Friday, July 24, 2015

Summer Fire!

The memorable scene of Boyz In The Hood. A group of gang bangers fired off a double barrel at Rickey.

In cities with populations over 100,000, there's often a rise in the gun violence. I mean over 2,300 shootings happened in a day! Some of these shootings were deadly.

The law often worries about March through September. This is when the rise in gun violence occurs.

My hometown of Dayton, Ohio experienced a rise in gun violence. And it's troubling. Just in the past three weeks, eight people have lost their lives to gun violence. Six lost their lives to violence by a  knife or dangerous instrument. 

Dayton with a population of 137,000 is the sixth largest city in the state of Ohio. It's vicinity includes Xenia, Troy, Eaton and Miamisburg. The metro area is 578,000 residents. 

Dayton, Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Toledo have seen a huge spike in gun violence. 

These names don't get national recognition.  

I can't be a concern troll. There's just too many events in America where someone lost their life to gun violence. Those often affected by gun violence are youth and "at risk" populations.

I often hate when those annoying conservatives act like they care about gun violence in America. 

How often do you read in the comment section describing an event in an area they've never visited?

Conservatives often bring up Democrats, Chicago, Baltimore, New York and Cleveland as examples to the rise of gun violence. 

This ridiculous concern trolling is an example of why most Blacks often look at conservatives as racist. Black America is aware of gun violence. 

Many in the Black community have slight distrust towards law enforcement. Given the recent officer involved incidents in which unarmed Black suspects die in police custody, it's often harder to get witnesses who may have seen a criminal act.

I hate to say this, but Republicans deserve most of the blame for the rise in gun violence. Their solution for gun violence is more guns. In the wake of mass shootings, the junk food media often turns to Congress and President Barack Obama to do something about it. The president has called for reasonable gun control measures. It's often met with opposition from Republicans and some Democrats. They fear the NRA and their money machine. 

They don't seem to understand that gun trafficking doesn't often happen at gun shows. You can actually purchase firearms through social media.

Black leaders are often pressuring for more gun control measures.

President Barack Obama, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, NAACP and every other Black leader have expressed concern about the rise in gun violence in urban areas. It often is ignored by the concern trolls.

Random musings to what goes on in my community.

With the recent mass shooting in Louisiana, I want to make it clear that is a systematic issue. Gun crime is more dangerous than al Qaeda and the Islamic State.

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