Monday, December 28, 2015

The Post-Christmas Hustle!

Sony's PS4.

The hustle continues. When you purchase a gift for your child you're expected the full set inside.

I remember that I purchased the Batman Beyond: The Return of The Joker movie from Suncoast/Musicland during its going out of business sale.

When I got home, I opened the package and saw that the DVD wasn't inside. I immediately went back to the business and told them that the DVD was defective. They understood that I was serious about it. They immediately told me to find the DVD and open it up to make sure its in there. I did and it was there.
It's only the size of a matchbox and it can steal your $$$$$$$. The FBI and U.S. Secret Service are hoping to curb this before it gets worse.
Whew, it was a close call. I would have been out of $12 if I didn't quickly return the product.

But some are buying the big ticket items and when they get home they're pretty much screwed.

A boy ends up getting that Sony PS4 (Playstation 4) for Christmas. Turns out to be a block of wood.

What's worse the block of wood had a drawing. A pretty damn offensive drawing on it. A pair of cock and balls on it. Dad bought this from Target. Target decided to allow dad to get another PS4 and $100 gift card for their troubles. All's well that ends well!

A viral story for people about the holiday hustle.

Now most people would be shocked that a block of wood would be found inside an electronics box.

I mean this stuff does happen. However, given the many attempts to con businesses out of property, you can't help but take consideration if this story was bogus from the start.
Gas pump security seal was tampered with. That's a sign of scamming device being placed inside pump.
The real danger is them skimming devices found in gas pumps. The U.S. Secret Service and the FBI are teaming up with the local lawmen to counter the threat.

The thieves come at night and use the selection key to open up the gas pump. Whether the gas station is closed or operating 24/7, the thieves usually hit the pumps around night with limited traffic.

If you're used to using a debit or credit card at the pump, you have to be noticing the features of a tampered pump.

If you see something different at the pump, don't insert your card into it.

First thing, you would notice a seal of the company on the panel of a card reader. If the seal is tampered or pulled off, don't use the pump.

Second thing, if you notice wires or sticky keys, it's tampered.

And if you don't feel comfortable using your card at the pump, go inside and prepay for the gas.

Skimming is a $1 billion hustle. Many in the theft rings could get your money within a matter of seconds if you don't take the opportunity to check your surroundings.

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