Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Ex-South Carolina Trooper Served In Reckless Call!

A former South Carolina state trooper got served in the involuntary shooting of an unarmed motorist.

A former South Carolina trooper got served for the unintentional shooting of a Black motorist after a minor traffic stop.

Sean Groubert was found guilty of assault and battery and improper discharge of a firearm.

Levar Jones was the victim of an unintended circumstances.

The dash cam showed that Groubert was preparing to stop the motorist for an alleged seatbelt violation. 
Levar Jones now has to walk with a cane. He was looking for his license when idiot cop shot him.

As Levar was getting out of his vehicle, he was on way to a gas station, Groubert asked for his license. Soon as Levar went into his vehicle, Groubert fired on him. The slug went into his hip and injured. On top of that, Groubert arrested him for it.

Well the Department of Safety saw the reckless call. 

They ended up awarding Levar, nearly $400,000 in compensatory damages. Groubert was fired out the cannon and had to face the music for his reckless call.

This reckless call now can land him in the iron college for 20 to LIFE. 

World News Today wishes Levar a speedy recovery.

 Justice was served for the acts of this reckless criminal.

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