Saturday, June 06, 2015

I've Cut The Face.....!

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It's about time for me to put an end to my social media fixation. I am taking a long break from Facebook.

It's time to end my reign on the world's most popular social media website.

I am not canceling my account for now. But I will eventually. I am getting tired of viewing everyone and anyone. I admit that I am jealous. I am jealous of everyone and everything.

I wanted to be with the "IT" crowd. I wanted to be "friends" with anyone and anybody!

My family, friends, ex-girlfriends, co-workers, and even my boss were friends on Facebook. I kept in touch with them through birthdays, anniversaries, new children, deaths and celebrations. I've posted on their walls about my life and how I'm doing! The more friends I've gotten, the better I felt. It's was one of the greatest feelings to be wanted.

Then I realized that I wasn't moving as fast as my friends and family. They're celebrating weddings, births, and new achievements. I haven't experienced any in the past four years. So I seen myself at a peak of jealous and depression.

Longing for the days of success, I seen myself as a failure!
Facebook can cause couples to break up.
The whole situation with that woman Jessica has finally woke me up to the ugly reality of life.

I am angry with myself over this. I put so much into a huge waste of time. I felt that looking at others being happy kind of makes me sad. So I don't want to be sad. I will admit this. This social media can make me jealous.

So therefore, I am on a hiatus.

I want to thank my friends, family, co-workers and formers. I wish them well.

I am taking a long (and I mean long) break from Facebook.

I am too damn nice and willing to accept or take anything. I am not mad at her for lying and deceiving me during our time, I am too embarrassed to the tell someone how I feel about it.

I don't want to share my business with everyone on social media anymore.

Maybe here on this blog. But I have to generate enough people to view it.

Anyway, I have posted some time ago about the Facebook decline. The social media titian has over 1.4 billion subscribers.

The social network was founded by four Harvard students who wanted to keep in touch with classmates at the prestigious university. Who would of thought that this little experiment would become the world's most popular way to connect to people.

Now it's over 10 years and the social media website is still reigning on top. But it's on the downslide. Predicted in less than 5 years, the social media website will lose over 80%  of active users.

Are you addicted to Facebook?

Do you get jealous of people when they share their relationships, new achievements and successes?

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