Sunday, May 29, 2016

Ignorant Prank Lands Seniors In Court!

This is 2016 and our youth are still being raised ignorant. 

The top states for ignorance in my opinion!


Okay, from the great state of Texas, another helping of White people doing things that they think aren't racist but really they were.

Five seniors may have to get their diplomas after graduation. They decided that their senior's day prank was a ode to the past. Unfortunately, they didn't understand the past wasn't so funny for those of color.

The Raw Story got the goods on this one.

Ryan Westbrook, 17, Ethan Sigmund, 18, Christian Joeckel, 18, Hayden Honoloka, 17 and Cameron Bodenstab, 18, have all been charged with felonies for the vandalism at their rival school, Martin High. All the accused teens are students at Arlington High.

They decided to tag the rival high school's water fountain with "WHITES ONLY (; " during the late hours. The cameras caught the suspects in the act.

The teens also spray painted the words “trans only” on a men’s bathroom at Martin and also “payback for the parking lot.”

They are accused of spreading race and sex orientation bias, according to CBS.
Teens accused of racist graffiti (Screenshot/CBS DFW)
The Dork Squad spread racially insensitive graffiti on a rival high school.
“They’re pretty remorseful,” Arlington police Lt. Christopher Cook told CBS. “I don’t think that they gave a lot of thought into the ramifications. Unfortunately you’re held accountable and there’s consequences when you engage in this behavior.”

According to WFAA, language too vulgar for news print was also included on athletics banners and trashcans near Arlington High’s football stadium.

They are sorry for being unintentional racists. They are sorry for being unintentional homophobic assholes.

These guys are an example of Donald Trump's America. An America where five students believe that their high school rivals are nothing but NIGGERS, SPICS and QUEERS (FAGGOTS).

Keep it classy America.

These guys are innocent until proven guilty. If found guilty, they all could face up to a year in the iron college. Of course, they will have to pay for the damages. They will also probably have court-ordered diversity training. They will likely miss their graduation and get the diplomas in the mail (if they're lucky).

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