Wednesday, December 30, 2015

King Louie Survived A Crowning!

Survival of the fittest.... Chicago rapper King Louie survived a shot to his dome.

Chicago rapper Louis King Johnson, Jr. professionally known as King Louie got bucked in his hometown. He was shot seven times. One of them slugs went directly into the side of head.

That shooting happened in the Ashburn neighborhood of Chicago. The rapper was in his ride when out of nowhere some assailant ambushed him. The assailant let the slugs fly.

The rapper had a hospital stay after this. He survived a shot to the head.

Counting his blessing, he said that the violence here gotta stop. He knows he's "marked" for life, but he doesn't want to see others meet fates like this.

"The devil is working overtime, that's my opinion," King Louie said.

Now recovering at home, King Louie says he carries with him bullets still lodged in his body.

"I was shot 7 times. I still have two bullets in my chest and on in my ear/head,” he said.

King Louie had worked with fellow Chicago-rappers Common and Kanye West. He is also known for helping create the term "Chi-Raq," which refers to the violence in Chicago.

King Louie wasn't really keen to Hollywood mocking his city. Spike Lee made the satirical drama "Chi-Raq". Louie didn't appreciate the movie director making fun of the mass shootings in his community. He made a song directed at Spike Lee.

King Louie joined Chicago rappers like Common, Lil Herb, Saba, Tree, Noname Gypsy and more on "Put the Guns Down,"

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