Friday, December 04, 2015

Syed Farook And Tashfeen Malik Found Themselves Daesh'ed!

As the Feds determine the motive, conservatives balk at the fact the mass shooters were on social media talking about their support for the Islamic State.

U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Department of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson told Americans to be vigilant throughout the holidays. It seems like everything being said is often ignored by those in the White suburbs of America.

Terrorism exists in the United States. It's not solely acts committed by Muslims.

If we treated all mass shootings as an act of terrorism, you would see these assholes in Washington, DC actually pass legislation to get things done. But alas, they're not. They're afraid of political backlash from conservatives and the NRA.
The woman who may have conspired the attacks.
They just don't give any notice to what President Barack Obama says. They're so fixated on listening to ankle biting lawmakers and agitators. Donald Trump, Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and the remaining clowns running have no real ideas on how to take on a leaderless group of individuals. All they have in their mindset is kill more people to show how tough America is.

These people flex their tongues when it comes to taking on terrorism. They don't see that human lives matter. They don't even value Black lives.

The people who were neighbors of Syed Farook didn't get that message. They didn't want to tell the law that they felt he was doing something that just didn't seem right. They feared that the junk food media would label them as bigots.

This terrorist is an American born man who married a Pakistani woman. They were proud parents of a 6 month old daughter at some point. The people said he was a "NICE GUY". They didn't think he would do that.

He was dedicated worker. He was a devout Muslim. He lived a modest life. What happened?

What inspired him to commit a mass shooting on his fellow man?

Eight of the 14 victims killed in Wednesday's mass shooting.
These terrorists managed to kill 14 people and wound over 30 people. Many of the victims were one of the terrorist's co-workers and former friends.

The names of the victims. These were obtained from Time Magazine. The magazine released the list of victims from age 26 to 60 years old.

Shannon Johnson, 45, Los Angeles (DOB: 03/06/70)
Bennetta Bet-Badal, 46, Rialto (DOB: 03/08/69)
Aurora Godoy, 26, San Jacinto (DOB: 02/01/89)
Isaac Amanios, 60, Fontana (DOB: 06/29/55)
Larry Kaufman, 42, Rialto (DOB: 08/12/73)
Harry Bowman, 46, Upland (DOB: 06/08/69)
Yvette Velasco, 27, Fontana (DOB: 04/03/88)
Sierra Clayborn, 27, Moreno Valley (DOB: 06/15/88)
Robert Adams, 40, Yucaipa (DOB: 05/02/75)
Nicholas Thalasinos, 52, Colton (DOB: 10/14/63)
Tin Nguyen, 31, Santa Ana (DOB: 04/06/84)
Juan Espinoza, 50, Highland (DOB: 06/24/65)
Damian Meins, 58, Riverside (DOB: 02/02/57)
Michael Wetzel, 37, Lake Arrowhead (DOB: 04/29/78)

Many of those in law enforcement peeped into the social media of the wife. She is allegedly declaring an allegiance to the Islamic State.

Big fucking deal. It doesn't bring back the lives of those lost in this senseless tragedy. For all I know, it's just an opinion. The actions carried out by the terrorist matter. I don't blame no one but the shooters.

 This shows me that the U.S. government is devoted to spying on Americans. I can say I pledge support to the extremist group. What they gonna do about it?

I mean if we're that obsessed with the Islamic State, we're giving them the victory. I don't want to give them the satisfaction of winning the war on who's got the bigger balls.  I don't give two fucks about the Islamic State or their followers.

The U.S. government hasn't concluded their investigation into how this event happened.

Conservatives are saying that the president won't recognize the threat of "radical Islam". They seriously believe that the president is being "politically correct" when dealing with the threat.

Republicans and their conservative allies say that the president shouldn't politicize mass shootings. This has been the umpteenth time the president gave remarks on mass shootings. He has stressed that his big failure is not signing a law that slows down the gun violence. The Republicans refuse to vote on background checks and gun control regulations. The Islamic State and al Qaeda have followed U.S. politics for a while. They believe that the Republicans are stupid. They rather have Republicans in the White House.

Republicans and their obsession to cutting government and relaxing laws are giving terrorists an opportunity to purchase firearms without being questioned. The relaxing of laws are giving terrorist an opportunity to find areas where they can commit mass murder on individuals.

They seem to miss the message when they are politicizing the event to advocate profiling of Muslims, Blacks and Hispanics. They politicize theses events to scare White folks into stockpiling firearms.

The New York Daily News has had enough of the Republican showboating. The newspaper hits them hard. They aimed at the Republican candidates for taking the time to send their prayers to the victims but offer no legislative action or stump speech about gun violence.

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