Friday, June 12, 2015

Fox Picks The Only Black McKinney Resident Who Missed The Instigators Who Shouted Racial Slurs At Teens!

The junk food media finds the only Black guy who claims he didn't see the White instigators call the teens a bunch of Black fuckers.

And like Sean Toon and his wife Shannon, Loserville failed to vet its guests.

Benet Embry is the new Black toy for the racist right. He claiming that thugs were fighting and they were jumping the fence at the pool in McKinney, Texas. He believes that Adrian Martin attacked the cop. 

Embry is some blogger and internet radio host who wants his five minutes of fame.

Loserville promotes this garbage. And these bottom feeders are turning a clear cut situation into a political spectacle. I want to remind you that that annoying conservative agitator is the biggest concern troll to ever exist in the media. In a few years, that show will be a distant memory. 

I guess while he was recording his internet radio show he must have missed the Toons and Tracey Carver-Allbritton shouting racial slurs at the teens. He must have confused the fighting between two women as mob violence. 

The women who attacked that teen didn't get charged. But they got shamed.

Embry as like ex-cop Eric Casebolt play the victim. They cry about how they've gotten death threats online for telling the world that this incident wasn't about race.

Casebolt's attorney went to the junk food media to release Casebolt's statement on resignation. She tells the public glowing tales of him consoling a Black family after a man committing suicide. All the while missing his social media postings, the lawsuit against him and his police department and the numerous complaint brought up about him. So I seem to figure that buttering up an image for a tarnished career is a divisive ploy. A ploy the likes of that some on the racist right use to distract the real reason to why the public is outraged. That annoying conservative agitator plays the role quite nicely.

Tell that to the teens were were detained. Tell that to the teens who were verbally abused. Tell that to the teens who watched a hot headed cop pull a service weapon on them.

I am certainly not pleased that this brotha has the nerve to appear on these programs to say that he seen everything but missed the most important facts to this.

This example of token behavior is what I expect from the likes of Loserville's deck of Black commentators.

Like I've said so many times. I don't have to be nice to the cops. I don't have to be their friends.

I don't have to respect a cop. As long as I don't threaten the cop, I can say whatever I want to the cop.

Cops have a dangerous job. We all understand that. I respect all those in law enforcement.

But I also respect the rule of law. I am not immune to it nor is the cops. If you're a Black male, you have more fear of the law than a terrorist. The law has been systematically targeting Black men for years.

Damn shame that all them cries for better policing is muted by the agitators who say it's anti-cop.

They want gun rights for Whites. Gun control for Blacks, Hispanics and Muslims.

There are good cops and bad cops. The good ones don't ask for the glory. They don't go home thinking they've saved the world from the forces of evil. The bad cops seek the glory. They believe that the badge gives them the right to treat individuals anyway they want. They are the ones who lie to make a traffic stop, an arrest, a restraint or discharge of their service weapon.

Under the 4th, 5th and 8th Amendment, you have the right to not be searched by the law. You have a right to an attorney. You have a right to not speak to a cop to prevent self-incrimination. You have a right to tell an officer "are you free to go if you're not being arrested". You have a right to question an arrest or detainment. You have the right to call a superior or ask for a cop's badge number. You have a right not to be detained under cruel and unusual punishment.

You are allowed to film police. By you filming the police you can destroy the talking points cops release to the public.

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