Thursday, December 03, 2015

Rules Of Disengagement!

Steak out!

I almost want to say it's staged.

There was this asshat who ran up on family loading groceries into their vehicle. He decides to confront the family because they used a food stamp card to purchase food. What got him livid was the fact that one of them was using his money to purchase lottery tickets.

In the 2 minute YouTube video, you clearly hear the man confront them for using food stamps and purchasing lottery.

They get into a verbal tirade.

The guy stops his vehicle and jumps out. He confronts the woman who is allegedly pregnant smoking and then sees a steak inside the shopping cart. He picks it up an ultimately declares that 

"Steak is for fucking taxpayers"!
Man films couple after he caught them purchasing food with EBT. One of the person filmed was playing with lottery tickets.
Now would you want someone coming up on you yelling and then reach into your grocery cart?

I seriously believe it's a staged act to generate click bait. Because if this guy was bold enough to do this, he should get the cuffs and a night in the county lockup. 

The safety net includes social security, disability, food stamps, farm aid, Medicare, Medicaid, and welfare. Don't forget there's veteran's assistance, disaster relief, student aid, and victim's claims.

The middle class, lower class and those who are too poor are the core of the safety net.

The rise in energy, rent, insurance, food and gas, people are turning to food stamps, food banks and government assistance to keep themselves from landing in the homeless shelter.

Without a safety net, these people will rob and kill those who have the luxuries of having food in the refrigerator or in the pantry. They would steal fuel, water, bread, baby formula, diapers and meat to keep feeding their families. And yet, these Republicans and their conservative allies are thinking the poor are the reasons for the economic recession. Perhaps those who complain about the poor, should walk a day in that person's shoes!

The Republican Party and its allies in the conservative movement are heartless when it comes to the lower and middle class. In their warped minds, the lower class and those who are too poor are stealing from the taxpayers by accepting food stamps, welfare and necessaries.

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