Wednesday, August 31, 2016

White Woman Nearly Runs Cop Over!

Jessica Fox, a suburban White woman from Atlanta is one lucky person. If she was a few shades darker, I would bet you money, she would taste the lead of a cop's service weapon.

A routine pullover in Georgia has an officer in the hospital and the suspect in county lockup facing aggravated assault with criminal intent. Marc Lofton, an officer for the Statham Police suffered minor injuries.

She was wanted on driving without a license. She would get into a verbal altercation with the officer before he would try to drag her out the car.

She screams and puts the vehicle in gear and drive off with his hand in the vehicle. As she shook him off, he fell and gashed his head and leg.

He quickly got up and radioed for help.

After brief chase, the suspect was caught. Now she will face a judge and it could put her in the iron college for 10 years. She is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.
Recent booking photo of White criminal.
Given the danger the officer was facing, he could have used deadly force. Would her name would have been trending on social media?

Would the conservatives label this woman a thug. Would a conservative concern troll look into her social media page to justify a police shooting?

I assured you that the whole ordeal would have been different if the suspect was a Black male or female.

In the case of many fatal police encounters, usually a White officer is quick to shoot on a Black motorist. We're one year into the shootings of Walter Scott and Sam Dubose.

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