it was depressed, leaving them out in the cold as the market recovered.

“That reservoir of what you can dig into for emergencies and contingencies is a lot shallower in communities of color,” Professor Shapiro said. “That pushes black families to sling off assets, like I.R.A.’s or stocks, that you might have had another goal in mind for.”

The Guy Who Throws Shit On The Wall tweets a picture with former Bill Clinton nemesis (alleged mistress) Paula Jones. They were spotted at the 2013 White House Correspondents Dinner.
Something similar may be happening as the housing recovery takes hold. “Some people talk about it in terms of a land grab,” said Professor Hamilton of the New School, as mainly white investors are buying foreclosed homes from disproportionately minority owners. “As the housing market starts to appreciate, some of those minority buyers might not be back.”

All in all, Hispanic families lost 44 percent of their wealth between 2007 and 2010, the Urban Institute estimates, and black families lost 31 percent. White families, by comparison, lost 11 percent of their wealth. The economic turbulence worsened a gap that has persisted for as long as social scientists have measured it, and has its roots in institutional racism, they said, which, for instance, prevented black Americans from benefiting fully from the G.I. Bill back in the 1940s and 1950s.

The Urban Institute study looked at mean wealth figures, where a small number of high-net-worth families skews the averages upward. Median wealth figures — where half of households have more wealth and half less — produces lower numbers, but the trends are the same, the Urban Institute researchers said.

Even if blacks and Hispanics make progress in the years ahead as the economy improves, the persistence of the wealth gap has pushed many public policy scholars to recommend the adoption of more ambitious programs to help reduce worsening inequality.

The Urban Institute suggests reforming government policies that encourage savings but disproportionately benefit the already wealthy and families with high incomes, like the home mortgage interest deduction. Automatic savings vehicles also might help lower-income and lower-wealth families start saving, it said.

Professor Hamilton has proposed “baby bonds,” granting savings accounts to infants, seeded with funds that allocate greater sums to families with less wealth. (Such accounts would be race-blind, Professor Hamilton emphasized.) Accountholders could tap that money as young adults, to pay for college or start a business.

“That’s really going to break the link of intergenerational poverty, and the intergenerational wealth gap,” Professor Hamilton argued.

But in the absence of such far-reaching measures, scholars and advocates remain generally pessimistic that the wealth gap will narrow even as members of minority groups increase their share of the American work force.

“The growth in the wealth divide is going to be very hard to close,” said Dedrick Muhammad, the senior director of the economic department at the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, the civil rights organization. “I don’t have a positive feeling about racial wealth inequality resolving itself with the recovery.”

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Breitbart: Jason Collins Ain't No Hero To LGBT!

Shock value.

Ben Shaprio and Joel Pollack once again bury their heads in the ass once again.

For one thing, would Ben Shapiro say this stuff to directly to an over 7 ft tall NBA player?

The conservative Breitbart News overreacts once again to the news of NBA center Jason Collins coming out as the first openly gay basketball player.

The news broke around 10am and the nation is embracing the NBA star for having such courage to open up about his sexuality.

President Barack Obama and former president Bill Clinton had contacted Collins and showed their support for the player.

Shaprio on the other hand comes to Twitter to promote conservative agitating. And yes, he's getting flack for it. He took to the social networks to rant about the junk food media forcing the news down his throat.

And yes he gets flack and then plays the victim when confronted by those who felt his tweet was over the line.

There's a website that tracks this type of nonsense. It's called Public Shaming and it collects the most asinine comments from the social networks.

Yes, it's tracked this douchebag Ben Shapiro and the many who supported him.

Jason Collins 2012.jpg
Jason Collins comes out as a gay player.
Andrew Breitbart once was the voice against the "establishment" media and their "shielding" of President Barack Obama. This conservative agitator died in March 2012 with a legacy of race-baiting and pompous grandstanding.

Surrounded with controversy, this conservative activist founded his own media empire that aided in attacking President Barack Obama, Hollywood or those in the so-called liberal media! Breitbart.com was the beginning of the Big blogs. Each Big blog is play upon what he mocked progressive values such as peace, Hollywood and government.

Andrew Breitbart gain notoriety after he sent two conservative activists into ACORN, a minority voting and housing assistance program that he believe were aiding in voter fraud.

He also succeed in getting Barack Obama's advisor Van Jones fired after he published tapes of Jones calling the Republican Party a bunch of "assholes".

Breitbart was responsible for ending the career of long-term Congressman Anthony Weiner (D-New York) after he used Twitter to send sexual explicit photos to women.

But his most controversial scandal was Shirley Sherrod, the USDA worker under fire for alleged racist comments that were deemed offensive enough for the White House to have her removed. When it turned out it was a doctored video and Mrs. Sherrod was actually trying to acknowledge racism growing up in her childhood, this scandal became an issue towards President Barack Obama. He was forced to apologize personally to Mrs. Sherrod. Breitbart was sued for defamation of character by Mrs. Sherrod. This lawsuit is active even though the conservative agitator died.
A controversial legend to the conservative agitating media.
Andrew Breitbart was the right hand man of gay conservative agitator Matt Drudge and ex-right winger mega-blogger Arianna Huffington. Breitbart made a living trying to distort videos in order to smear an opponent. He claimed that his mission was to root out those who claimed the Tea Party and conservatives were racist and in turn to prove that President Barack Obama, the Democratic Party and their liberal allies are the proven racists!

A known hot head, Andrew Breitbart got into it with commentators who called him out on his hypocrisy.

Never one to back down, Breitbart would get his supporters to shout down those who attack him.
Since his passing, the legacy of Breitbart lives on! Breitbart trained "young gun" proteges Lila Rose, Jason Mattera, James O'Keefe, Dana Loesh, Joel Pollack, and Ben Sharpio to become serial agitators. They vow to expose the "institutional left" and those who support it.

By the way, the newest hot head conservative agitator is the Turd Flipper. She takes the mantle of the most annoying serial agitator.

Jason Collins: NBA Player Dribbles A Shocker!

Jason Collins the 7'0'' NBA center opens up about his sexuality.

The Washington Wizards center comes out a gay basketball player.

Wow, in one day we seen more stuff come out of the Washington-Baltimore area. And it's only Monday.

I had posted about a big time player in the iron college knocking up four correctional guards in a Baltimore jail. The feds are working on putting the player and his honeys in the iron college for life.

I had posted about President Barack Obama and Conan O'Brien making the rounds at the White House Correspondent's Dinner. And the flack of former governor Palin Da Ass.

I talked about Washington lawmakers failing the people of Newtown, Connecticut when it comes to passing comprehensive gun control.

I haven't talked about the low approved Congress passing legislation to slow down the FAA budget cuts. Those budget cuts will affect air travel. But due to public outcry and politicos suffering too, they've compromised on the slow wound.

Now since the news of Black entertainers and athletes coming out publicly, it's another rocker since Jenna Wolfe made her announcement on national television and print.

