Sunday, March 27, 2016

Omarosa: Donald Trump Is Looking Out For Us!

TV's iconic villain Omarosa comes out in favor of The Donald.

The most controversial contestant on The Apprentice came out in favor of her old boss. Omarosa, the celebrity agitator who is an ordained minister came in favor of Donald Trump. She is fiercely defending him from the accusations of being sexist, racist, ignorant and immature.

This little spat between Trump and Cruz has dominated the junk food media's attention.

Trump retweeted an offensive image of Heidi Cruz next to his current wife Melania and it set off  a shitstorm of criticism from Republicans and Ted Cruz himself.

Now his former castmate from The Apprentice says this is all bullshit.

Omarosa, the famed diva of the first season endorsed Trump for president. Omarosa Manigualt is reality television agitator, media analysis and ordain pastor. She was voted by most critics as the most nastiest villain in television.

She slams Cruz for being melodramatic. She also took aim at Megyn Kelly for being such a diva.

Basically Omarosa is saying that her friend and mentor Donald J. Trump isn't a mypobic, sexist, xenophobic, racist dick.

She also hit the junk food media for saying that Trump's rhetoric is considered racist.

She was on CNN with Don Lemon. The debate got a little heated. Don got so frustrated with the filibustering he actually scolded her.

Omarosa was once engaged to the late actor Michael Clarke Duncan. He passed away in 2012. She has secured a deal with GSN to host a game show.

She is a native of Youngstown, Ohio and attended Ohio's Central State University and Howard University. She has a bachelor's degree in communication and broadcast journalism.

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Dana Richards said...

Hillary is hiring hate groups to try and ruin trump. She wants to start a new world order and this is what america will look like


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