Saturday, September 29, 2012

Ignore The Pollster Behind The Curtain!

Right wing slug Dean Chambers tries to discredit national polls.
When President Barack Obama succeeds, his political foes scream. And this latest scream is the continuation of denial. The national polls are showing that the president is leading against Republican nominee Mitt Romney. And this is dispiriting his core supporters.

Just when you thought the Republican Party couldn't sink any lower, here comes their newest talking point!

The polls over samples "DEMOCRATS" and the "LIBERAL" media is trying to help the president win!

I swear that Republicans and their conservative allies are going to do some serious soul searching after this!

I mean how can a political party be so ideologically rigid?

What the heck wrong with this party?

Okay, now these polls mean something!

President Barack Obama is leading in the crucial states of Ohio, Florida and Virginia. The states of Florida and Ohio are very important to the general election due to the mixture of politically liberal and conservative citizens in each metro area. No Republican ever won the White House without carrying Ohio.

Mitt Romney is going to do marathon campaigning in Ohio up until this election.

Republicans are expressing serious concerns about the way Mitt Romney is handling his campaign.

The debates that are coming are the last hope for a major turnaround.

When you look at the paradox of how the Republican Party is losing the edge in voter enthusiasm they're trying to hold on to what they have by saying that the polls mean nothing. They'll say Michael Dukakis led in the polls before he took a total nosedive.

So is Mitt Romney trying to find Willie Horton or President Barack Obama riding on a military tank?
This is the face you want to see on November 6, 2012.
Some right wing pollster by the name of Dean Chambers created UnSkewed Polls. He basically trying to create some conspiracy theme to saying that the Romney campaign is actually ahead.

Once again, why get angry at these morons?

Instead of getting angry at these conservative agitators, do me and LeReyna a big favor!

What we need to do is VOTE!

Don't worry what these people say about you, just ignore them and stay the course!

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