Monday, December 14, 2015

Conservative Outrage Over Sports Illustrated Crowning Serena Williams!

The queen rules over tennis. Serena Williams was the Sportsperson of the Year.

The angry concern trolls of the conservative bandwidth are pissed that Sports Illustrated gave its honorary award to tennis icon Serena Williams. They would have rather gave it to the Triple Crown derby horse American Pharaoh.

The Sports Illustrated magazine "Sportsperson of the Year" goes to humans.

But the angry conservative concern trolls believe it's political correctness at its finest.

At least Serena got recognition for her accomplishments. She was close to having an All-Time Grand Slam title but lost in the finals of the U.S. Open.

Let's start with the graceful Serena saying thanks to the folks over at S.I. for giving her the title.

And now here comes the word vomit.

And of course the hilarious response to the controversy. A concern troll gets "roll'd".

Any thoughts of the latest bout of ignorance.

Do you actually think the outrage over Serena Williams being chosen is justified?

1 comment:

S Baldwin said...

Those conservatives will never learn. They're so upset that a successful Serena Williams got the cover instead of a horse or a nonblack person. They're mad that a Black woman is on the cover but at the same time those men lust after Serena in secret because they hate that a Black women challenged their narrow standard of beauty and femininity.

Go Serena!



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