Tuesday, May 19, 2015

White Thuggery In Texas!

Some of the living bikers after a major riot outside a local restaurant. Some of the members have the SS logo. A notorious symbol of the Neo-Nazi movement. This is the Cossacks Bikers. They are the domestic terrorist groups that the FBI and Homeland Security on the lookout for.

If the junk food media was willing to call the biker gangs involved in a deadly shooting a bunch of thugs could it be equal to their coverage of Baltimore rioters who burned down a CVS store?

Nine lives are lost in this fight outside a restaurant in Waco, TX.

Why would this restaurant invite numerous biker gangs knowing that this could result in a riot where guns, knifes, clubs, chains, and fists were used as weapons?

The law was prepared for this. They anticipated some drama. After the restaurant that sponsored the event was pre-warned about the effects of it.

Twin Peaks Bar and Grille is a restaurant similar to rival Hooters. The business is growing. The waitresses dress scantily clad, serve burgers, alcohol and sports on the boob tube.

This Waco location was sponsoring a "Biker Night" and they proudly wanted them to show up.

Twin Peaks logo
The restaurant got shut down after this event. Twin Peaks representatives have no comment about it and have told the owner of the business to pack it up and leave. They want no business with that business.

Waco Police, the Texas Rangers and the FBI are focused on this criminal case. Nearly 200 members of numerous biker groups are in an auditorium converted into a lockup. With armed officers watching their moves. They can't fit them all into the local county lockup. Each got a fork a million to get that "get out free card".

The sad case of a growing effect of White-on-White crime. A scenario that the junk food media too afraid to cover. They figured that since the event was a mass causality event, they had to cover it.
Some of the girls working at a Twin Peaks Restaurant.
This stuff has been going on for years. But it's got to be good enough for the junk food media to put a spin on it.

Teacher-student sex scandals, stupid criminal acts, bad parenting crimes, animal cruelty, and drug crimes aren't always Black criminal behavior. It's mostly done by White people.

These bikers involved in this senseless tragedy are thugs. They're terrorists. They're criminals.

Gangs are not strictly Black. There's White gangs too.... And these gangs are just as dangerous!

World News Today sends our condolences to those lost in this tragedy.

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