Collins is an American professional basketball center with the Washington Wizards of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Collins attended Stanford University, where he was an All-American in 2000–01 and appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated on March 15, 2000. He finished his college career ranked #1 in Stanford history for field goal percentage (.608) and #5 in blocked shots (89).

In a story appearing in the May 6, 2013, issue of Sports Illustrated, Collins announced publicly that he is gay, becoming the first active male professional athlete in United States team sports to publicly announce his homosexuality.

The Huffington Post reports that 34-year-old, who appeared in 32 games this season for the Celtics before being traded at the deadline along with Leandro Barbosa for guard Jordan Crawford and is now a free agent, tells Sports Illustrated:

"I didn't set out to be the first openly gay athlete playing in a major American team sport. But since I am, I'm happy to start the conversation. I wish I wasn't the kid in the classroom raising his hand and saying, 'I'm different.' If I had my way, someone else would have already done this. Nobody has, which is why I'm raising my hand."

Collins continues, "When I was younger I dated women. I even got engaged. I thought I had to live a certain way. I thought I needed to marry a woman and raise kids with her. I kept telling myself the sky was red, but I always knew it was blue."

As to why he opted to address his sexuality now, Collins says that he was partly inspired by the Boston Marathon bombings, adding that "it takes an enormous amount of energy to guard such a big secret."

"I've endured years of misery and gone to enormous lengths to live a lie. I was certain that my world would fall apart if anyone knew," he writes. "And yet when I acknowledged my sexuality I felt whole for the first time. I still had the same sense of humor, I still had the same mannerisms and my friends still had my back."

Big Player In The Iron College!

Tavon White is the big time player in the iron college. His house of cards folded this week after the U.S. feds busted him, 13 correction guards (four of them he knocked up) and other members who ran a drug trafficking ring.

The feds bust up a huge conspiracy in a state prison. An inmate in the iron college manages to knock up four women.

Did I mention they're correction guards?

This scandal along with numerous violations drove the state and federal authorities to put those involved in the hot seat. They'll end up finding unemployment very unpleasant after they leave the iron college.

Ironic these are the women who were supposed to do their jobs as correctional officers and staffers. They shown the public sector a negative impact of duty as law enforcement officers.

This unbelievable story managed to drive the junk food media into the five themes of yellow journalism.

Was he Black? - YES
What city was this in? - BALTIMORE
Does the state have the death penalty? - MARYLAND BANS THE DEATH PENALTY
How can we blame President Barack Obama? - OBAMA'S SON
Is this an example of Black people being sex crazed animals? - YES BY WHITE EXTREMISTS

Rest assured it probably made it to That Guy Who Throws Shit On The Wall's website.

It's probably one of those White supremacists asshole websites who calls Blacks everything but human.

Yeah, it's there. The WHITE EXTREMISTS found the pictures of the individual women who got knocked up by the player. Like every idiot online, they post pictures on Facebook and leave it open for the extremists who cyberstalk and harass those involved.

It's going to expose the lapse of security in our justice system. It's assured that state lawmakers will pass legislation that could mandate stricter background checks for female and male correction officers.

The dangerous individuals will probably find loopholes to outmaneuver state prison officials.

The Black Guerrilla Family is a notorious extremist group. It's known as a prison and street gang founded in 1966 by George Jackson and W.L. Nolen while they were incarcerated at San Quentin State Prison in Marin County, California, north of San Francisco.

The U.S. Justice Department assisted the state police in the investigation of 13 correctional guards, five members of the gang, and seven other inmates were indicted on charges that could carry life in prison.

The Washington Post reports the indictment described a jailhouse seemingly out of control. Four corrections officers became pregnant by one inmate. Two of them got tattoos of the inmate’s first name, Tavon — one on her neck, the other on a wrist.
Tiffany Linder is the alleged ringleader. She and other female correctional officers willfully negligent their duties to serve law enforcement. She was knocked up by a drug kingpin and allowed banned contraband to come into the iron college.
The guards allegedly helped leaders of the Black Guerilla Family run their criminal enterprise in jail by smuggling cellphones, prescription pills and other contraband in their underwear, shoes and hair. One gang leader allegedly used proceeds to buy luxury cars, including a Mercedes-Benz and a BMW, which he allowed some of the officers to drive.

“The inmates literally took over ‘the asylum,’ and the detention centers became safe havens for BGF,” said FBI Special Agent in Charge Stephen E. Vogt, using shorthand for the prison gang’s name.

The indictment, unsealed Tuesday in U.S. District Court in Baltimore, puts the spotlight on the enduring power of gangs in jails and prisons. In particular, prosecutors were highly critical of Maryland’s facilities in Baltimore, with procedures and personnel that were “completely inadequate to prevent smuggling” and lacked “effective punishment.”

The Black Guerrilla Family was founded in California in the 1960s but now operates nationwide in prisons and on the streets of major U.S. cities, including Baltimore. It arrived in Maryland’s prison system in the 1990s, according to the Justice Department, and is increasingly involved in narcotics trafficking, robbery, assault and homicides. By 2006, federal authorities say, the BGF had become the dominant gang at the Baltimore City Detention Center.

Gary D. Maynard, head of the Maryland agency that oversees the prisons, appeared at the Baltimore news conference where prosecutors announced the charges, and took responsibility for ongoing problems.
Katera Stevenson's self pictures are posted on extremists websites. One of the many prison correction guards who were charged in a federal probe of drug trafficking. The woman was knocked up by drug kingpin.
“It’s totally on me. I don’t make any excuses,” said Maynard, who was appointed by Gov. Martin O’Malley in 2007, when the prison system was experiencing a spate of inmate violence and corrections officers’ complaints of staffing shortages. “We will move up the chain of command, and people will be held accountable.” A spokesman said late Tuesday that all of the officers have been suspended without pay and that the department will recommend that they be fired.

In a statement Tuesday, O’Malley said the indictment arose in part from the efforts of a Maryland prison task force that includes state and federal officials.

It comes at a sensitive time for the Democrat, who is weighing a 2016 presidential bid. Aides have said that part of O’Malley’s political pitch would be his record as a “performance-driven” manager of state government. “We have zero tolerance for corruption among correctional officers, and we will continue striving to make all correctional facilities as secure as they can possibly be,” the governor said.

 State Sen. Joseph M. Getty (R-Carroll), a member of the Judicial Proceedings Committee, said the revelations, coupled with a recent string of inmate killings at Maryland prisons, were “a pretty harsh indictment” of O’Malley’s prison policies.

“This is frightening to us as legislators — the level of collusion that has existed between the correction officers and inmates,” Getty said.
Jennifer Owens fell in love with a thug.
At the center of the investigation was an alleged leader of the Black Guerilla Family, Tavon White, who prosecutors said fathered five children with four of the corrections officers — Jennifer Owens, 31, of Randallstown; Katera Stevenson, 24, of Baltimore; Chania Brooks, 27, of Baltimore; and Tiffany Linder, 27, of Baltimore — since his incarceration on attempted murder charges in 2009.

