Sunday, July 19, 2015

Trump Ain't Backing Down From McCain Comments!

The insurgency loves Donald Trump. He doesn't apologize for being real.

The Republican establishment want him gone now!

Martha Raddatz fills-in for the GOP Sundays. She's doing the dirty work for the establishment.

It's true. Donald Trump is placed in the top three. Between Jeb Bush and Scott Walker, Trump is in there and I think this interview may help him surge again.

For you see the insurgency is tired of political correctness. They are tired of Republicans being soft on everything. The insurgency is tired of the establishment. They fear that if they knee toe to the junk food media, they'll nominate candidates like Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) and perennial loser Mitt Romney.

The insurgency is excited that Trump hits hard. And he doesn't apologize for anything. Trump was asked about what he would do for the veterans. He landed on the McCain mine when he was asked about the senator's days as a POW. Trump said that McCain is a "war hero because he was captured' but "I like people who weren't captured".

That got the establishment pissed off. The establishment is calling for Trump to end the show.

Trump is not stopping.

Now I can say that McCain suffered during his time in the Viet Cong. He faced torture. He had suffered mental and physical injuries. But McCain is often exploiting his misfortunes for political gains. He pulled this when he faced a tough primary against J.D. Hayworth.

McCain signals he's running for reelection for his senate seat. He will face another tough primary.

Trump says that McCain exploits his POW status.
This was a combative interview with Trump. I almost wanted to scream at the television listening to Raddatz try her best to get a defiant Trump to apologize to McCain.

Trump wasn't having none of that!

Trump laid another landmine for them to stomp on. At the Iowa Family Leadership Summit, establishment talker Frank Luntz was interviewing the media mogul and clown running for the red nose.

This comment about McCain came straight out this event. Trump got a standing ovation for his comments about the senator. Trump said that McCain aimed at him and his supporters. Trump basically told Raddatz that calling his supporters are crazy is like calling McCain a hero, none of its true.

Matter of fact he went further. He told Raddatz that McCain exploits being a POW. He said for McCain being a veteran who is now a politico, he's done nothing to help his fellow veterans.

He aimed at the Phoenix Veteran Administration which was the center of a major scandal that got Veteran Administration secretary Eric Shinseki fired out the cannon.

Trump told Raddatz that McCain called some of the his constituents a bunch of "crazies". Trump believes McCain is worthless. Trump said that because of McCain's talk, he lost to Barack Obama.

Trump said he doesn't need to school'd on how to lose elections.  He said McCain is soft on immigration and appears too many times on GOP Sundays just to talk, talk, talk and nothing gets done.

Raddatz tired to bait him with critics of Trump's comments. Trump dismissed the critics. He said these aren't the veterans that he has spoken to!

I gotta hand it to Trump. This is the stuff that Republicans are talking about.

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