Thursday, January 28, 2016

Teens Put On Ice After Pulling A N****r Prank!

Say if you were doing this and you thought it was funny!

A group of White teens who attended Arizona's Desert Vista High School posed with t-shirts spelling the word NI**ER. The girls left out the Gs in the offensive word.

This picture sparked outrage and it put the girls on ice.

The girls were wearing the shirts for senior picture day when a larger group of students wrote letter tees and posed to spell out "Best You've Ever Seen Class of 2016." petition calls for the girls to be sent home without diploma. There has been over 10,000 signatures according to the New York Daily News. Matter of fact, the principal is under fire as well.

The principal said that giving them 5 days of freezer burn is acceptable. Not according to the people who created the petition.

This hurtful use of a racial slur is a complete disregard for the dignity of the black community in Arizona and across the nation and the punishment does not fit the total ignorance and cruelty of the crime.

The people of demand the resignation of the school's principal, Christine Barela, immediately for deeming this "5-day vacation" from school an acceptable punishment.
What did you learn in high school?
RacistGetFired blog outs them by name. In no particular order: Samantha Iannone, Emily Sears, Brooke Taylor, Riley Conner, Erin Lum, and Rachel Steigerwald were the girls involved in this.

The teens received a share of online bullying and death threats since.

There was a Phoenix city councilman who somewhat defended the girls. He said that they're idiots, but it shouldn't merit death threats and online harassment. Sal DiCicco posted on social media saying that school resource officers will try to calm the situation.

"They made a bad mistake as many teenagers do in life. But, any threats against these young women is going to be taken very seriously. The threats against these young girls is unacceptable."

For a few weeks, the law will monitor the school for potential threats upon the school and those attending.

Will the junk food media call these girls a bunch of thugs and miscreants?

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