In one wiretapped cellphone call in January, White, 36, of Baltimore, told an acquaintance: “This is my jail. You understand that? I’m dead serious. I make every final call in this jail.”
Who could blame him? The ladies loved him!
The prison guards were among 25 defendants, including inmates and outside suppliers, charged with racketeering and drug conspiracy. Twenty of the defendants are also charged in a money-laundering conspiracy. Defendants made initial appearances in court Tuesday; they face maximum prison time of 20 years on the racketeering and drug conspiracy charges. The online court docket did not list attorneys for the defendants. One of the defendants was killed in a robbery, prosecutors said, in the hours before the April 2 indictment was filed.

Four years ago, federal authorities in Baltimore targeted the BGF gang at the state prison in Baltimore, sending its reputed leader to prison for 12 years. In that case, prosecutors alleged that gang members, along with four prison guards who were also implicated, ordered hits from their cellphones and enjoyed salmon and Grey Goose vodka that had been smuggled in.

But the scope of corruption in the current case, Maryland U.S. Attorney Rod J. Rosenstein said, was stunning.

“Correctional officers were in bed with BGF inmates,” he said. “We need to be able to rely on people within law enforcement — to make sure they are on our side.”

Court papers that were made public Tuesday point to a highly organized, profitable smuggling enterprise within the Baltimore City Detention Center and several connected facilities, including the Baltimore Central Booking and Intake Center.
Chania Brooks pictures appear on extremists websites. She along with three other female correction guards were impregnated by the same guy. The young woman is facing federal charges for being involved in a drug trafficking ring.
According to an affidavit for search warrants for the homes of the prison guards, who were arrested Tuesday, gang leaders strategically recruited female officers who they thought had “low self-esteem and insecurities.”

Gang leaders also relied on other inmates, known as “working men,” whose jobs throughout the prison gave them greater flexibility to pick up and deliver contraband. Inmates then paid for the drugs and cellphones using 14-digit numbers from prepaid debit cards that had also been smuggled into the prisons.

Within Maryland’s detention facilities, staff workers are generally free to move within their assigned areas, according to department spokesman Rick Binetti. With identification, they can often move freely outside of their assigned locations.

In one instance, prosecutors described Officer Jasmin Jones allegedly standing guard outside a closet while Officer Kimberly Dennis had sex with inmate Derius Duncan.

Maynard said department policy prohibits such relationships between inmates and correctional officers but added that he was unaware of the specific allegations until the court documents were made public Tuesday.

Corrections officers also allegedly warned inmates about impending searches of cells, according to prosecutors. In January, White spread the word to other inmates in a cellphone call recorded by law enforcement: “I just got a message saying that they was going to pull a shakedown tonight. Let me call all these dudes in my phone and let them know.”

In prison, prosecutors said, White bragged about earning $16,000 during a slow month. Percocet pills that cost $10 outside the prison walls, for instance, went for three times as much behind bars. One-gram bags of marijuana sold for $50, a profit of about $1,000 per ounce, according to court documents.

White is also accused of using the money to buy cars for corrections officers to use.

Sen. Lisa A. Gladden (D-Baltimore), who works as a public defender in Baltimore when the legislature is not in session, said the large percentage of female corrections at the detention center contributed to the problem. “A lot of times, they become smitten with the inmates. [The inmates] talk really sweet and say really nice things, and the CO’s fall for them. You need to have a bunch of rough, ugly men.”

But Maynard, the state prison chief, said that the sex of the officers was not the issue. It is not uncommon, he said, for detention centers across the country to employ women. The issue, he said, was this particular group of “bad actors,” who were strategically targeted and were willing to break the law.

Well what does this tell you?

This story will rile up conservatives and White supremacists. They already have a negative opinion about the Black community and President Barack Obama. They are going to paint Black males as sex crazy lunatics. They're going to tie the president to this individual.

This gives them the thoughts that Blacks are violent, Barack Obama is a "nigger" or the whole Black community in general are "primates". They think of these people as some of Obama's children.

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Breitbart: Obama Being Mean To Conservatives!

Rush Limbaugh warned about this. Second term, baby! - President Barack Obama.

Ben Shaprio and Joel Pollack can't take a joke.

Since the passing of Andrew Breitbart, the media empire built on the basis of racial hoaxes, ambush journalism, and misquotes is struggling to surviving in an industry that covers news from the conservative prospective.

The Blaze founded by controversial agitator Glenn Beck is rising as the top source for conservative news.

Competing for the title of the most craziest of the right wing media empire, Breitbart tries its hardest to bring light to the junk food media. They believe that the junk food media shields President Barack Obama.

The latest outrage from the Breitbart guys is the White House Correspondents Dinner.

The president was knocking on Rush Limbaugh, CNN, Fox News, Senators Ted Cruz (R-Texas), Rand Paul (R-Kentucky), Marco Rubio (R-Florida), Representatives Michele Bachmann (R-Minnesota) and Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin). He also knocked the Republican Party's failure to reach out to minority voters by acknowledging that he's Black and they're stubborn to work with him because of his race.

Conan O'Brien, the headliner of the event managed to take digs at the same as well as perennial loser Mitt Romney and New Jersey Republican governor Chris Christie. Conan also took a shot at NBC for the network's ranking to fifth place and The Tonight Show fiasco that forced him to leave.

Of course, knowing that Rush Limbaugh (aka King Hippo) enjoys the attention, I'll bet he'll discuss the situation on his radio program today. Any mentions of King Hippo, Sean Hannity (The Guy Who Helped Barack Obama Win), Matt Drudge (The Guy Who Throws Shit To The Wall), Glenn Beck (Chalk E. Becker) or Sarah Palin (Palin Da Ass), they'll complain that the president's attacking them.
Breitbart boys singled out the president's association with entertainer Christopher "Ludacris" Bridges.

After entering to hip-hop music, President Barack Obama wasted no time in mocking conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh at the White House Correspondents Dinner on Saturday.

"How do you like my new entrance music?" Obama said, smirking. "Rush Limbaugh warned you about this. Second term, baby."

Obama entered to, "All I Do is Win," a DJ Khaled song that features Ludacris, who once rapped about wanting to paint the White House black.

The president also joked, in reference to Limbaugh King Hippo, "We're changing things" in the second term.

One thing is true: Barack Obama is a winner. He managed to secure a second term.

King Hippo lost hundreds of paid advertising.

Breitbart is irrelevant thanks to his death and the ongoing vendetta against conservative agitator Dana Loesh.

And the conservative media is literally hurting the Republican Party. Red State founder Erick Erickson warned that all this overreacting to everything the president does is going to make conservatives look like they're immature crybabies and sore losers.
I don't know why you didn't use this much, Mr. President! - Conan O'Brien.
Erickson wrote: [There] are scandals to uncover and there are outrageous stories to be outraged over, but I would submit conservatives are spending a lot more time trying to find things to be outraged over than reporting the news and basic facts online from a conservative perspective. In my ideal world, RedState would have a couple of reporters to focus on the basics and the depth.

