Friday, July 08, 2016

Mass Shootings Keep Happening: Five Dallas Officers Killed!

Dallas police mourn the lost of their own after a terrorist launched an attack on a Black Lives Matter protest rally.


World News Today send our condolences to those lost in these senseless tragedies.

When will it stop?

When will we finally get something done about gun violence?

Who's going to be blamed?

In the wake of the mass shooting in Dallas sparked by a terrorist's anger with the death of unarmed Black men, who takes the blame for this?

Barack Obama
The Junk Food Media
The Shooter
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I bet you money, the blame game will focus solely on President Barack Obama. They will accuse him of inciting violence against police. They will complain about the protesters supporting this terrorist and his horrific act against those in law enforcement. The concern trolls will use the "If I had..."

I bet you that "the shooter was...." will be the first thing coming up. Agitators in the junk food media will fault people other than the shooter.

In the wake of two officer involved shootings in which two Black men were gunned down, a peaceful protest in Dallas was disrupted by a terrorist attack.

A terrorist managed to take out five Dallas officers and injured 15 in the #BlackLivesMatter march.

The terrorist named Micah Xavier Johnson, 25 was responsible for one of the most deadliest shootings for law enforcement since 9/11. He is a former Army reserve ranger.
The terrorist before the shooting.
The terrorist said that he's not in tone with the protesters. He just showed a strong hatred of White people, especially White officers. He believes that the recent incidents in the junk food media inspired him for the attack.

The terrorist was eventually taken down by SWAT snipers and a police robot.

Downtown Dallas is on lockdown as they are trying to figure out if the terrorist had any help.

Three individuals were also detained for questioning. The incident happened around 9pm in the wake of a protest. Police negotiated with the terrorist. Dallas Police chief David Brown said that the terrorist was not willing to surrender to the authorities He said he was turned up.

He was cornered in the El Centro College. The terrorist was determined to take out many.

The terrorist was from Mesquite, a nearby suburb of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. The terrorist had no prior history with the law or the feds.

Dallas mayor Mike Rawlings, Texas governor Greg Abbott, President Barack Obama were horrified about this ambush attack on those who served and protected. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have canceled their campaigns for the time being.

Mind you that Texas is an open carry state. The terrorist would have strolled with the firearm without any retaliation from the law.

Did you happen to notice the junk food media erroneously accused a man protesting with his firearm as the suspect?

Mark Hughes was there at the protest with no intentions of using his firearm. He was accused of being the shooter by the junk food media. The Dallas Police Department had made the mistake and quickly apologized to Hughes. The damage was done. Hughes face were splashed across the networks and he immediately got death threats.

And here comes the racial agitators.

The Drudge Report once again spread more hate and fear in the wake of a mass shooting. The racist right will automatically use this as a rally call to start the "great race war".

Congress will once again ignore the threat of gun violence.
Nothing will be done about gun violence.

Today Black and Hispanic members of Congress and Loretta Lynch have talked to the junk food media about the "rush to judgement" and the accusations of profiling.

The nation's law enforcement will step up forces in the wake of this.

Again the blame game will be often addressed. As expected, you will hear the conservatives deflect from the gun violence to single out #BlackLivesMatter for the actions of the shooter.

The media will cover this for a few weeks and then it's off to another shiny coin.

Almost four weeks since the Orlando massacre. About a year past the shooting in Charleston and four years since the Aurora movie theater shooting.  Now we can add the Dallas massacre to the list of mass shootings.

It keeps on going!

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