Monday, July 20, 2015

The United States And Cuba Open Relations!

Change is in the air. The United States has officially opened up the Cuban Embassy.

When the critics say President Barack Obama hasn't done nothing for the world, you shake your head, take a heavy sigh and just move past them. Don't argue with people two feet in the manure.

Don't argue with people who are vehemently stuck in their ways. They will die knowing that they feel right about something even though they're wrong.

Because you clearly see progress in action. The president despite having an inept Congress managed to do more work in his lame duck session than the lawmakers who threaten to unravel progress.

President Barack Obama met with Cuban president Raul Castro at the Summit of Americas and the Nelson Mandela funeral. He told the Cuban president that Pope Francis urged him to make peace with the island nation.

The United States and Cuba are establishing relations once again. The Cuban Embassy is now open in Washington, DC. The American Embassy will be open in Havana.

Secretary of State John Kerry was there for the grand opening of the embassy.

President Barack Obama was confident to improve relations with the Caribbean nation. The nation and the U.S. had some rough relations during the days of Raul's brother Fidel Castro. The Cuban government is pressuring American lawmakers to end the longtime Cuban embargo.

It's coming and we just have to get the inept Congress to do something about it.

A new day has dawn.... The U.S. and Cuba are back on good terms.

By the way, if the inept Congress lifts the embargo, then Americans who seek asylum in Cuba may want to be cautious of the feds coming if you're a criminal.

Afeni Shakur, the aunt of Tupac Shakur is wanted on terrorism charges and murder. She might want to consider coming back to the U.S. before the FBI comes knocking on her door.

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