Conservatives must start telling stories, not just producing white papers and peddling daily outrage.  The stories we choose to tell should have all the information we need to be informed of facts and paint a picture of those facts’ impact.  RedState has a very simple mission statement: educate conservative activists, motivate them to engage, and provide tools for easy activation and empowerment.  Along the way, we try to be a compass to the conservative movement, pointing to the truth north of conservatism and letting policy makers and legislators decide how far from that truth north they must deviate.

Educating conservatives is a critical component of our mission.

Would that really be heard by the mainstream peddlers of conservative outrage?

Ask talking point peddler Frank Luntz.

Back in 2009, Wanda Sykes was the headliner at the last WHCD and she made a joke calling King Hippo the 20th hijacker and the agitator was too doped up on Oxycontin to do anything. And Sykes jabbed The Guy Who Helped Obama Win over his boast of taking a "waterboarding" for charity when he debated Charles Gordin.

And before I depart from the story, I want to get this out the way. The Palin Da Ass went into an epic rant about the Nerd Prom. She took to Twitter and Facebook to rant and rave about how the politicos can yuck it up while the American people suffer.

Bitch please! Go somewhere and just fade.

The former Alaskan governor is a waste of space and her head is full of hot air. The ego couldn't be any bigger!

Ludacris appears on Disturbing Tha Peace, LLC/Def Jam.
Rick Ross appears on Def Jam. Affiliated with Maybach Music Group and Slip-N-Slide Records.
Snoop Dogg (known as Snoop Lion) appears on Doggystyle/Priority Records.
DJ Khaled appears on We The Best/Terror Squad/Maybach Music Group/Cash Money Records.
T-Pain appears on Nappy Boy/Konvict/RCA Records.

The single All I Do Is Win is licensed by E-1 Entertainment.

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Media Roast...

A picture worth a thousand words. Conan O'Brien had the opportunity to roast the controversial media figures at the White House Correspondents Dinner.

The White House Correspondent's Dinner is held every late April where the president, first lady, the junk food media journalists, Hollywood and some notable politicos yuck it up at the Hilton Hotel in Washington, DC. They give a comedian an open mic to roast those in the media who do their jobs diligently covering the news.

It's dubbed the "Nerd Prom" because it's streamed live on CSPAN and the cable news channels.

Last night's WHCD was good. President Barack Obama and Conan O'Brien both delivered the punches and had the audience rolling.

Of course, the controversial figures in the news media weren't spared.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

FEDS: Okay, You're The Guy!

Everett Dutschke via screencap
Everett Dutschke is now the stooge that Feds arrested in ricin case.

The most bizarre case ever to hit the national news. The first thing that came forth were ricin letters being sent to the office of Senator Roger Wicker (R-Mississippi). Then another letter with ricin was sent to President Barack Obama. The letter was signed K.C. and he approved this messaged.

The feds arrest an mentally disturbed individual named [Paul] Kevin Curtis. As the charges were being laid out to Curtis, an Elvis impersonator the house was being searched. The house didn't contain the deadly chemical and the U.S. prosecutor dropped the charges off him.

Now enter a rival impersonator who is also a perennial candidate for office. He's a martial arts instructor who was accused of fondling on little girls.

That's wild.

The feds arrested this guy on suspicion of carrying out the attack.

Federal Bureau of Investigation arrested 41-year-old [James] Everett Dutschke of Tupelo, Mississippi Saturday morning in connection with a series of poison-tainted letters that were mailed to President Barack Obama and two other public officials.

The Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal reported that authorities staked out Dutschke’s home Friday afternoon and evening and moved in to arrest him around 1:00 a.m. Saturday. The Daily Journal speculated that the suspect is being held at the Lafayette County Detention Center, but no officials have confirmed his current whereabouts except to say that he is in custody.

Earlier this week, authorities arrested local musician and longtime rival of Dutschke, Paul Kevin Curtis, who maintains that Dutschke attempted to frame him for the poisoned letters. His attorney, Christi McCoy, said, “We are relieved but also saddened. This crime is nothing short of diabolical. I have seen a lot of meanness in the past two decades, but this stops me in my tracks.”

Curtis was released Tuesday when charges against him were dropped. Since then, the investigation has centered around Dutschke, who has reportedly harbored a years-long grudge against Curtis.

Dutschke unsuccessfully ran for office twice, once as a Republican in 2007, vying with Democratic Rep. Steve Holland for a seat in Congress, and then again in 2008 as a Democrat, running for Lee County Election Commissioner.

Friday, April 26, 2013

We See Alot Of "Socially Awkward People" Jocking Jay-Z!

Show you how to do this son! - Raffi Torres, a NHL player who decided to go as Jay-Z for a Halloween party. The Phoenix Coyote hockey player got some huge flack for slapping on the shoe polish and sticking out his pouty lips.

First things first, we have to make sure we get this out there. Politically conservative minded individuals are likely to harbor bigoted views of race, gender, sexuality, nationality, religion, education, social, political and economic standings.

One thing is clear, that media mogul Jay-Z and his wife, pop singer Beyonce are frequent targets of the junk food media after they've declared their open support of President Barack Obama.

By the way, they're Black celebrities! Well Beyonce and President Obama are biracial though.

It's not a political party that dictates racism. It's an inherited mindset from either cultural differences and lack of understanding of the human race.

So for those who think that we always bash the Republican Party for being enablers of racism, you're wrong!
Gloria Platko calls a local official an "arrogant nigger" in a taped conversation.
We'll call out members of the Democratic Party too if they decided to open their mouth insert foot.

One so is some Democratic official out of Michigan who uttered a racial slur at another member of the Democratic Party.

One of the good members of Mediaite, Tommy Christopher wrote about some old geezer talking smack about a Black county official. Buena Vista Township Clerk Gloria Platko is resisting demands that she step down after another local official, Interim Township Manager Dexter Mitchell (a Democrat), taped a phone conversation in which Platko referred to Township Supervisor Dwayne Parker (also a Democrat) as “an arrogant nigger.”

The 63 year-old Democrat later apologized for the “slip of the tongue,” but shockingly insisted that her use of the slur doesn’t make her racist, because she has “eaten Thanksgiving dinner with black friends at their house.”

“Yea, I probably should’ve used a word like ‘ignoramus’ or something like that, but I didn’t, and I’m sorry for the word I used,” Platko concluded.

Yeah, I have a  few of them too.....!

This disgrace of a politico should get rolled out of the office. This piece of shit is allowed to say whatever the heck she wants, but the constituents who elected her rotten ass to the post should take consideration in voting next time. Hopefully, this is the beginning of the end for this Gloria Platko.

Now over at Black Voices/Huffington Post, the University of California at Irvine has a few jocks acting out like a bunch of idiots. It's unfortunate that they've never understood that making a parody of something doesn't require black polish on your face. That black polish and that "shuckin' & jivin'" offends the Black community and it's likely they'll be doing community service in a Black neighborhood or barber shop real soon.
Asian fraternity under fire for blackface parody of Jay-Z.

Lambda Theta Delta, UC Irvine's self-described first and largest Asian American fraternity, recently posted a video on YouTube featuring four brothers dancing to "Suit & Tie by Justin Timberlake featuring Jay-Z, the Los Angeles Times reported.

