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A Message To Sheriff David Clarke....!

Sheriff David Clarke, Jr. of Milwaukee County is an outspoken concern troll. When he's not doing his job as top cop of Milwaukee County, he goes to Fox News or AM agitators to bitch and bemoan about Black America's grievances with law enforcement. He's trying to sweep issues like this under the rug. I had to respond to this.

Let me rap with you, "honorable" Sheriff David, Clarke, Jr of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin.

Brotha, you and me have a problem.

Sheriff Clarke, you share one thing in common with Maricopa County, Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio and Butler County, Ohio's Richard T. Jones: It's the disregard for the right to protest injustices caused by those in law enforcement.

I am from Dayton, Ohio, a city that has a population of 141,000 residents. A city struggling with the rise of gun violence in the Black community. I am a Black man in my mid-30s, single and working.

I work two jobs and try to live a normal life. I know I am far from perfect. I had minor traffic violations. I know people who have criminal history.

I am certain that you'll never meet me and sure enough I'll never meet you. I can tell you that seeing you on television kind of makes me wonder if you're just showboating for attention while your community is grappling.

From the day, you appeared on many outlets in the junk food media, you've been on this "Cosby" theme rant about how Black America needs to respect those who wear the badge.

Do you understand that even respecting the badge allows you and many others commit atrocities against unarmed Black men and women?

I've been the victim of racial profiling. I know friends who've been profiled by law enforcement.

You often single out Black Lives Matter, President Barack Obama, former Attorney General Eric Holder, current Attorney General Loretta Lynch, Rev. Al Sharpton and Rev. Jesse Jackson as the enablers of police shootings.

No one I know personally or professionally want police officers to be killed. However, I do want police officers and supervisors held accountable for conduct.

Seriously, the President of the United States and those who protest aren't responsible for the actions of one man.

It's like saying a right wing terrorist shooting up a Black church is the fault of conservative agitators like Fox News, Sean "Softball" Hannity, Matt Drudge and Rush Limbaugh. They have nothing to do with the acts of that guy but it's often the blame of the rhetoric you place on the feet of Black Lives Matter.

So is it fair to compare that terrorist to the protesters?

Is it fair to compare the Tea Party to terrorists?

Given the rise of Black Lives Matter in the wake of Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner and Michael Brown, the Black community has awaken to a reality that you've often ignored.

Black Lives Matter doesn't condone violence against police officers. They mourn the deaths of police officers just like the rest of America. They just want those who kill unarmed citizens of color held accountable for their actions.

Black people are under attack. We're under attack by a system that constantly undermines our achievements, our successes and our goals. A system where if you are a person of color, you might face a sentence harsher than a White person. If you're confronted by the law while holding a firearm, if you're a Black person (suspect or lawful citizen), you're likely to be detained or killed by an officer because he feared for his life.

Say if I committed a sexual assault on person, I would be put in prison for LIFE without a chance for parole. People like Brock Turner and John Enochs get off with lighter sentences. Their excuse, "foolish misbehaving" and "innocent mistakes".

Black people are often guilty before proven innocent. See when Freddie Gray was detained, conservatives and people like you would bring up previous encounters with the police or use their social media postings to justify arrest, detainment or death.

Racial disparities in the criminal justice system is real. Black people by an astonishing amount believe that they have been either a victim or know a victim of racial profiling.

Black people are often stopped by law enforcement far more than Whites. It's often a minor traffic offense like a turn signal that causes officers to unlawfully search your vehicle without consent.

I question the reason why I'm being pulled over regardless of me being guilty or innocent. I do not consent to vehicle or home searches. If they search my vehicle or home regardless of what I say and they destroy my property, the police never pay for the damages of my properties.

I often asked for their name and badge. I often let them know that I have a conceal carry license.

Now I do have a dash camera in my vehicle. I will inform any officer that I am recording them if they are to pull me over for any infraction. I want them to know that I respect my rights as well as their jobs as servants of public safety.

I often get threats of being pulled over or ticketed (or even jailed) for "smarting off" to police.

It's not illegal to "smart off" to the police. As long as I don't place my hands on that officer, it's their job to take it like a professional.

I don't know the victims of gun violence in Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit, Cleveland, Los Angeles, New York or Atlanta. I don't know the names of all the victims of Black on whatever violence.

When Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) and many Democrats led off this showboating for a simple up and down vote on banning those on the "no fly list" to obtain firearms, you gracefully appeared on television denouncing them as glorified politicians who ignore their own respectful districts.

Let me get this straight: If you are willing to read off all the names of gun violence this year alone, I would probably take a very long time to give out the correct names. Mind you that gun violence is everyday.

Many of these gun crimes are usually committed by a person who knows someone.

Everyday a person is going to lose their life to a gun. Regardless of criminal or unintentional acts.

I don't hear you mention the astonishing amount of accidental deaths by firearms. A mother in your county was killed by her own son. A licensed firearm trainer in Loveland, Ohio was killed by a student who didn't know how to hold the trigger right. A woman who posted on social media about her love for guns was shot by her son and barely survived. A woman who murdered her neighbor in a feud was just nabbed by the feds.

These incidents managed to grab the attention but faded into the limelight.

Every time a mass shooting happens in the United States, you stand firm with the conservatives and White extremists in stopping gun control measures.

In the same breathe, you want to take away firearms from law abiding Blacks, Hispanics and Muslims.

You call Black suspects: Thugs.

You call Hispanic suspects: Illegal Immigrants.

You call Muslims suspects: Terrorists.

You call White suspects: Liberal Democrats.

All these labels aren't productive. It's deflection. You stand firm in deflecting the real issues facing not just Black America, the but the country as a whole.


Being a cop is a thankless job. You wake up everyday and put on the uniform of your jurisdiction to serve and protect the citizens of your community.

We thank all those who serve dutifully as members of law enforcement. You are certainly thanked for your job as Milwaukee County sheriff.

However, there's a problem with you.

You're too busy on Fox News or some conservative agitator's program bitching. You waste taxpayer money getting on this soapbox about how Black America is failed by policies that longed happened before we had Barack Obama elected as the president.

I seriously believe you're jealous of the president. You wish you could be him. Too bad, no sane Black person would ever elected you to a higher officer other than a sheriff.

I know President Barack Obama has a thick skin and doesn't really care what you think of him.

If I was him, I would say to my staff in the White House: "Who the hell is this carnival barker on television?"

If I was Obama, I would tell the junk food media any mention of your name is "I never heard of him".

Example: "David Clarke, sheriff of Milwaukee County. Never heard of him!"

The president ignores carnival barkers like you, Donald Trump, Matt Drudge, Rush Limbaugh and Softball Hannity.

You guys offer nothing to help America. All you do is bitch and bemoan about issues.

You can't save the world if you're on the sidelines bitching.

Get with the program, the Black community is tired of the sidelines. It's out in the open.

You want to stand against us. Fine.

But be aware of your position. The voters are noticing it. And sooner or later, you may be eventually a full time contributor to Fox News instead of the sheriff of Milwaukee County.

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