Thursday, December 17, 2015

"Affluenza" Teen On The Run!

The feds want the Couch family locked up. Ethan Couch skipped his probation hearing. Now the law fears he and his parents managed to leave the country.

Will the junk food media call this guy a thug?

They'll give him a glowing image of a troubled individual who took the wrong path in life.

The feds may get involved in the search of teen accused of vehicular homicide. The teen was accused of driving drunk with a few of his buddies. They stole booze from Walmart and tried to flee the scene. After they got near the teen's home, he didn't see a group of people aiding a woman off the road. He ends up crashing into the group killing them. He ended up hurting his friends so badly, now they're paralyzed.

The teen had a good lawyer and his family connections. His father owns a business that racks in the $$$$$$$$$$. The lawyer said that the teen was suffering from "affluenza" and didn't understand right from wrong. The court gave him a pass and served him up a dime of in-house.

While he was on a dime of in-house when he was caught on camera partying with booze.

A woman decided to post it to social media and it went viral.
Ethan Couch, Ethan Couch's victims, Hollie Boyles, Shelby Boyles
Affluenza teen managed to beat a murder rap. Now the law realized it was a damn mistake.
Now a month since the video has surfaced, the Tarrant County man Ethan Couch and his family bounced. He bypassed the P.O. and hasn't shown up to his treatments. He apparently went into hiding.

Now the Texas authorities fear his may have ducked the lines.

They didn't take his passport and forfeitures

Tonya and Ethan Couch packed it up and left. Now they're being sought for hiding a fugitive.

Couch gained notoriety for being a spoiled douche who got off murder. The teen killed Brian Jennings, Breanna Mitchell, Hollie Boyles and her daughter Shelby Boyles.

He never apologized for the incident.

As the conviction stands, he's guilty. For not appearing for his court hearing, he is considered innocent until proven guilty. The charges for skipping a probation hearing is limited to 20 years according to the charges that prosecutors initially brought.

His family may face time in the iron college for harboring him. Fred and Tonya have criminal history.

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