The video names the students as Tony D. Duong, Philip Lam, Rainier Nanquil and Justin T. Nguyen. Nanquil is identified as the one in blackface who's supposed to be portraying Jay-Z. Most of the video just shows the brothers in a living room dressed formally and dancing to the camera. The end of the video advertises "Installs," which OC Weekly describes as an end-of-the-year celebration for the entrance of new brothers.

Thomas Parham, UC Irvine's vice chancellor for student affairs, told the Daily Pilot they're investigating the video.

"We are dismayed to see what I think is insensitive in a video parody that was made by these individuals," Parham said.

The Asian Pacific Student Association at UC Irvine also denounced the video as "deeply offensive" and "racist" in a Facebook post.

Lamba Theta Delta posted a statement on Facebook Wednesday apologizing for the offensive video, and saying the individuals involved would be punished.

The use of black face in the video is incredibly offensive as well as insensitive. This behavior is simply unacceptable and the individuals responsible for the video have already been reprimanded within the organization prior to the public outcry to which this formal apology is responding. We want to ensure everyone that this video does not represent the views of the collective house. With that being said it does acknowledge the fact that we have some ignorant individuals within our organization, whom we have already dealt with ourselves.

Although they've pulled the official video, it's reappeared on YouTube. Someone is publicly shaming these fools.

And lastly Gwyneth Paltrow, a close friend of both Jay-Z, Beyonce and Kanye West was under fire for being People Magazine's Most Beautiful Woman. The 40-year old entertainer is married to Coldplay frontman Chris Martin and she's featured in Marvel's Iron Man 3 movie with Robert Downey, Jr. and Don Cheadle.
Paltrow Twit Pic
Gwyneth Paltrow onstage with Jay-Z and Kanye West.
Last year, while backstage at concert being held by Jay-Z and Kanye West, Paltrow went to Twitter to share her experience and tweet her favorite song was "Niggas in Paris".

Many followers and critics were shocked to see that she would do such a thing.

Jay-Z gave her a pass. Most supporters tried to smooth the situation by saying that she's just tweeted the name of the song, not calling the rappers "Niggers".

Well this honor of being the most beautiful really shocked her in a good way.

“I can’t believe it,” Paltrow said of the honor. “I kept thinking, ‘This can’t be true.’ I’ve never been more surprised or flattered.”

Among the many other stars who made the list: Adele, Beyonce, Jennifer Lawrence, and Halle Berry, who has been on the list sixteen times.
Jay-Z with Beyonce and Gwyneth Paltrow.
But being world’s most beautiful woman takes hard work. Paltrow told People she works out two hours every day and that her exercise routine can be “a nightmare.” She pushes herself to do it because being in shape is part of her job, she said.

Being voted the most beautiful is a high accomplishment. But this title comes with detractors.

Some felt the title should have went to actress Jennifer Lawrence. The actress turned down the nod according to some of the celebrity agitators in the junk food media.

Regardless of what the haters say, Gwyneth Paltrow is beautiful and no one can take that away from her.

So to those socially awkward people who want to "talk black", "act black" or "complain about Black", please continue to do so at your discretion.

You may end up looking like a damn fool at the end of the day.

You don't have Jay-Z money nor his baby's money. By baby it's either his wife or his child.

Jay-Z appears on Roc-A-Fella Records.
Kanye West appears on Roc-A-Fella Records.
Beyonce appears on Columbia Records/Sony Music Group.
Chris Martin appears on Parlophone/Capitol Records.
Gwyneth Paltrow as a singer appears on Hollywood Records.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Senators Who Voted Against Gun Control Allowed Boston Bombers Firearms!

Just like his daddy, Senator Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) can make these grandstands and yet accomplish nothing!

This been over a week since the junk food media's coverage of the Boston Marathon tragedy in which two men set off bombs near the finish line injuring hundreds and kill three. This lead to a week's worth of drama-filled coverage of the bombing, the victims and the nation's obsessive blame of others.

Yeah, there was these "little issues" over the week that managed to slip through the week's obsessive news coverage of Boston. While we tuned in to Boston, we seen a deranged White extremist sent ricin letters to Senator Roger Wicker (R-Mississippi) and the president. There was a break in the Texas district attorneys case in which they were murdered in cold-blood. A former judge and his wife were arrested in the murder of the district attorneys and the wife of the one. There was a dangerous explosion at a fertilizer plant in West, Texas. That incident killed over 15 people. The families and surviving victims of Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut watched the inept U.S. Senate fail a watered-down firearm bill. This assured a response from President Barack Obama.

He vowed that Gabrielle Giffords and the victims of Newtown will get a law passed. He stated that he will work even harder to get his agenda passed. He warned Democrats and Republicans who voted against gun control will face the wrath of the voter.

This Boston Marathon tragedy opens the door for debate on gun control, illegal immigration, racial profiling and terrorism.

This event prompts hate crimes against those who are Muslim or Sikh.

This event generates the circular firing squad of conservative agitators quick to blame President Barack Obama for anything that happens on his watch. Regardless of the event, expect a conservative agitator to throw their shit to the wall hoping it will stick.

Since these two individuals were in a shootout with MIT police officer which resulted in his death and the severe injuries of another, some gun control advocates are proving to the worthless Congress, that their failure to pass reasonable gun control continues the longstanding tradition of allowing the mentally ill and criminal dangerous to own firearms without background checks.

Proud wacko bird Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas)
The death of Tamerlan Tsarnaev and the capture of brother Dzokhar had been a pretty successful week for the Boston Police and U.S. Justice Department. Dzokhar Tsarnaev, the lone survivor is in custody. He's being treated for injuries after the gunfire with federal authorities.

The Republican senators John McCain (R-Arizona), Lindsay Graham (R-South Carolina), Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), and Congressman Pete King (R-New York) made it clear that they want Dzokhar charged as an "enemy combatant" and send him to GITMO.

Clearly ignoring the U.S. Constitution, many Republicans and conservative agitators want to see an American citizen (yes, a naturalized citizen since 2012) tried in a military tribunal. Members of the Republican House are demanding Attorney General Eric Holder and FBI agents not give the suspect his "Miranda rights". Ignoring the fact the FBI can uses a temporary method to extract information. The man commit an act on American soil. He will be charged in federal court for committing an act of terrorism.

Republicans using the excuse to invoke their hatred of Muslims by saying the U.S. Justice Department shouldn't read Miranda rights to a suspect is not helpful at all. The fact that dumbass politico Pete King called for racial profiling and singling out one religion is not going to win over new voters.

Republicans who voted against universal background checks really pissed on the graves of those young lives lost in that senseless tragedy in Connecticut.

But wondering how the heck did two men who weren't registered gun overs got a hand of firearms?

Well even though Massachusetts has some of the toughest firearm laws and yet these individuals still managed to obtain firearms to kill a MIT police officer.

Yeah, the circular conservative firing squad continues on with the endless blame President Barack Obama for being lapse on terrorism, trying to push for gun control measures and just being there in the White House without the tours.

