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Subway Spokesman's Home Raided In Child Porn Case!

TV icon Jared Fogle under investigation for child porn.

Jared Fogle lives outside of Indianapolis. He and his family didn't expect a "NO KNOCK" at 6am.

The spokesman for fast food giant Subway had his home raided this morning. Fogle became the face of Subway after his friend published the story of a 6'2'' 425 lb. Indiana University freshman taking action on his weight. Jared would visit the local Subway in his apartment building. He would take motives to lose the fat and stands proudly at 200 lbs.

Now you can say that he's lost his $$$$$$$ gig. Apparently he's been fired out the cannon.

He has been active in recruiting kids, athletes and entertainers in the Subway Challenge.

Subway restaurants are located within the United States, Canada, and 108 other countries.

I swear on my life, there's a Subway Restaurant within two blocks of one another. There are over 44,000 restaurants. You find the United States either in Walmart, a gas station, a truck stops, shopping malls, stand alone stores, college campuses, cruise ships, airports, and military bases.

My god, there everywhere.

He and his former business partner are under investigation for harboring child porn.

Subway had put the brakes on Jared for the time being.

The FBI raided the Zionsville home in the early. The 37 year old pitchman for the fast food giant is facing controversy over allegedly harboring child pornography. The investigation centered around Russell Taylor, a former business partner for The Jared Foundation, an organization devoted to ending childhood obesity. Taylor is already in the county lockup awaiting trial. He was busted two months ago for harboring porn.
First Lady Michelle Obama at Subway. Jared Fogle is on the far left.

Taylor tried to put the bed sheets over his neck but failed when correction guards got to him. Now on suicide watch, Taylor is spilling the beans. He is fingering Fogle as the ringleader.

So of course, that's why the NO KNOCK came.

Officials at Subway's Milford, Conn., corporate headquarters issued a statement expressing shock about the search.

“We are shocked about the news and believe it is related to a prior investigation of a former Jared Foundation employee," the statement read. "We are very concerned and will be monitoring the situation closely. We don’t have any more details at this point.”

The Indianapolis Star and the AP report that the controversy may have damaged Fogle's legacy.

Subway said in a statement that it is "very concerned" about the raid, which it believes "is related to a prior investigation" of a former employee of the Jared Foundation, an organization founded by Fogle to raise awareness about childhood obesity. Subway did not immediately say whether that employee was former foundation executive director Russell Taylor.

The company had removed references to Fogle from its website by late afternoon and issued another statement, saying the two "have mutually agreed to suspend their relationship due to the current investigation."

"Jared continues to cooperate with authorities and he expects no actions to be forthcoming," the company said. "Both Jared and Subway agree that this was the appropriate step to take."

Federal prosecutors in May filed a criminal complaint charging Taylor, 43, with seven counts of production of child pornography and one count of possession of child pornography. Fogle issued a statement after the charges were filed saying he was shocked by the allegations and was severing all ties with Taylor.

The Indianapolis Star photographed Fogle stepping out of a police evidence van parked outside his home Tuesday morning, and he left the house just after noon with attorney Ron Elberger. Fogle declined to comment, but Elberger later released a statement saying his client is cooperating with authorities.

"Jared has been cooperating, and continues to cooperate, with law enforcement in their investigation of unspecified charges, and looks forward to its conclusion," Elberger said.

During a search of Taylor's home this spring, federal investigators say they discovered a cache of sexually explicit photos and videos Taylor allegedly produced by secretly filming minor children at the home. They said they also allegedly found more than 400 videos of child pornography on computers and storage media recovered from Taylor's home office in his Indianapolis residence.

Taylor's attorney, Brad Banks, said Tuesday his client was briefly hospitalized after the allegations surfaced but is now in federal custody. Sheriff's officials have said Taylor tried to take his own life in jail.

"The only thing I can say is that I'm aware that there's an ongoing investigation," Banks said.

Tim Horty, a spokesman for the U.S. attorney's office in Indianapolis, said prosecutors "are moving forward" with the case against Taylor. He declined to comment on Tuesday's raid at Fogle's home.

Neighbors said Fogle and his wife entertained frequently and would say hello but that they didn't see the couple outside a lot.

Jacob Schrader, 19, who lives across from Fogle's house, said the pitchman seems "like a pretty private guy" and that he'd only seen him about a dozen times in the last five or six years.

"He's like an endangered species or something like that," Schrader said.

Subway, which is based in Milford, Connecticut, and is privately held, has struggled in recent years. Last year, industry tracker Technomic said average sales for Subway stores in the U.S. declined 3 percent from the previous year. The company has about 44,000 locations around the world.

Shocking. What's your thoughts on this controversy?

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