Thursday, March 05, 2015

Residents Might Sue Ferguson For Targeting!

James Knowles, the mayor of Ferguson is trying to calm tension after DOJ revealed damning evidence of racial bias in their police force.

The Department of Justice released a stinging blow to Ferguson. They uncovered a lot of damning evidence of racial bias by city workers and police.

The mayor vows to cleanse the city of racism and work to regain the trust of its residents and the family of Michael Brown.

Michael Brown was an unarmed teenager who was killed by former officer Darren Wilson after an altercation on a city street. This controversy sparked the "Black Lives Matter" movement.

Also it sparked the "Hands Up Don't Shoot" movement. A movement that the racist right undermines because they believe that Brown didn't have his hands up. They believe that he's charged at the officer while he was firing.

The conservative agitators and junk food media smeared the name, the Black residents and civil rights leaders revolted against the victim blaming. Black America seen how the junk food media made Trayvon Martin look like the bad guy and gave George Zimmerman the cape and laser vision.

Now this Michael Brown situation opened a trove of racial bias.

The right wing emails that appear courtesy of "MYRIGHTWINGDAD.NET" have come back to haunt Ferguson. Some of their workers and officers shared some hateful emails targeting Black America and the president.

The racist trolls are driven to that click bait. They laugh and cackle at this nonsense. They see this as a First Amendment issue because this is what they assume Black people do.

They see issues with Black America being overblown.

They never experience racial profiling or disenfranchisement. They believe that Rev. Perm and President Barack Obama are stroking racial tension. They are the concern trolls who believe that for every White on Black crime, there's thousands of Black on Black crimes in America.

Well the Department of Justice revealed that many stops were driven by revenue. Most arrest were singling out Blacks. Most arrest and citations were given to Black residents and motorists. Most individuals with no criminal record were given tickets in perception not infraction.

While some of the evidence obtained shows a pattern of discrimination, the Department of Justice went easy on them.

The Ferguson city leaders and police have at least six months to get their act together. Or face lawsuits.

This is an ongoing situation, we will cover this here on Journal de la Reyna.

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