The Republicans and some of the Democrats pulled their pants down and let the NRA slip one up their ass!

We understand that criminals don't obey laws. We know that the next domestic terrorist would cause harm upon those who run a daily routine. It's common that human behavior dictates reactions.
Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) continues to point the finger in the wake of a tragedy.
But the point here is that our society is blatantly ignorant. If we're to take away the freedoms of Americans who are practicing Islam, what kind of nation are we going to be?

Why are we being bias towards immigrants?

Why are we advocating profiling of others?

Is the Republican Party's grassroots outreach a nightmare?

Would you vote for Senators Lindsay Graham (R-South Carolina), Rand Paul (R-Kentucky), Jeff Sessions (R-Alabama), Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), and Ted Cruz (R-Texas) if the election was held today?

Did Senator Kelly Ayotte (R-New Hampshire) decision to vote against gun control hurt her politically?

Limbaugh: If Dzhakar Was Like Trayvon.....

Horrible comparison from conservative agitator.

How many advertisers pulled away from King Hippo?

Over a 1,000 sponsors and growing.

Never one to shy away from controversy and the circular firing squad of blame, comes the King Hippo.

Fresh off the Obama blamed for tragedy tour, the right wing agitators are back to business. From denying the race of the Boston Bombers, to now complaining about the surviving bomber getting Miranda rights.

Congressman Tom Cotton (R-Arkansas) a Tea Party endorsed politico made the most ridiculous comment of the day. He claims that under the five years of leadership of Barack Obama, the country had experience multiple attacks from numerous Islamic jihadist! Saying that his predecessor George W. Bush kept the nation safe for the eight years while he was in office.

Cotton get the cotton out of ya ears, dude! Hurricane Katrina. September 11, 2001.

C'mon dude, you're a freshman who hasn't learned the basics of history! Get your head out of your ass, politco.

Anyways, the people over at Loserville and King Hippo were never fans of a young teenager who was gunned down by a reckless man who thought he wanted to be a hero.

In February 2012, Trayvon Martin was gunned down by George Zimmerman. This event sparked multiple debates over racial profiling, gun control and spurred into political hot potato over who's right and who's wrong.

King Hippo wasn't a fan of Trayvon Martin. He and many other conservative agitators focused on the look of the teenager and not the fact he was unarmed at the time of a confrontation.

Well since the Boston Bombing suspects were detained, the political blame game shifts to the White House.
Again he's still bitching....
The Republicans couldn't help themselves from blaming the president and the U.S. Justice Department for allowing the surviving suspect Dzhakar Tsarnaev be read his rights (as an American citizen).

King Hippo went a little out of the box to shock value. While viewing the websites and hamming it up on radio, he looks at the pictures of Tsarnaev. He listened to the family and friends decry the notion that he's a bad person. They believed the older brother Tamerlan Tsarnaev "brainwashed" the younger into committing to the deadly attack.

Well the conservative agitator thought the media was making such a "big deal" over his boyish looks. He made the tactic comparison to Trayvon Martin because in the conservative agitator's mind he thinks the junk food media continues to prop up "criminals" instead of "heroes".

KING HIPPO: Well, he said he wasn't a terrorist. Who would admit being a terrorist? Well, I don't know, but this guy didn't. So we're told the FBI wasn't allowed to keep tabs on him. I don't know why Dzhokhar didn't try that. He could have avoided all kinds trouble; just tell 'em you're not a terrorist. It's even better than saying you're just under the influence of your big brother. You notice also that the news media are doing to Dzhokhar what they did to Trayvon Martin. They're regularly showing a photo of Dzhokhar that was taken when he was about 14. Soft, angelic, nice little boy, harmless, cute, big lovable eyes. 

Not at all what he looks like today. Whenever we're shown Osama Bin Laden, it's in his shepherd pose with his walking stick, walking through the mountains or wherever. But the news media seem to be making him look like an innocent little angel who was totally willing to drive over his own beloved brother to try to get away with his killing spree.

Let me get this straight: If King Hippo believe that Trayvon Martin was a criminal, why didn't he pull the trigger on George Zimmerman?

Return Of The Obama Phone!

President Barack Obama may have to continue his campaign for change throughout his second term.

Let's continue down the path to defeat by putting out another pointless debate over things that have nothing to do with the economy!

I seriously think that Frank Luntz has a point on one thing! In a Mother Jones article, the conservative agitator who spins talking points for the Republican Party talked to a bunch of young voters at a College Republican retreat.

Luntz believes that the conservative talk radio market has been very successful in ratings, however it's destroying the Republican Party in the elections.

The immigration reform blitz that Senator Marco Rubio (R-Florida) pushed upon the King Hippo and Weasel Levin wasn't moving the needle among the right wing faithful. The right wing agitators can't stomach immigration reform. They believe that it's granting amnesty to undocumented workers and their families.

The talk about immigration reform is on the ropes after the Boston Marathon bombings. The conservative wing of the U.S. Senate is trying to slow down the progress made because they're feeling the need to be "border hawks" and "isolationists".

They want to use the U.S. Constitution only when it applies to their extreme agenda.

Instead of trying to understand the issue of immigration reform, they evoked fear and hatred of those who aren't like them.

Now let's rehash the old meme of the Obama Phone! Once again proving that there support of the conservative junk food media is mutual.
He's still bitching!
If you've got the opportunity to listen to the conservative agitators in the junk food media get riled up about the Government Phone Program, then you're missing much!

They're worked up over the program granting the underclass an opportunity to have a free cell phone in case of an emergency

The official website for FreeGovernmentPhones say that ever since Barack Obama was inaugurated, the term “The Obama Phone” has persisted. People say Obama is redistributing the wealth by starting a program that gives free cell phones – Obama phones – to the poor. Detractors of both President Obama and of the government’s long-standing phone assistance program have fought over this claim since 2009 with each side mudslinging “facts” at each other.

Well this hasn't stopped among those "mudslingers" in the junk food media.

Hence the video that got those in the conservative/white supremacist bubble riled up.

This video went viral and it's was spread through the conservative/white supremacists blogs and junk food media shows.

Unfortunately, it didn't help the perennial loser Mitt Romney move votes. It only hurt him, badly among the middle class. It's was another lame attempt to race-bait those old White bigots into fearing the evil Black "welfare queen sheboon" who wants her stake in the "gubmint's gibbs mes!"
The scary Black lady who riled up conservatives.
The Politico tries to tear through the bullshit with no avail. The report tells a tale of Republicans and some conservative Democrats threats of ending the program because they're upset over the "welfare queen" talking about how she's got her free "Obama Phone!"

Lifeline, the controversial phone subsidy program that snagged attention during the first Obama administration, has landed back in the spotlight. Critics then accused the White House of dishing out free cellphones to the poor. Now they’re questioning whether reforms put in place by the Federal Communications Commission to tackle rampant misuse will actually work.

A Republican-led House bill with 42 co-sponsors would nearly gut the federal program. An amendment in the recent Senate budget debate tried to eliminate funding entirely. And a House Energy and Commerce subcommittee hearing Thursday will dissect its worth.

