Friday, February 26, 2016

Blame Game: The Hesston Terrorist!

The terrorist had criminal history with firearms. How the hell did he obtain one?

The mass shooting in Kansas became a topic today when the president visited a Jacksonville plant.

President Barack Obama said that Congress is too afraid of their political futures. He said no matter how many times he addresses this, the lawmakers are still inept to getting reasonable gun control measures passed. He said that he'll do whatever it takes to stop this.

Many in the United States have become numb to the constant mass shootings happening in the country. No other country in the world has this many mass shootings. The United States is by far the leader of gun violence.


It beats terrorism, Ebola, the Zika virus and HIV.

I doubt the Republican governor Sam Brownback, the Republican-controlled Congress and of course the Republican presidential candidates will move the needle forward in trying to curb mass shootings.

They will offer prayers to the victims and use rhetoric that draws hypothetical reactions to how to handle a mass shooting. They predicate the narrative that the president and Democrats are trying to take guns. They will politicize these tragedies for political gamesmanship. The conservatives will automatically claim its a liberal Obama supporter.

Mass shootings are happening everyday in the United States.
The blame game shifts to if the shooter was a Muslim, a Black man and or an undocumented immigrant. They will rally attacks towards the president for not acknowledging the race of the suspect.

But if it's a White person, the conservatives will deflect politics. If the person was a dye in the wool conservative, they'll dismiss it as a tactic of the left.

Then the kookspiracy would say that people who were killed or filmed in emotion are crisis actors.

Matter of fact, if you're a smart person, you wouldn't care about this terrorist's political views or race.

All that matters, this terrorist obtained a firearms to inflict harm among those who want to freely live their lives working for a living.

The terrorist was being served a piece of paper after he had a violate relationship with person he had dated. He had also had a feud with co-workers. He was told to bounce from his job. Then 90 minutes later, he would shoot an innocent driver in Newton. He would travel back to the Excel Lawnmower plant in Hesston to extract revenge.

Some are saying that the terrorist being served a restraining order made him snapped.

The terrorist, Cedric Ford had a criminal record. What the hell was doing obtaining a firearm if he was a convicted felon?

The terrorist grew up in Miami, Florida. He was on probation for a series of convictions in Miami at the time of the shootings. He had a criminal record stretching back to October 1996, when he was arrested for carrying a concealed firearm at the age of 18.

In Harvey County, Kansas, the terrorist was arrested for drug possession, theft, and parole violation.

Other events included a misdemeanor conviction in relation to a brawl that occurred in 2008, as well as several traffic violations in 2014 and 2015. He was also arrested in Broward County, Florida for resisting arrest, battery, and grand theft.

Prior to the shootings, friends and his ex-girlfriend accused him of assault and domestic violence, and issued a restraining order against him. The order was given to him on the day of the shootings and is believed to have been what sparked the event.
They were once colleagues in the U.S. Senate. Republican governor Sam Brownback meets President Barack Obama in Kansas. The president grew up in Kansas with his grandparents for a brief portion of his life.
Three people were murdered along with the terrorist being killed by the law. Over 15 people were injured by gunfire. The suspect had an arsenal of firearms. The most obvious was the AK-47, the most powerful and frequently used firearm in the United States.

A week ago, a terrorist from Kalamazoo killed six innocent people. The former Uber driver was depressed and angry. He would launch an attack on restaurant goers, a father and son at a car dealership and a woman who tried to shield children from the gunfire.

The law managed to catch this terrorist without a single shot fired.

Don't forget about the racial extremists! Jim Hoft, the most dumbest man on the internet and Colin Flaherty, the most racist dick on the internet will exploit this. They're rallying White extremists to prepare themselves against Blacks, Hispanics and Muslims.

By the way, there was another mass shooting in Washington state. Five people including the suspect were killed after a shooting and armed standoff.

World News Today send our condolences to the victims of these senseless tragedies.

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