Sunday, June 28, 2015

New York's Iron College Escapee Got A Bullet To The Gut!

Got caught by the border.

David Sweat was captured. The remaining escapee from the Clinton Correctional was caught by the law in Constable, New York. The town is less than 10 miles from the U.S.- Canadian border.

Sweat was wounded but according to the junk food media, he will survive his injuries. He is being detained at the local hospital.

For nearly a month, David Sweat and the big player in the iron college Richard Matt managed to elude authorities for weeks. They were hoping that accomplice Joyce Mitchell would have drove them to the border. Turns out that Mitchell had second thoughts.

Mitchell was apprehended after she confessed to aiding the escapees.

Matt ate a lead sandwich after disobeyed law orders. He was apparently armed.

Sweat and Matt both used their survival skills for the most part. They managed to elude the law through the woods and taking breaks near cabins. They broke into a cabin and made a brief stay.

They left their fingerprints, blood and undies all over the place.

That gave them the perfect lead to where they were located.

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