Lifeline gives telecommunications providers a subsidy to offset the cost of phone service for customers with low income. The program ensures everyone has access to emergency services and jobs.

The Republican Party who still trying to win over the middle class and the non-White majority will once again throw away votes.

They're throwing away opportunities to win over voters. They're floating on a sinking ship. And if they continue on, they'll lose more elections.

It's not worth my time to argue with idiots! The keyboard warrior has to be older than me, stuck in their ways! The warrior has to be a White male and probably a conservative that harbors bigoted views towards someone's race gender, sexuality, nationality, religion, language, political or economic standings.

By the way, since these people assume it's mostly Black people who stay on welfare and government entitlements, I want to address this. 

When Blacks become a majority of the country's population, then it's safe to say Blacks are racists! Until then, it's the White conservative male and his uncanny support of the Republican Party who promote themselves as the racist. 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Fake Tweet About Obama Cause Stock Tumble!

Although a brief moment of shock for the New York traders, the stock regained by the end of the day!

An interesting tweet was reported as breaking news on Twitter. It said that there were two explosions at the White House and President Barack Obama was injured.


It's that true?

What would happen to the nation in the time of a crisis?

Well this turned out to not be the case!

The Associated Press confirms that their Twitter account was "hacked" by an internet activist group out of country. The Twitter feed reported that the White House had explosions and the president was injured.

The junk food media reported this as newsworthy.

The conservative agitators were probably happy something happen to the president. Alas, they're hopes were diminished.

Today I want to introduce the newest website that coverage the extremism coming from our social ignorant folks over in the conservative jungle. The Republican Party an its allies have been on an ongoing attack of the president either politically or racially. This website is courtesy of Tumblr, it's called Public Shaming.

Thanks to Public Shaming (on Tumblr) and Addicting Info once again for putting out the truth and pulling punches!

A huge dip caused by one Twitter post.

What caused this panic was the imminent threat to the President of the United States.

Say if anything would happen to the president, the United States and world will immediate go into crisis mode.

The junk food media and global outlets would cover this all day and night. The social networks will lit up with condolences and sympathy. There will be some in the opposition not so sympathetic to the president. You will find post disgusting rhetoric about the president and the successor Joe Biden, the current Vice President of the United States. The opposition will take an opportunity to insight rhetoric that could lead to violence. There could be rioting in urban areas! The stock market will take a huge drop.

The successor, the Speaker of the House and those in the president and successor's family will get immediate protection from the United States Secret Service.

In the digital age, the individual who takes a photograph of an incident could make it go viral if posted on the social networks. The thought of losing President Barack Obama will incite public opinion. Americans will figure the notion of far right extremism or international terrorism a huge focus. The federal authorities and military will find ways to neutralize and/or eliminate those involved in terrorism.

This example of news arousal gives me pause. If the social networks are to be more trusted than those in the junk food media, then our country is lost to the tabloid nonsense.

The nonsense that keeps King Hippo, agiting, Kim Kardashian successful and Lindsay Lohan troubled.

USA Today reports a group of hackers loyal to embattled Syrian President Bashar Assadclaimed responsibility for the hoax, tweeting out:"Ops! @AP get owned by Syrian Electronic Army! #SEA #Syria #ByeByeObama."

The Dow Jones industrial average plunged more than 128 points in seconds after the report. It recovered just as quickly when the report was found to be false.

The Securities and Exchange Commission declined to comment on the incident, as did the New York Stock Exchange.

"The president is fine," spokesman Jay Carney said. "I was just with him."

Feds: Oops, Our Bad!

The [Feds] Shaking The Wrong Tree! - Paul Kevin Curtis as an Elvis impersonator.  U.S. law enforcement officials drop the charges against a man who they've accused of sending ricin letters to President Barack Obama.

The ricin letters sent to the President of the United States and Senator Roger Wicker (R-Mississippi) were sent by an extremist. But guess what the federal authorities done?

They arrested the wrong guy!

Yeah, this guy has dressed like Elvis Presley and had mental issues, but he's not the one who sent the poison letters to the president.

The FBI couldn't find evidence to link P. Kevin Curtis, a Mississippi man who once entertained an event being sponsored by Wicker was singled out by the feds as the one who sent ricin letters to a judge, the senator and then the president.

The federal official says the man charged with sending poison letters to President Barack Obama, a U.S. senator and a Mississippi judge has been released from jail.

Jeff Woodfin, chief deputy with the U.S. Marshals Service in Oxford, Miss., says Paul Kevin Curtis has been released from custody.
Woodfin says he doesn't know if there were any conditions on the release.

The development comes hours after officials canceled a detention and preliminary hearing on Tuesday.

Curtis was arrested Wednesday at his house in Corinth, Miss., and charged with sending ricin-laced letters to Obama, Sen. Roger Wicker and a Lee County, Miss., judge.

Through an attorney, the 45-year-old Curtis has said he is innocent.

An innocent man was set up and we in the blogosphere felt that we were misled by the junk food media.

I admit that I was duped as well as the U.S. Justice Department.

While he's life will eventually return to normal, Mr. Curtis we here at Journal de la Reyna wish you well and hope you can put this ordeal behind you!

This is an ongoing story. This controversy will continue to be covered. We seek justice against the individuals who sent the ricin letters to the president and Senator Roger Wicker (R-Mississippi).

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Richie Havens Passes Away!

Songs of Freedom.

Richard Pierce "Richie" Havens (January 21, 1941 – April 22, 2013) was an American folk singer and guitarist. He is best known for his intense and rhythmic guitar style (often in open tunings), soulful covers of pop and folk songs, and his opening performance at the 1969 Woodstock Festival.

Richie Havens, who marshaled a craggy voice, a percussive guitar and a soulful sensibility to play his way into musical immortality at Woodstock in 1969, improvising the song “Freedom” on the fly, died on Monday at his home in Jersey City. He was 72.

We here at Journal de la Reyna send our condolences to the family of Richie Havens.

The New York Times gives a tribute to the legendary folk singer who brought peace and harmony to a bunch of young blossoms who now became either our parents or grandparents.

For the baby-boomer generation, he will live forever on the stage of the Woodstock festival, which he had the honor to open because the folk-rock band Sweetwater, the scheduled opening act, was stuck in traffic. Mr. Havens and his guitarist and drummer arrived by helicopter. They had been scheduled to go on fifth.

Mr. Havens started with “Minstrel From Gault” a few minutes after 5 p.m. on Aug. 15, 1969. He was originally supposed to play four songs, but other performers were late, so he played on. He later said he thought he had played for two hours and 45 minutes, but two bands followed him before sunset, around 8 p.m., so that was impossible.

But Mr. Havens played 10 songs, including Beatles songs. His impassioned improvisation was pitch perfect for the generation watching him, most of whom saw it later in a documentary on the festival. His clarion encore “Freedom” — made up on the spot and interspersed with the spiritual “Motherless Child” — sounded a powerful if wistful note.

“ ‘Freedom’ came from a totally spontaneous place,” Mr. Havens said.

