Saturday, January 02, 2016

Papa Smurf's Campaign In Limbo!

Papa Smurf has a little bug in his ear. That bug was a pest to the campaign. The staff quit because of the bug. 

The Carson campaign is on the bubble. It looks like it's going to implode soon, but Ben Carson is in denial. The Carson campaign manager and some of his key aides resigned on Thursday.

They believe inept leadership lead to them quitting on him.

Carson's right hand man Barry Bennett oversaw the rise to the top. He also saw his downfall. He said that conservative agitator Armstrong Williams is damn "diva". Bennett took deputy campaign manager Lisa Coen and communications director Doug Watts with him.

Williams a notorious conservative agitator had been running his mouth too much. His antics were well known among Republicans. He took a hit after he admitted he took kickbacks from promoting Bush's policies on his radio show. He also took a bigger hit when liberal agitator Michelangelo Signorile brought up his "closeted" behavior.

Carson who is a former neurosurgeon who rose to fame in 2013. He gain praise from conservatives when he complained about President Barack Obama's policies while he was attendance, Oh, by the way, the conservatives love him because he was a Black man who complained about another Black man.

Now in 2016, the Carson campaign is struggling. This wasn't the first time he had serious issues with his campaign. The first shakeup happened two months into his bid. Now we're closing in on Iowa.

In less than 30 days, the Iowa Caucus.

Will the Carson campaign survive the impact of this?

Armstrong Williams went to the radio to blast the former staff. He said the burden of failure is lifted from the Carson campaign.

So far, Carson is trailing at 8% in the national polls along with his Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) at 9%.

Sen, Ted Cruz (R-TX) is in second place at 15% while Donald Trump is leading at 35%.

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