Saturday, January 02, 2016

Martin "Uh-OH" Malley!

The junk food media reported that one supporter showed up for a Martin O'Malley event in Iowa. 

Martin O'Malley's campaign is on the bubble. Like the Ben Carson campaign, O'Malley has made serious errors that have some saying the end is near.

The former Maryland governor didn't make the cut. He failed to make the Democratic primary ballot in the big state of Ohio. O'Malley was the former mayor of Baltimore. He is married with four children. He plays in a rock band. His group O'Malley's March is a Celtic folk rock group that plays in local bars.

He needed over 1,000 valid signatures to qualify on the Ohio primary ballot. He only managed to secure 776 signatures. The remainder weren't valid.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Hillary Clinton surpassed the required signatures needed to appear on the March ballot.

It seems like even he's admitting that the stakes to secure a nomination bid is difficult knowing that Ohio is off the table.

Even if he takes this court, it's too late. Ohio officials said that O'Malley has no way to get on the primary ballot there because the deadline for submitting signatures passed on Dec. 16. But a Democratic strategist unaffiliated with the campaign said O'Malley still could pick up Ohio delegates if another candidate dropped out.

There's no sign of Clinton or Sanders dropping out the race.
On a bright note, he still can rock at the bars.
O'Malley has long complained about the Democratic National Convention and its chairwoman Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL). He and Sanders believe that the DNC is willing to scrap everything to help Clinton win.

O'Malley had attracted junk food media attention recently. He got a huge embarrassment when only one man showed up for his campaign rally in Iowa. I mean his rally was in a conference room that only could hold at least 30 people.

Clinton is so far leading in the polls at a healthy 59% while Sanders is at 33%. O'Malley has a measly 3% in the national polls. 5% of the Democrats are undecided.

Overall in the national polls, Clinton is leading slightly against Donald Trump, Marco Rubio and Ben Carson. Given if the nominee is either O'Malley or Sanders. Sanders would beat the Republican nominee.

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