Richard Pierce Havens was born on Jan. 21, 1941, in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn, where he grew up. He was the eldest of nine children. His father made Formica tables for a living and played piano with various bands. His mother worked for a bookbindery.

He began singing with street-corner doo-wop groups when he was about 12. At 14 he joined the McCrea Gospel Singers. He was recruited by a street gang, and he dropped out of high school. He spent the rest of his life educating himself, and was proud of the results.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Russia Today: Is Racial Profiling Still In America?

Easy answer: YES!

If Congressman Peter King (R-New York) thinks "ethic and racial profiling" is beneficial to stopping criminal activities by American Muslims, what would it be said about White extremists?

I mean how dumb and bigoted these Republicans are!

The U.S. Constitution is read only in short form according to the Republicans who rally on charging the lone surviving Boston Marathon bombing suspect as an "enemy combatant".

The American justice system continues to put Black males in the prison system more than any race combined.

The conservative agitating media continues to relish on Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev's religion and not the crime they've committed. They're upset that the U.S. Justice Department had issued the Miranda rights for the surviving terrorist Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

They're upset that the Justice Department and the White House found it better to try this suspect in federal court.

Which is the right thing to do since this was an act of domestic terrorism on American soil.

The junk food media really needs to take lessons from Russia Today.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Junk Food Media Compares Jay-Z To Boston Bomber!

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, Boston Marathon bomber tweets the day after the attack. Junk food media compares his tweets to media mogul/rapper Jay-Z. Instead of telling facts, the junk food media finds time to play on emotions (for ratings).
During the 28 hours of news coverage for the Boston Marathon bombers, they've filled in time. From the junk food media making wrong calls on information, to mistaking individuals as the alleged bombers, and even playing the circular blame game (i.e. fault President Barack Obama), those junk food media folks in the liberal and conservative establishment can't seem figure out how to report the news.

The junk food media is giving this a work over. Somehow Jay-Z managed to become an issue within the coverage. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and his brother Tamerlan Tsarnaev cause the one of the nation's worst tragedy. These two individuals terrorized the city of Boston and its suburbs on Friday.

King Hippo, The Guy Who Throws Shit On The Wall, That Guy Who Helped Obama Win, this Breitbart agitating implant over at Mediaite, Failed News Network and the conservative/white supremacist bubble will find some reason to tie Jay-Z and Beyonce to the two terrorists.

Well since they've went to Cuba, sold off the shares of the Brooklyn Nets, release a song aimed at Senator Marco Rubio (R-Florida) potential Republican presidential candidate who is a fan of hip-hop, the attacks continue.

Failed News Network peaked into Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's Twitter account.

His tweets included one at 1:43 a.m. Wednesday that said, "I'm a stress free kind of guy."

On Monday at 8:04 p.m. -- hours after the bombings -- he tweeted a quote from rapper Jay-Z and a 1970s R & B song, "Ain't no love in the heart of the city." The tweet added, "stay safe people."

What those Failed News Network reporters failed to tell the sponges is that it was Bobby Bland's song and the media mogul rap to the song. Jay-Z released The Blueprint on September 11, 2001. The song Ain't No Love In The Heart of The City was a featured single off the album.

Shortly after midnight, on Tuesday morning, he tweeted, "There are people that know the truth but stay silent & there are people that speak the truth but we don't hear them cuz they're the minority."

Tsarnaev uses the handle "J_tsar" and does not describe himself in the profile, which reads only, "Salam aleikum," a greeting among Muslims. The profile photo is the face of a lion with its mouth open, baring its fangs.
American classic - Jay-Z
He has tweeted a dozen times since the bombing.

The most recent tweet is one he retweeted on Wednesday from Mufti Ismail Menk, who identifies himself as a Muslim scholar. "Attitude can take away your beauty no matter how good looking you are or it could enhance your beauty, making you adorable," the tweet reads.

Another tweet from Tsarnaev on Tuesday was a quote from rapper Eminem: "Nowadays everybody wanna talk like they got somethin to say but nothin comes out when they move their lips; just a bunch of gibberish."

After another Twitter account posted a photo Tuesday saying it showed a man who was going to propose to his girlfriend at the marathon in Boston and found her dead, Tsarnaev tweeted a two-word response: "fake story."

Another of the suspect's tweets, an apparent response to someone else's tweet, reads, " and they what 'god hates dead people?' Or victims of tragedies? Lol those people are cooked."

Also Tuesday, Tsarnaev tweeted, "So then I says to him, I says, relax bro my beard is not loaded." On Friday, another Twitter user retweeted that message, and added the words, "But my backpack is."

Other items that he wrote, well before the Boston bombings, on the social media site may offer more details pertinent to the investigation.

The junk food media fed emotion for 28 hours.
On August 10, 2012, for instance, Tsarnaev wrote -- in response to another user -- "Boston marathon isn't a good place to smoke tho." The context of this conservation, however, was not known.

Failed News Network, Loserville and Obama News have seethed over the federal authorities detainment of the surviving Dzhokhar. The folks over at Loserville and Republican senators John McCain (R-Arizona) and Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) and Congressman Pete King (R-New York) want to ship his ass to GITMO. The conservative/white supremacist bubble failed the U.S. law. Since this was an American citizen, he will be given his Miranda rights. But these idiots will blame the president and Attorney General Eric Holder for following the Supreme Court's decision to uphold the Fifth Amendment.

Obama News is saying that it's not an Arab guy. They are trying to calm the reactionary hate towards American Muslims who disregard these two terrorists. Rachel Maddow of Obama News let's the viewers know that the man is an American citizen, "not an enemy combatant" as the folks in the conservative/white supremacist bubble continue to harp on. The individual will face state and federal charges on behalf of the U.S. Justice Department.

If found guilty, Dzhokhar will face the death penalty. If he gets a death sentence, he'll be serving it at FCC Terre Haute in Indiana. But if he gets life in prison, he'll be in ADX Florence.

My question is why does Jay-Z have to injected into this conversion?

And to add to this, why on earth would he be considered an "enemy combatant" when he was established an American citizen.

I love how conservatives throw around the U.S. Constitution when it only suits their radical viewpoints.
Dumbass politico Congressman Pete King (R-New York) wants to racially profile Americans. 
Congressman Pete King (R-New York), if you believe we should profile American Muslims, should we profile White Extremists too? I see you fit the profile of an elected White extremist.

If Pete King was a smart politico, he would listen to his fellow congressman Mike Rogers (R-Michigan) on the American justice system! Rogers believes the individual is an American citizen and he's talked to the FBI on the situation unlike this Islamophobic jackass King.

The last known attack on American soil (before Boston) was the Sandy Hook massacre.

Before Boston, there's been hundreds of terrorist cases, mass murders, and plots to kill the president.

Yet, these crimes are either held in state or federal court.

Why would we waste our time in military tribunals when the individual isn't in a military conflict?

I need to listen to Jay-Z.

Jay-Z appears on Roc-A-Fella Records.
Beyonce appears on Columbia Records/Sony Music Group.


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