Tuesday, June 02, 2015

According To Conservatives, Obama Claimed He's The Closest Thing To A Jew!

And they claim that the president is....!

And what's off the record is the news. As usual the accusations of being anti-Semitic are often tossed around by the conservative agitators towards President Barack Obama.

There's an accusation being thrown around by the racist right. They claim that former White House advisor David Axelrod overheard the president say something offensive about Jewish people.

Now The Daily Nothing is calling it as fact. I remember this was the same outfit that allowed a right winger interrupt the president during a presser. This is the website that claimed that they had a "smoking gun" when it came to the president's relationship with his former pastor Jeremiah Wright.

They tried to run this PBS documentary of the president back in 2007 talking about his former pastor and called it a bombshell.

For a bombshell coming from a website with a track record of getting wrong, it's pretty skeptical about it. But to the trolls, it's fact regardless.

They claim that because of the U.S. support of Israel reaching record lows, conservatives actually believe it's Obama's fault for the Israeli relations being in such disarray.

Axelrod claims that the president's strained relationship with Benjamin Netanyahu stems from his chest beating about Iran and his refusal to stop building settlements in the West Bank.

He also recalled Obama venting in a moment of contemplation, telling him, ‘You know, I think I am the closest thing to a Jew that has ever sat in this office. For people to say that I am anti-Israel, or, even worse,  anti-Semitic, it hurts.’

For you see, the president has a strong disagreement with Israeli prime minister Netanyahu.

The recent Netanyahu election victory assures the United States another six years of the worlds' most controversial leader. Conservatives look at him as an effective leader when it comes to defeating the "radical" Islamic extremists. Most of the world looks at him as a buffoon and war chicken.

I for one believe the United States is being driven into war because Israeli intelligence gives this bullshit story about terrorism in Iran.

For one thing, Iranians citizens don't give two fucks about the United States. They rather focus on their daily lives and don't believe in war also. Besides who cares what some foreign nation thinks about the United States.

The butt kissing to Israel is nauseating. When Congress passed an authorization act to oversee the G6 proposal with Iran, Stallmigos Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Tom Cotton (R-AR) tried to put some bullshit in the law.

They want to make sure Iran recognizes Israel as the Jewish state. They can't fathom the nasty comments coming from those mean old Tehran politicos.

Instead of calling it terrorism, the conservatives legitimize their efforts to denounce the United States as a leading force against Islam.

You hear the war chickens run this game about how Obama's not effective in taking on the Islamic State in the Levant. They believe that an indefinite military presence in Iraq and Afghanistan are feasible.

It's a damn shame that our agitators are right on course with this notion the United States is fighting a religious war. Matter of fact, we're fighting a proxy war for Israel. We're killing them on their land.

If the Islamic State had all the technology and military arsenal  we got maybe they could drone.

Seriously, I am not for putting more ground troops in harms way because of a bunch of chest beating asshats.

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