Wednesday, May 06, 2015

The Guy Who Let A Cop Walk In The Eric Garner Case Became A Congressman!

Rep-elect Daniel Donovan, Republican won New York's special election for corrupt lawmaker's seat.

The insurgency brings another one in.

Representative-elect Daniel Donovan, Jr. is replacing corrupt lawmaker Michael Grimm. The Republican district attorney from Staten Island is notable for allowing the cop in the Eric Garner stranglehold case walk managed to beat a weak Democrat in the special election.

The 11th Congressional District is one of the only areas in New York City that is favorably Republican.

Donovon took it to President Barack Obama, Rep Nancy Pelosi (D-CA, Minority Leader) and mayor Bill de Blasio.

"You sent a message to President Obama, to Nancy Pelosi and yes, even to Bill de Blasio, that their policies are wrong for our nation", Donovon said. "They're wrong for our city and they're wrong for the community of the 11th Congressional District."

The Republican went soft on his campaigning. He was hoping that a low turnout and people focusing on Baltimore (i.e. Black people looting liquor stores) to distract from his involvement in the Eric Garner case.

He ran cautious by casting himself as nonpartisan. Yeah, right!

Donovon will be sworn in Friday.

Wondering how long will it last? When will we be paging Melanie Sloan of C.R.E.W.?

Eric Garner the father of six was killed in Staten Island after a cop put him in an illegal restraint. The cop, Daniel Pantaleo got off but disciplined for his actions. This controversy ran concurrent to the Michael Brown case.

Also a NYPD cop was gunned down by a suspect. Brian Moore was gunned down by Demetrius Blackwell. The firearm this fool used was reported stolen (3 1/2 years) ago. Blackwell is facing the judge on first degree murder.

World News Today send our condolences to the family of Brian Moore.

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