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The Return Of The Turd Flipper Michelle Malkin!

The meanest woman to ever exist. Michelle Malkin, a controversial blogger, agitator and woman of color. She's a nasty conservative agitator who post people's numbers online whenever she gets pissed with them.

In this adventure of turd flipping, conservative agitator Michelle Malkin gets into a huge fight with the folks over at Addicting Info after they discovered that her syndication The National Review ran a phony photo in her hit piece against Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), a candidate running for the Democratic nomination.

Malkin wrote another book to bitch about President Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, liberals, Hollywood and rappers. She titled this book, Who Built That?  It's a jab at the president after he made the "You didn't built that" remark during the 2012 presidential election.

Malkin is a frequent bitch about everyone and everything. She is a woman of color who denies her Filipino heritage and complains that those real racists are the Black leaders and Obama. For a while she was banned from Loserville.

While in Colorado Springs, Malkin writes and blogs frequently about her grievances with liberalism.

Malkin was firing her acid breath on the social media tonight. She aimed at the liberal blog after they caught the photo of a woman shopping at a Walmart with food stripped from the shelves.

What the problem in the photo, it was during the 2005 Hurricane Rita tragedy.

Hurricane Rita destroyed Louisiana and Texas in 2015.

The National Review used that picture in their attempt to compare Sander's socialist views to the Republic of Venezuela.

Venezuela is a country with poor relations with the United States. The country is going through an economic recession. The country is currently pissed over the U.S. foreign policies when it comes oil trade and its overzealous attitude towards immigrants.

To conservatives, Venezuela is another axis of evil.
Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is an independent senator from Vermont. He's trying to prove to the public he's no joke.
Anyway, since Sanders declared his intentions to jump into the clown car, the Vermont senator is being mocked by the left for being a candidate that won't be elected. The right already is trying to say he's a old pervert because of a past writing of his sexual desires. They believe that Sanders' economic policies will make the United States a "third world nation".

Addicting Info and Little Green Footballs caught the photo and pointed the finger at Malkin and the publisher Rich Lowry.

Malkin went on the defense. She also took the time to jab Addicting Info editor Wendy Gittleson.

The National Review owed up. They removed the photo.

Addicting Info did owe up to the error and apologized to her. But the damage was done, now I am guessing that Malkin and her minions are trolling the website.

Once you piss her off, expect Malkin to find your email, phone number and address. She will post it to Reddit or Twitter. Expect death threats and hate speech to reign in.

Anyway, the whole episode was covered by Mediaite.

The last time Malkin face some heat, was her appearance on Loserville's Election HQ with Megyn Kelly. She was bitching about Michelle Obama and under a chyron "Outrage Liberals: Stop Picking On Obama's Baby Mama".

She caught a lot of heat for it and had to defend herself by complaining about Obama introducing her husband as her "baby daddy".

Mrs. Obama at a commencement speech respond to Malkin and others.

I understand that kind of pressure. I’ve experienced a little bit of it myself.  You see, graduates, I didn’t start out as the fully-formed First Lady who stands before you today.  No, no, I had my share of bumps along the way.

Back when my husband first started campaigning for President, folks had all sorts of questions of me:  What kind of First Lady would I be?  What kinds of issues would I take on?  Would I be more like Laura Bush, or Hillary Clinton, or Nancy Reagan?  And the truth is, those same questions would have been posed to any candidate’s spouse.  That’s just the way the process works.  But, as potentially the first African American First Lady, I was also the focus of another set of questions and speculations; conversations sometimes rooted in the fears and misperceptions of others.  Was I too loud, or too angry, or too emasculating? Or was I too soft, too much of a mom, not enough of a career woman? 
First Lady Michelle Obama tells the graduates to ignore the noise. She aimed at one agitator makes a lot of noise.
Then there was the first time I was on a magazine cover -- it was a cartoon drawing of me with a huge afro and machine gun. Now, yeah, it was satire, but if I’m really being honest, it knocked me back a bit.  It made me wonder, just how are people seeing me.

Or you might remember the on-stage celebratory fist bump between me and my husband after a primary win that was referred to as a “terrorist fist jab.”  And over the years, folks have used plenty of interesting words to describe me.  One said I exhibited “a little bit of uppity-ism.“  Another noted that I was one of my husband’s “cronies of color.”  Cable news once charmingly referred to me as “Obama’s Baby Mama.”

And of course, Barack has endured his fair share of insults and slights.  Even today, there are still folks questioning his citizenship. 

And all of this used to really get to me.  Back in those days, I had a lot of sleepless nights, worrying about what people thought of me, wondering if I might be hurting my husband’s chances of winning his election, fearing how my girls would feel if they found out what some people were saying about their mom.

But eventually, I realized that if I wanted to keep my sanity and not let others define me, there was only one thing I could do, and that was to have faith in God’s plan for me. I had to ignore all of the noise and be true to myself -- and the rest would work itself out.    

So throughout this journey, I have learned to block everything out and focus on my truth.  I had to answer some basic questions for myself:  Who am I?  No, really, who am I?  What do I care about? 

And the answers to those questions have resulted in the woman who stands before you today. A woman who is, first and foremost, a mom. Look, I love our daughters more than anything in the world, more than life itself. And while that may not be the first thing that some folks want to hear from an Ivy-league educated lawyer, it is truly who I am. So for me, being Mom-in-Chief is, and always will be, job number one. 

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